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  1. nonsense The argument is not about people that are behind payments, you never mentioned that your "friends" are behind..never.. you are just jealous and you wish them harm.... ---all of a sudden its about repo because they are late..NEVER DID YOU MENTION THEY ARE LATE JUST STRUGGLING You are just so bitter and its not the first time you wished they would loose their houses.. YOU also wished that another forum members business goes bust.....and you also had a go about norman that supports local businesses. I have asked before what do you do to society not much except a useless facebook camp
  2. Most people that own property got there fair and square...within the law and rules of the times...nothing wrong with that! To wish that they get repossed ...another story...and you guys just accept it...she did not say they are behind on the payments not once.... If somebody is late or unemployed i agree we should not pay for them but it was never mentioned that they are late with payments as long as they make their payments what do we care...its a bit much really same if a company goes bust there is sooo much gleee when redundancy is annouced...Nobody stands up and say hold a minute thats a
  3. so, I think i speak for most of us a drop of 25% is the maximum for brighton Tired of Waiting...what do you think..? Lets be honest 120k is a good price compare that to any european city its a bargain Also I think I speak for most of us..we dont want families evicted from their houses ..I do however think that ppl that never paid into the pot should live outside the city...
  4. Different scenario completly, you could be paying 300to500k for a tiny tiny tiny flat with a lease of 30 years remaining. I'm sorry you will never ever ever pick up a flat like in the 90s EVER. Sorry not going to happen. Let me put it this way...if you could pick up flats for 50k (twice the price compared to the example you gave in the 90s) then the market could be controlled by a small group with a bit of money..What I mean is if somebody has a couple of million quid - I'm guessing doomsday thats what you are predicting so the bank only give him / her a 50% loan right...he would have four
  5. You are correct...absolutly..i know somebody bought for 185 last year and sold for wait for it 245! after 1 year commited seller but still how much interest does a saver get! HOWEVER HOWEVER there is bad smell in the professional arena - everybody can smell but nobody wants to say the people that now what they are doing would not dream of buying anything! the numpties that bought in the last three to four still have a shock from last year and a few are considering selling to get out ! BUT BUT BUT THE REAL STUFF IS NOT SELLING I'M TAKING REAL MONEY ie the stuff that would never shows up on t
  6. Very smart guy with lots of money is trying to shift in bulk at good discount but no takers...most landlords are here to stay at any cost..but quiet a few are getting nervous again - auction should be interesting in Winter and no funny business this time all/most properties should be published no one is interested in offering a good price upfront .I'm not talking about the idiots that bought in the last four to five years - teacher, low management (they dont have the money and never really had) type they are still trying to talk up the market and not even covering the mortgage payments bu
  7. I really cant help myself, really I can not I know i should not but I will anyway. What is it with all this hate against people that want to better themself...remember the london guy that moved down from london a couple of years ago...ohh how much you wished he would go bust. I wonder why so much hate towards selfimprovment (yes grammer spelling not my strong point lol) - there is another reason why you hate successfull people soo much an exboyfriend / girlfirend perhaps or are just disappointed in life that you have to go to the public gym (ohh and lets not forget how much you hate the pens
  8. I did not drink champange (never paid for it anyway) or the colombian..cause its too expensive..in 1996 I started and just flipped them so quick and bought bulk. and we kept out of four - one...before you lot start screaming..I worked until I fell over literally working 16 hours a day until I had a 6 k deposit...then I rented out one room out that covered my mortagages...then it made click and thought hmmm one room almost pays for everything EVERYTHING...then my boss that owned a haulage company I was working nights for (one out of three jobs) was telling me he owns bedsits and I should get in
  9. you are wrong fyi but I'm very careful with my investments. I have a fc account, another account in another country and shares (most have been sold about 3 months ago whats left is mainly power, defence and mini loan companies - u got to love them) and substainal monthly income (thanks for brighton the place to be) - you lot are so wrong or you are slow or you dont want to belive it - people love this place - end of - even if the flip burger or cityclean they still pay 60 a week for a room or 500 a month for a studio they could be living up north for next to nothing - most people work to pay
  10. The crash will happen..give it another four months for things to get interesting...hung parlariment..and the run on the pound....and the gordon david will screw the homeowners....but it will take time...it reminds me a bit of 1999 internet bubble...one company I looked at had a call center in regent street lol...look they are all idiots - unless you buy prime property along the sea front regency type flat 1st floor of course you be alright because lets be honest as a second home it does not get much nicer then that...but all the other shitty little places bear round for 250k- 300k plus..are br
  11. Look I'm not saying prices will stay high I'm saying a 20% drop maybe just maybe 25% but thats it. Why is nobody giving any indication of what they think the price drop will be / hope! Really funny that you lot go into every irrelevant detail however I keep on pointing the demand and supply issue. What has been built the last five years - NOTHING! I have no properties left to shift....and i would have not been stupid enough to buy after 2006 - great years before that and still are... However times are not bad and will never be because there is not enough housing in brighton. Its the pla
  12. I was not refering to you....it does not really matter: I was refereing to this person.... Oh dear. Anyone who bought after 2003 is sure to be in negative equity soon. Hmm. Better keep trying to sell Brighton as the place to be! Does your business have a good chance of surviving when we go Icelandic / Irish? I hate people that critise ppl that move/change to improve their lives. As in brighton - love it facilities are great, nice gyms lol, nice restaurants (altough not much in the better class compared to london), nice people, shops alright , nice safe town, gatwick only a short drive and
  13. hmm let me think ohh it does not get more nasty then that. Read the first paragraph a couple of times and then you understand how bitter and sad this person is. Envy is a terrible thing just because somebody disagree. ps At least I keep this thread going before I come along it was dead..so please at least give me that I moved down from london about five years ago Oh dear. Anyone who bought after 2003 is sure to be in negative equity soon. Hmm. Better keep trying to sell Brighton as the place to be! Does your business have a good chance of surviving when we go Icelandic / Irish? The 'cit
  14. look you can complain as much as you like but sometimes you need to stop and think and look at the whole picture. Funny that I pointed out nothing gets built..I mean nothing. Surely, this has a massive impact on the price. Nobody comes back saying actually xx amount was built. You all know in the normal price bracket nothing get built I say it again Nothing. If you say the town grows only by 1% think how many flats/houses you need. They cant convert many more houses to bedsits. Sure, I think a 20% drop is possible but not much more simply not enough supply. The only person I have a problem
  15. I think you lot are missing the point...nothing is going to happen in ten days that will have any impact on the local housing market. There is too much demand for the properties...okay there will be a bad recession bad figures whatever really..most likely not a reason for people to sell up is it. Not in brighton anyway..I mean they are not going to move away and sell at a low price unless they really have to. Answer me this because you lot are dreaming HOW MANY PROPERTIES ARE BEING BUILT A YEAR - TAKE AWAY HOUSING ASSOCIATION AND CARDBOARD PENTHOUSES...........NOTHING , NOTHING, NOTHING.. Ho
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