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  1. when you do, please let me know.....even a 90 % would be great for amount less than 50,000 Euros. Thanks
  2. eeewwwwwww YUK!! I take that back, better live in the jungle that near drug users!
  3. address please, so I'll bring them down to 79...
  4. Hello from OZ. Since there are so many good jobs for Italian speakers in Ireland, I was looking at how much it costs to rent a nice flat or small house just for myself. My options are Cork or Dublin but after a first search it seems a newish place would cost me not less than 800 Euros per month...which is pretty high I think. Is daft.ie the best site for rentals? Thank you
  5. Been there. I am in Tasmania now. Culture? Tell me about it. I gave up a looong time ago...
  6. why everywhere Brits go, there is a House price Bubble? why do they love to play Monopoly so much? where do they get all the money/credit?
  7. My advice is don't touch things you don't know. I have plenty of friends in Italy that would never live or buy there....do lots of research before to even think to do that or you may end in dangerous waters...
  8. Sorry about my previous post, its spelling was a disaster. Yes, I know that magazine but people could take wrong decisions based on that. I have extensively researching myself economic data and comparing everything I could lately. And I do like what you have been doing, except Forex trading which (when I had the money) I knew well and tried a bit but it ain't that easy and there are lots of bucket shops around. Regarding the life index, for example, if you order the list by cost of living, New Zealand is no way cheaper than Argentina, let alone Ghana or Bulgaria....median house prices in NZ are well above $300,000 while in Bulgaria you can pick up decent homes for $10,000 I read what the magazine wrote about NZ, the content is maybe stuck 10 years ago before the sheep started to buy property too.....there is such a massive bubble in Australia and NZ that when it implode, they'll hear it on Venus! If instead you oder the chart by health, there are so many things to say that I don't know where to start. I really wonder how they put together the list but I did read they calculated the scores and I invite to take the whole data with lots of salt. Personally, I'd have a look at more professional data such this one to establish cost of living: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)_per_capita
  9. as a citizen of 2 counties which are in the top 10 in that list and having travelled in others countries, I can tell assure you, that life index is useless. Plus there are deep differences between one area and another one within the same country.
  10. I'm just worried that anywhere Brits go, next there is a House bubble.
  11. Hi, I'm back. I tried hard to find a way to live here (Australia) but it's property bubble is beyond joke so my time is running out and I have been considering all options but Sweden is a bit too cold for my taste. I am trying to get more info on some countries which so far seem to have the best options for who does not have the right to live in the USA or Canada like me. So, here is my list: India Chile Ecuador Paraguay The problem is that it seems to be hard to find real examples since they do not use much the internet yet for property listings in the poorest areas. While in India I have contacts who are looking for me these days in the nicest and safest areas, in the South American countries it's proving hard to find free recent data and it seems that as soon as the locals know that buyer is a foreigner , they double the prices! Cheers
  12. Hi, well I emigrated already twice...and honestly, there is a difference between emigrate and risking your life. Some countries have just too many issues...otherwise I would have considered all African Countries too. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the reply. I had a look at Thailand the other day and I read a few too many problems with the locals, their instability and how easy tourists could get killed so...despite some cheap prices I`d stay clear of that part of the World too.... I assume Laos would be the same....I do not have a great trust in how some Asian countries would treat white Europeans, I just don`t get their culture. Bali has same problems...too many bombs
  14. It would be very appreciated if you (and others when advising places) to provide one or more examples of some local property for sale in any language. Also, I don`t mind living out of main cities, I actually prefer them to be smaller than 100,000 people....or even really in the rural/country area, I don`t mind, as long as there are basic services such water/electricity.......(internet would be a bonus I suppose) Thanks
  15. Thanks for the tip but I`m not looking to squat, I want to settle. (I have never occupied someone else property without paying rent. Cheers
  16. Where Is The Cheapest Place In The World Where To Buy A Small House? I am talking like under US$20,000 and in living conditions. Any info would be greatly appreciated and eventually (depending on how good the info is, even rewarded.) Please, the topic is very serious as I have little cash and need to re-start my life after nasty break up with my ex. Because of my preferences I have to exclude the USA and CANADA. Also most of Africa is not good (except North Africa). Any place will be considered, just obviously the safer the better even if I am aware that it won`t be very safe or with great infrastructure given the price Ia m looking for. From my research it`s likely somewhere either in South America , East Europe or North Africa. Would love your info and experiences. Thank you
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