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  1. this thread shows the british empire strategy of divide and conquer is still very much alive. you think your racist ideas and attitudes are your own but you've just been brought up to think that way to keep you all divided. you have all been conquered.
  2. woah!!! debt is debt! you really think that will just disappear? remember it still gathers interest until you pay it off, so by the time they come knocking on the door it could be a hefty bill. you really believe it doesn't factor into a mortgage calculation? maybe last year mate, not now!
  3. The scottish HIP-equivalent is due to start in december I believe. I think the scottish version includes a survey, although I don't know how reliable that would be. Would a surveyor be willing to give a false or misleading survey on behalf of the seller? I assume they are not paid commission, but rather a fixed fee, so they would have nothing to gain, everything to lose in lost reputation.
  4. mentioned on gmtv regional (scotland) news this morning. didn't catch the source of the 'news' though, and I can't find any more info online. Glasgow and Edinburgh have seen year-on-year falls, but worse is still to come apparently. about bl**dy time!
  5. I think you're getting confused between %age fall in profits and a loss. a fall in profits simply means they earn less this year than last year, but still made a profit. there's no percentage value for a loss as you can't compare that to last years profit. its all accounting trickery anyway, they are probably just writing off this year as a disaster and exaggerating losses to make next year's results look better.
  6. you probably don't hear about it down south, but there have been a constant stream of redundancies up here. Goldfish, HSBC, JVC, and a host of retail, distribution companies and even a tweed mill have all announced closures/redundancies in recent weeks. varies from 10s to 100s each time, but a steady stream nonetheless. I expect this will translate into falling house prices in a few months time, as the redundancies feed through to the mortgage market.
  7. sounds like a good ruse. anyone know how I can go about moving my 'tax base' to a lower tax country while not affecting my day-to-day activities?
  8. good luck finding any! i suggest you don't take too much notice of what people say here, all the armchair economists here are far too excitable and irrational to provide any useful commentary. i suggest you try a more balanced message forum such as the motleyfool
  9. that is really sad.. why are you so desperate not to miss a second of this crap? housing market won't crash in minutes - more like years
  10. if you pay tax through PAYE (ie most people) then you should have a PAYE coding notice from the revenue and customs people. on the back of this letter it should tell you the threshold for each band of income tax. 40% tax is paid on any income over around £40k, the actual threshold will vary depending on your personal allowance.
  11. it looked like he was looking at kinleigh folkard and hayward sales literature. It wouldn't surprise me that he couldn't sell if he used them - all their property is way overpriced. I bet they charge a fortune too.
  12. well thats a relief! for a while I was beginning to think that all those predictions of 'below 5000 by end of jan' were just rubbish, emotionally based reactions to a sudden unexpected drop in the ftse 100. of course.. if you were all wrong about the stock market crashing....
  13. you really need to get out more! anyway kingfisher sold woolies years ago, they own b&q though, but i still don't see whats so funny about that
  14. the phrase 'all fur coat and no knickers' is defined as follows: Phrase to describe a showy and seemingly elegant woman who in reality is vulgar and sexually immoral. although I think 'The Masked Tulip' was actually referring to the article and the guys conviction for burning his wifes underwear, not that phrase.
  15. http://www.auction.co.uk/Both/LotDetails.a...date=11/12/2007
  16. or 7 out of 8 people know it is about working smart not working hard
  17. this is of course, rubbish. but that's exactly why people move to london, the old 'streets are paved with gold' syndrome. enticed to the big city with the promise of gold but in reality most people earn far more modest wages. but then, who cares about owing 13 times your salary when your house is worth thousands more every day? thats the london fashion
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