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  1. I like the second question: Which of the following reasons do you think will explain the fall? Interest rates will rise Personal borrowing levels are high Increasing unemployment More and more people are moving out of the region House prices are too high relative to incomes I ticked yes on all counts! (i live in sw london)
  2. you can only invest up to 3 or 4 grand a year in a share isa, which isn't much for a years savings, so how does that benefit the wealthy? (mind you i don't have a mortgage) once you've invested the money in the isa it will be tax free for life so don't touch it for 15, 20 years and the 3 grand could grow into a substantial sum with that extra boost from the tax savings. personally I wouldn't take investment advice from anyone on a web forum but its up to you.
  3. do you guy not have jobs or something else more productive to do?
  4. anyone remember this post?? so what happened horace? any offers yet?!
  5. i think the point is that as PM he is responsible for making huge decisions that could affect everyones lives. Making an extravagant house purchase at a peak in the housing market is not really a very intelligent move, especially when he plans to retire in a few years time! If he can't make the right decision for himself and his family, how can we rely on him to make the right decision for the rest of us? and by the way, £360,000 is a hell of a lot of pennies to count.
  6. you'll probably find that most of those successful businessmen who never started or completed university, just happen to come from wealthy and successful families who help them get their business started. why go to uni if your parents can give you 50 grand to set up a business?
  7. do you mean "Rightmove - Average National House price"?
  8. i think you'll be doing that yourself after this weekend!
  9. 5700% in one day?? You very rarely get those kind of returns in 10 years let alone one day!! You have to do your research for any investment, and in this case you could have quite easily found that Thistle's shares were suspended for a consolidation: http://www.londonstockexchange.com/LSECWS/...6208&source=RNS You might as well just phone up an estate agent and buy the first house without viewing it!
  10. so gmtv said there's no housing crash and the panics over? well thats ok then! oh, hang on - this was the same program that had an interview with a woman who has worn a corset for twenty years and has a waist the size of a peanut (or was it her brain).
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