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  1. No, it would merely be: 'This is of course troubling behaviour but I am assured that lessons have been learned and the banker concerned has given up half his bonus'.
  2. I'd actually feel extremely rich if I was simply handed 10k a year effort free. I could then work at things I enjoyed even if relatively low paid with few worries. If I won the lottery, after a modest home and maybe 10k of 'toys' I'd really be at a loss as to what to spend the rest on. I like to read, write, make music - stuff that needs time more than it needs money.
  3. If the banks don't lend new money into existence there's no money in anyone's pocket. Only 3% of money, the coins and notes, are debt free. Thus if the banks won't let private companies and individuals get into debt, because they are already debt-saturated, people ask the government to get into more debt instead. Either way, bankers win big.
  4. My reasons for loving the LVT are as follows: No one really owns land. It was taken by force from the commons. I can't just go and make a home on some empty space as some ******* owns it because at one time someone stole it from everyone else. Now, as no one would like a free-for-all these days the way way to compensate the commons for the theft of the land is to tax it fairly. The percentage of land 'owned' by a tiny few has barely changed since the enclosures. The little patchwork of private homes is drop in the ocean. It's stupid to tax labour. One one really likes to labour unless they are one of the tiny few that actively likes their jobs. We want to encourage labour so it seems daft to tax people for something they don't really want to do. Your labour isn't 'wealth' so don't tax it. It's far too tax-efficent to hoard property and land. If this was taxed it would pay to dump it back onto the market or rent it out cheaply. It would be a fabulous incentive for start-up businesses who no longer stretch their heads at why commercial property costs so much to rent when so much is empty.
  5. Did they mention how most of our 'money' is new credit made out of nothing? The 'debt free' only have any money at all because someone else got in debt to create it.
  6. In 1999 a girl I knew that worked probably not much more than min wage bought a flat in the SE for 42k. Same flats around 160k today. That's the difference,
  7. Clintons just seemed like such a tasteless, garish shop. You can buy much nicer cards in non specialist stores. What's the point of it?
  8. Can't stand this programme. It's just a bunch of dull people quoting the week's headlines at each other.
  9. I've Norwegian friends and have visited a few times. No idea what it's like to live there but it's a world away from the UK. Every metro station looks like it was built yesterday. There's barely any litter. You can barely tell the rough social housing from the normal housing. Norwegians tend to be well educated not just in terms of bits of paper but in art, culture and politics. Employment prospects are generally good for Norwegians, whether working or middle class. Norwegians tend to take out large loans for higher education but there are very few graduates in McWork - they generally find work commensurate with their education and qualifications. While the state is extremely large its run with ruthless efficiency and the population tends to feel it benefits universally so is less adverse to higher taxation. The mixed-economy socialist state is part of the national culture now. Even the liberals you speak who get frustrated by this grudgingly admit that the country would suffer in a more laissez faire system and wouldn't want to be a UK or a US. The huge sovereign wealth fund has meant the country's natural resources continue to benefit everyone and will continue to even when they run dry. Of course it's a bit of nanny state - stronger booze must be bought from a special government shop. While Norwegians are far less dumbed down and more culturally rich than the typical Brit, the popular culture lacks edge. Design tends to be the same old dull clean modernist style from the last 60 years, pop music is either bland, twee, or extreme metal. Films are sometimes good but many are a bit 'arts grant'. Overall, I'd like to live there - but probably not for ever and ever.
  10. Yes, how terrible learning stuff from your parents. She should stick to a State-created national curriculum and not waste her obvious intelligence on rubbish like thinking about stuff.
  11. See, I'm not so sure. There are no 'easy' jobs anymore and even McSlaves get 'appraisals' and are 'performance managed' - hence the mildly depressed. obese, those suffering from an occasionally problematic long-term condition, feel they cannot cope with the cut and thrust of the modern workplace anymore. I had a great english teacher once that often smelt a little of booze so likely had a 'drinks problem' - he'd probably not be able to do that these days.
  12. Right. There's now such a disparity between senior executive pay and the rank and file worker than a relative handful of fat cats can drag up the mean - especially if the borders of your sample are tightly drawn. I expect the McAdmin and retail jobs in Derby are paid as atrociously as anywhere else.
  13. China wants a car industry it goes and makes one with state-owned enterprises, takes over planet... or something like that. A while back an idea was floated to employ people in 'green industries', installing solar panels or new forms of insulation. See, if the jobless were trained as builders and electricians in order to do this work even if it was something of a loss-maker or a white elephant at least you're now creating a pool of people used to work with decent skills, which vegging out on benefits or putting stuff on shelves in Tesco doesn't give you. There are some people getting more in HB than a dual-income lower middle class family's entire income. It's incredibly expensive denying people training and jobs. Mixed economies work best if the mix is pragmatic.
  14. London fans really need to get out more. London is big - that's about it. London puts a huge dollop of gloss on crapness that's given extra weight because it's happening in the capital - art, culture, music, food, ideas, business, creativity. It's all just as good if not better in the provincial cities. My favourite example is the Dublin Castle, Camden - crap indie bands looking for an NME review while probably the greatest new band ever's playing their local in Hull or somewhere. It wasn't this bad 20 years ago. London is a cultural and economic vampire. In the US New York doesn't render Chicago, Austen, Philadelphia, Los Angeles or other great cities irrelevancies.
  15. Depends how you define it. Shoving conflakes into boxes on German-made and designed production lines is 'manufacturing'. I think its this that gives the impression that the UK can't 'do' manufacturing. You're right, though, there's no shortage of stuff getting made in the UK.
  16. I don't think everyone that goes is an 'insider' or that its a 'smoke filled room'. It's more about 'shock and awe' - show an up and coming politician who runs the world and the hymn sheet he needs to sing from to climb the greasy pole or avoid getting taken out. If you're not 101% pro-banker and pro-supranationalism then adjust your policies accordingly or forget it. How an earth can you get governments across a diverse continent like europe from allegedly different parts of the political spectrum to more or less say the same thing year in year old while the media makes big deal or trifling disagreements? You show 'em who's boss, that's how.
  17. If people could march off into an empty field, build a hut and live off the land you'd have a point. As people are forced into a system they may or may not like or agree with then, yeah, of course they're owed a living. I'd sooner the state operated its own enterprises to provide real jobs and real training and real wages than paid people huge amounts to veg out on benefits but the free market fairy believers would condemn that too. It doesn't much matter whether the long term unemployed are demanding to work or just enjoying daytime TV - the free market zealots will be on their case either way.
  18. No, you are paying for Tesco to have free workers instead of having to pay for them. They could even start laying off staff as there's this fresh new supply of state-funded slaves. If you're happy with that then cool.
  19. Hard to say if Facebook will crash and burn or become as established as, say, a Google or Amazon. Facebook is kinda good fun. Vague 'Facebook friends' have become proper friends or business contacts due to the ability to find out more about people and interact with them. On the downside, no one really posts comments on my blog anymore - but I get loads of comments on my Facebook page. So it seems things that once happened independently on the web are now being sucked inside a proprietary system controlled by a dickhead, which I dislike. Also, I can't stand it when people send me work or business related message to my Facebook account. I'm not glued to the damn thing like some people. If it's important, use my proper email or just phone! Plus, Facebook is a messy basket case of a website getting as much of a pigs breakfast as MySpace before that fizzled out. The problem with making something better is migrating people to it. Google+ failed miserably not because it was bad (it's cleaner and slicker than FB) but because it's damn hard to migrate people over en masse from Zuckerberg's system.
  20. A nothing that makes BTL harder is a great thing. Strangle the bastards in red tape.
  21. The North West could be become a Tigra economy.
  22. Globalisation is supranationalism, not internationalism. Huge difference.
  23. And let's not forget she was too feckless to run her own life and ended up a benefits scrounger.
  24. I say give them much longer holidays. The less time they spend there dreaming up evermore insane policies to punish us with the better.
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