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  1. The first one is worse. The rich hoard wealth and wealth attracts more wealth. Say I open a cafe selling the usual fancy mochas and lattes. If some single mum that works 20 hours a week and gets a fat top-up of credits and benefits comes by we can do some business. If she's holed up in a Dickensian hovel spending food stamps we can't. Now, I'd prefer to do away with the subsidies, land ownership patterns, perverse incentives, etc. that keep the cost of living brutally high and renders 'work' a pretty useless way to pay for things for all but the highest earners. But seeing as that isn't going to happen any time soon...
  2. Housing benefits if a massive intervention in the market anyway so instead of just propping up landlords' investments why not just have rent caps? It would save on HB and keep the easy-money spivs out of the landlord game. Prices would fall for everyone. Of course it won't happen as too much of our money was created as debt to fuel property purchases.
  3. We get all our fruit and veg really cheap from good old local market. Sackfulls of stuff a fraction of supermarket prices. Couldn't care less if the traders are dodging tax either. Anything that cuts the insane living costs in this country is good. Sod the bankers watering down our money with cheap credit and QE.
  4. On average, n family of four needs a household income of £60k to be a net contributor. There are a lot of people that are claiming tax credits, working, and railing against people 'living off the state'. It's a laughable case of divide and rule. Until living costs, especially housing, tumble and working people see more of the wealth they produce the State will continue to provide else face revolution.
  5. If no one can move into the larger homes because of HB cuts why don't they just lower the rents to reflect the current reality until people can move into them? Or is there some expectation that landlords can just put any price they fancy on a property and have the State honour it? Surely not.
  6. The plutocratic EU technocracy would lead to a growth of the far right. Whodathunkit?
  7. I have friends a bit younger than me. They are pretty clued in. They had their taste of debt with Uni loans and hate it. Don't want any more. They watch their pennies. Limit nights out. They live like frugul grandmas some of them
  8. Destroyed themselves by bringing out their iPhone ripoff woefully late. From essential business tool to irrelevancy in barely a few years.
  9. Knew a teacher at a state Grammar school. This was about 10 years ago. Then it was pretty obvious that some kids with Merc-driving parents weren't actually living in Basement Flat 1A. It was all just accepted with a shrug.
  10. only needs 5K deposit in Bath??? Got to be one of Osbourne bubble-support schemes.
  11. We need an LVT to further incentivise a more even spread of economic activity across the UK. The London casino has now laid waste to great UK regional cities. If companies could lessen their tax bill massively by moving to the regions they might.
  12. RT's probably much more balanced than the BBC if you accept they won't attack the Russian government. The BBC were happy to report 1 million on the streets of Brazil but vast protests in EU Southern Europe over the last year were barely reported. If a million took the streets in the UK the Beeb would describe it as a 'few thousand' and show only pictures of anarchists smashing a couple of windows.
  13. UKIP want lower taxes. Their leader tried to minimise his tax. I'm not a UKIP fan but what's the big story here? A tax and spender doing it would be mildly interesting but then we know all politicians are hypocrites.
  14. Damn, and I was hoping to put a chow mein on the tab.
  15. I remember an item on Radio 4 a few years back. Brits used to use this work quite happily but now the jobs aren't even offered. They interviewed plenty of people happy to do this menial work for low pay and angry that the jobs weren't even on offer - Eastern Europeans were coached en masse via agencies. 100s turn up for 5 jobs in a new Costa. The 'lazy Brit' is such a myth. Brits endure a low pay, high living cost, long hours economy without making much fuss.
  16. I think the bubble's underway. A few people I know seem to have brought forward house buying plans fearful that these schemes will pump up the market and don't want to have to endure another boom! Self-fulfilling prophesy.
  17. Returning to the OP. That Cornish house should be £35k considering the local economy. You could get a terraced house in a gentrifying area of Bristol for not much more.
  18. British young people tend not to work in the EU in the same large numbers as the entire rest of the EU works here for one reason alone - English. English is now the number one second language the entire world learns. Further, I've known foreign people working relatively good jobs, such as foreign language teachers, whose English is pretty poor. Unless you have very specialist skills, going a middle of the road job in the EU with only a shonky level of the native language probably isn't going to work. It's therefore largely one way traffic - you can access our labour market but relatively few can realistically access yours. If, say, British young people could go to the USA, Canada, NZ, Australia as easily as a Pole or a French person could come here I'm sure millions of young people would go, if only to do crummy jobs for a couple of of years as a change of scenery.
  19. Back in the day the day that Sarah Beanbags show was the worst for showing baffling amounts of work being done for a few grand. That said, there are some work fast and cheap guys who just do the basics for a cheap price if that's all you want.
  20. Doesn't it have LOADS of satellites all over the South? Degrees at FE colleges. That sort of thing?
  21. Music. Writing. Illustration. Photographs. Software. Anything that can be digitised is effectively worth nothing now. And 'high quality' is no longer required by consumers. People are as happy to read a simple blog with some camera phone images on it as they are a glossy magazine with high-end images and cutting edge design. It does seem amazing that Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, etc. make money out of effectively publishing other people's stolen content. It's like internet companies are saying, 'Well, we've made the bottles, so you have to give us the wine you produced for free'
  22. It's funny how people pop up to say everything Apple does now looks like or has been previously done by Android. And then when you go and check out Google's OS it's still a messy mishmash. You can bet your life Samsung are analysing these ios7 videos to make their fork of Android work just like it.
  23. Once need a moderate amount of timber. The local independent merchant was way cheaper than B&Q. Things like disposable respirators were a fiver on eBay but 20 quid in B&Q. Also Home Buy is supposed to stimulate the economy because people spend lots of money on carpets, new kitchens and DIY crap when they move house. But the trouble is so many younger people max-out that there's no money left. Back in the height of the boom I knew a few people that were spending every penny, interest only, and just living in complete renovation jobs with no immediate plans to do the renovation.
  24. It goes to show that if you want to forge a career in politics it doesn't really matter what major party you join. You'll always end up supporting a major expansion of the role of the state to make a name for yourself. But UKIP are a bunch of jokers. I've followed this party since the Alan Sked days. It's a mix of tweedy old Colonel Blimp types that would be BNP if that party wasn't full of chavs, spotty misanthrophropic young men who read US 'libertarian' sites, and people who have only read one book in the last year which was by Clarkson.
  25. Your windscreen wipers are wearing out. You tap your car model and year into Google. The parts are there a day or two later at a dirt-cheap price. Another big box store rendered pointless.
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