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  1. I did suspect the big data thing, obviously if you have a few houses thats a fair chunk going in and out your bank and its gonna set off alarms somewhere. I wont say where but its a part of england where rents are high so on top of his wages he probably had and extra few k going in. I have no doubt he is well and truly f'ed now though like you said no reciepts amongst other things.
  2. Yeah apart form maybe a car I cant think of anything easier to track and i know with cars they do a lot of checks now for money laundering etc. I dunno if they will take the houses off him or if they will garnish his wages for a long time. I know the fines alone are massive TBH I had given up on this whole BTL thing till i heard this and I really did wonder if they are tracking them down now. Here is hoping!
  3. He was buying , doing up, living there, then moves out and puts a tenant in. he got away with it for a long time. Been going on a long while, I was prying as an HPCer but I only got so far as when he bought his latest place checks were done and he was rumbled. Him and his partner have really well paying jobs so god knows what they were thinking.
  4. Yeah I heard that too. I also know the intention isnt to jail you its to bleed you over a long time. I would imagine if they get a few of these they can set examples. I believe the fines are massive and you have no recourse really either. I did suspect that alot of these BTL dreamers werent paying any tax.
  5. He must owe a lot I would imagine 4 houses over a period of ten+ years? I dont think the plan is to jail anyone but I did get the distinct impression they are going to bleed him dry with fines charges etc. i guess they have a cut off to make it financially viable.
  6. I got the distinct impression from him it was completely "unexpected" and "ruthless" too so I would imagine they have. I would also imagine it could be a massive profitable cash cow for them to pursue these people. Hence there enthusiasm for it.
  7. I'm just gonna throw this in here so you know HMRC are on it. Bloke I know, Had a few BTL, He would move house buy a new one then rent the old one out. has about 3 or 4. Seemed like a straight laced bloke certainly not a shady landlord just a guy with a job trying to get ahead :) Anyway he bought another and HMRC confronted him, he wasn't clear about how they found him but I think it was when he was checked for his mortgage on his new place. Money laundering laws? Turns out he hadn't paid any tax ever on any of them. They got very angry with him and demanded his appearance so he had to go see them with a lawyer. I haven't found out what is happening yet but he looked very worried.
  8. Sandwiches33

    Should there be a mimimum bedroom size??

    no wardrobes in the render either built in or freestanding? where is the storage or is it for naturists? Just in the master bedroom, does everyone keep there clothes in there?
  9. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/third-of-private-rented-homes-fail-basic-health-and-safety-standards-new-analysis-finds/ar-AApQFmY?li=BBoPRmx&ocid=mailsignout Third of private rented homes fail basic health and safety standards, new analysis finds
  10. Sandwiches33

    I've seen the future...and it's full of bankers!

    banking is going to be one of the first industries to be fully automated so we will all be slaves to a giant robot brain. Forget robot cars this is where the AI is going first. With there high wages and lack of any practical skill I expect bankers will become food. Banker flavoured solyent green, ground up and fed to giant brain. Hopefully it will see us as non threatening and keep us like pets
  11. Sandwiches33

    Young tenants under 35 in crisis as landlords turn them away

    Brown was a hardcore communist in his early days. Orwell was very particular in warning us about cardigan wearing juice drinkers!
  12. Sandwiches33

    Young tenants under 35 in crisis as landlords turn them away

    at the rate tvs are increasing in size and reducing in price I reckon in ten years I can live in my tele
  13. Sandwiches33

    Young tenants under 35 in crisis as landlords turn them away

    why do phones always come up even at 40 quid per month they are a bargain? A mini PC you can carry about everywhere always connected with unlimited music, documentaries ebooks, audiobooks,news apps decent camera, games films to watch, internet etc. The telegraph is 1.60 per day or 2 on a Saturday so lets just say you buy a paper everyday like many old people do? tenner a week? or 40 a month for other peoples biased opinions. lets say you do neither and save 40 a month you would still never come close to matching HPI! You would need to save 10x that per month! Old people really are stupid at times but thats what happens when your world view is defined by a newspaper.
  14. Sandwiches33

    Young tenants under 35 in crisis as landlords turn them away

    I would agree that there ability to reason and critically think has been smashed to pieces but it isn't total. There seems to be a pushback happening right now. Yes there are a lot of young now who do not grow up and live in a state of subsistence hedonism. Many take a minimum job and just get high and play videogames however a certain percentage are seeking something more. Young males who are taking the biggest battering right now are seeking better purpose. Look at the explosion of popularity or Jordan Peterson lectures among young males now. I think his lectures have over 50 million views now and this is mostly young males. I couldn't have imagined young people watching such things with such voracity. For less noble reasons the kekistan movement is also massive and while it is just a long running joke/shitposting it is a new form of rebellion. The trolling of mainstream media has been epic and hilarious. Most people are in a daze, I dont know how much this has always been but the young are doing lots of new exciting things and for the first time. It is all happening online though which is interesting. Also there is a desperate attempt by the establishment to control the internet now because among people who care ideas are being shared at a speed never before seen and it terrifies them as they no longer control the narrative. Hence Teresa Mays calls to control the net and remove anonymity because "feelings". You are right about the slave worker, only difference this time is now that slave has instant access to all the information/ideas instantly for free and thats the game changer. Everyone should be cautious on getting old , when you are helpless how you have treated others in your life will come back to haunt you. Even if you are wealthy enough to afford care you may not be able to trust those around you that you are paying to care for you.

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