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  1. nonsense The argument is not about people that are behind payments, you never mentioned that your "friends" are behind..never.. you are just jealous and you wish them harm.... ---all of a sudden its about repo because they are late..NEVER DID YOU MENTION THEY ARE LATE JUST STRUGGLING You are just so bitter and its not the first time you wished they would loose their houses.. YOU also wished that another forum members business goes bust.....and you also had a go about norman that supports local businesses. I have asked before what do you do to society not much except a useless facebook campaign ( I would even build more flats)...you probably work for the council/ teacher or NPO it sound like you never lived in the real world! You wish harm to everybody else so you can pick up the property cheap...well i dont think this is going to happen (not that cheap anyway)...dont wish harm on others...all of sudden you have not got a job because you wanted other too loser there jobs...could be that you dont have a job maybe Maybe you should improve your life and be happy about your friends fortunes then maybe live will be more fortunate to you! Karma can be a b*****! BTW who do you think pays for the king alfred your £2.00 admission does not cover the costs its the business and council tax payers that pay your lifestyle! Be grateful for once and next time you see somebody that has something you dont have...a. be happy for them that they made something of themself (and probably paid a lot of tax paying for roads & hospitales etc you use) and b ask yourself who can i have this - what do i need to change & do? Not I wish they would lose it and how much i hate them! just try not being so bitter I'm glad to announce i'm on holiday from tomorrow afternoon so no posting from me for the next three weeks! There is internet access but I think I need a break
  2. Most people that own property got there fair and square...within the law and rules of the times...nothing wrong with that! To wish that they get repossed ...another story...and you guys just accept it...she did not say they are behind on the payments not once.... If somebody is late or unemployed i agree we should not pay for them but it was never mentioned that they are late with payments as long as they make their payments what do we care...its a bit much really same if a company goes bust there is sooo much gleee when redundancy is annouced...Nobody stands up and say hold a minute thats a bit nasty....even if its with a pinch of salt..same person wished that somebodies business goes bust etc etc... The problem is not people trying to better themself its the people that rely on the taxpayer...hopefully the tories will sort out the layabouts...if you are trying to make a better life for yourself or your family nothing wrong with that...if you live off the state then there is a problem...stop critisinc ppl that pay the rates etc....
  3. so, I think i speak for most of us a drop of 25% is the maximum for brighton Tired of Waiting...what do you think..? Lets be honest 120k is a good price compare that to any european city its a bargain Also I think I speak for most of us..we dont want families evicted from their houses ..I do however think that ppl that never paid into the pot should live outside the city...
  4. Different scenario completly, you could be paying 300to500k for a tiny tiny tiny flat with a lease of 30 years remaining. I'm sorry you will never ever ever pick up a flat like in the 90s EVER. Sorry not going to happen. Let me put it this way...if you could pick up flats for 50k (twice the price compared to the example you gave in the 90s) then the market could be controlled by a small group with a bit of money..What I mean is if somebody has a couple of million quid - I'm guessing doomsday thats what you are predicting so the bank only give him / her a 50% loan right...he would have four million to spend he could buy 80 flats!!! And there are lots and lots and lots of people with that kind of money lying around. Now you dont need to be a rocket scientist to work out that would be an amazing deal(there is massive demand for flats in brighton massive - blame the council for giving people that never worked a place)! And that there are not that many flats in brighton!!! No problem with renting them out - none whatsover...So you are saying but there will not be anybody with that kind of money to invest well you are wrong plain wrong. There are people that get this kind of money every year easily...and there are hundreds with tens of millions in liquid assets - London is rich I mean rich beyond your wildest dreams (i'm not saying i am but one can dream) but you just have to look prices in kensington...Anyway you would only need one person with 10 million and he could buy a large chunck of stock if he wanted to...or somebody to create a fund....basically if it all goes pearshaped for your scenario to work..investor would look for property again and at 50k it would be a steal...Of course not one individual can control the entire market but they could drive prices back up easily.. Please be reallistic...50k in liverpool city center maybe but not brighton...just ask yourself if a nice flat in brighton is 50k how many readers of this forum would buy it all of them...and what happens then the prices go up. Dont get me wrong i think the market will correct itself but never more then 25% off peack. Tired of Waiting how much do you think a nice one bed flat without garden in regency flat will go nice location etc etc high celling, not basement.. just a basic figure so we know what you are thinkig.. Brighton is a different place compared to 15 years ago...25% drop maximum.. you either cant accept that the demand is massive in brighton or you a dreamer sorry thats a fact. Brighton needs at least 15k flats to bring prices a bit down..and I'm not talking social housing. As for that post about having people evicted ...rotten to the core.....nothing would give your more pleasure to see your "friends" being evicted...I think there is such a think as karma You deserve everything you get...how are the pensioners in king alfred
  5. You are correct...absolutly..i know somebody bought for 185 last year and sold for wait for it 245! after 1 year commited seller but still how much interest does a saver get! HOWEVER HOWEVER there is bad smell in the professional arena - everybody can smell but nobody wants to say the people that now what they are doing would not dream of buying anything! the numpties that bought in the last three to four still have a shock from last year and a few are considering selling to get out ! BUT BUT BUT THE REAL STUFF IS NOT SELLING I'M TAKING REAL MONEY ie the stuff that would never shows up on the land registery at all. So the smart money is unloading wait 3 months and they will push it on the main stream market because bulk is nice but if no takers then it gets risky. MY advise and I have made enough money not to care wait wait wait there will be a massive drop in the next 2 to 3 years I would say about 25% maximum no more because at that level professional will start to look at it again - if you think any more then that you live in fantasy world- Brighton is save due to location and everything else we are not a shity town but a major city with its fault granted but still 120K FOR A NICE FLAT1 BED WITH A SMALL GARDEN MAYBE IN A GOOD AREA BARGAIN you are a dreamer if you think it will fall lower then that or maybe you cant afford it and cant accept it! . So if you are thinking of buying and its between 20% to 25% down and you still dont buy ITS YOUR FAULT ..,..brighton will go down with the cuts but not as bad as other places! Brighton is sinking really badly..not enough children with mums and dads that pay their deposit and also no more teachers that get a buy to let mortage
  6. Very smart guy with lots of money is trying to shift in bulk at good discount but no takers...most landlords are here to stay at any cost..but quiet a few are getting nervous again - auction should be interesting in Winter and no funny business this time all/most properties should be published no one is interested in offering a good price upfront .I'm not talking about the idiots that bought in the last four to five years - teacher, low management (they dont have the money and never really had) type they are still trying to talk up the market and not even covering the mortgage payments but think so clever - no I'm taking about clever clever money trying to shift or considering it! So I would not look outside I would stick around..it will bounce back in four to five years or the fall will not be as steep because brighton is the place to be. So if you have a nice deposit and a good job then you should be able to pick up something nice in the next couple of years or of course you could buy a palace in hastings but But please be real prices max drop 20 -25% so if you cant afford that or earn enough then move or accept it harsh world and dont blame the landlords blame the council for not building enough and there generous housing allowance...brighton could easily do with five to ten thousand flats easily offer the next five years but all the arti type that already own there place start a facebook campaign as soon as somebody proposes to build something and if you are not happy about the high rents thats natural its called supply and demand - most of the demand does not pay the rent...YOU PAY THE RENT FOR THEM
  7. I really cant help myself, really I can not I know i should not but I will anyway. What is it with all this hate against people that want to better themself...remember the london guy that moved down from london a couple of years ago...ohh how much you wished he would go bust. I wonder why so much hate towards selfimprovment (yes grammer spelling not my strong point lol) - there is another reason why you hate successfull people soo much an exboyfriend / girlfirend perhaps or are just disappointed in life that you have to go to the public gym (ohh and lets not forget how much you hate the pensioners) Anyway, about Norman aka fatboy slim imagine how much tax he pays just for a moment before the envy kicks in. Maybe millions in one year when he was at the height so he gets a big thank you from me for that and you should thank him aswell - I'm sure you have enjoyed the services that the higher tax band pays. He could have just left nothing easier for a musican but instead he stayed in brighton and expanded his business and supported other businesses in this town. PROVIDING EMPLOYEMENT AND GENERATING REVENUE = TAX! My guess is you dont pay that much tax - i just have this inkling - you are more of a person thats start a facebook campaign / community garden or some other rubbish rather then work harder/better earn more cash for you and the family! Anyway I cant speak for zoe never meet her but he is a nice guy..you I'm not to sure about you to be honest! So Steve Coogan is allowed to stay, he gets your approval? Great, is that how its going to be - I wonder how pays more tax the guy from la or the local boy that has done good! Dont get me wrong I'm not a massive fan but give the guy credit where its due he clearly loves this town and I think the town likes him. Just remember some people need to do GREAT THINGS - they might not be GREAT ACHIEVMENTS IN YOUR EYES BUT ACHIEVMENTS = TAX! In regards to the EURO since my last post I would advise nobody to invest in euros unless they have some sort of business interest in the euro zone or have a life / second life in the EU - also somebody mentioned see a financial advisor NEVER GO TO ONE THATS FREE! HE WILL ONLY SELL WHERE HE GETS THE BEST COMMISSION!BETTER PAY A FEW HUNDRED POUNDS FOR SOME INDEPENT ADVICE BUT IN GENERAL I WOULD RECOMMEND THE NOVICE TO STAY AWAY FROM FINANCIAL PRODUCTS YOU NEED TO DO SOME WORK YOURSELF! Anyway, in regards to schools no idea to be honest some people moan others are more then happy. I made a choice not to send my kids to school in this country - you can make up your own idea what I think about the education system in this great country (I saw too many 12 year old smoking weed - thats just not healthy - mental patients in the making if you ask me) Property no idea whats happening but I was hoping for the fall to kick in but nothing - nobody is in a rush to sell - the smart money is staying of course whats the point in selling unless you are developer (really not many about - student houses thats a different story lol lol - ). If you are a landlord no point selling what for if you bought early enough far better take out another mortgage and before you cry overreached not at all but why sell an assetts thats paying the bills and leaves a bit left over at the end of the month. If you bought in the last few years then i would be worried because you will have neg and massive mortgage cost. Anyway, you should stop having a go at other ppl and ask yourself what have YOU contributed and my bet is in terms of tax not very much so move along dont criticise the tax payers lol. Ohh and if YOUR achievements starting local pressure groups / facebook campaigns / community gardens etc etc then thats not really going to pay the bills of this country and get us out of this mess, is it? People that work hard and try to achieve great things = pay tax - so you have the freedom to moan all day long and do NOTHING TO REDUCE THE DEFICIT
  8. I did not drink champange (never paid for it anyway) or the colombian..cause its too expensive..in 1996 I started and just flipped them so quick and bought bulk. and we kept out of four - one...before you lot start screaming..I worked until I fell over literally working 16 hours a day until I had a 6 k deposit...then I rented out one room out that covered my mortagages...then it made click and thought hmmm one room almost pays for everything EVERYTHING...then my boss that owned a haulage company I was working nights for (one out of three jobs) was telling me he owns bedsits and I should get into that..I remortages a year later and had another 6 k cash and bought a house with 8 rooms...anyway...it just carried on like that for a couple of years I was very friendly with the (because we are big ) bank manager and I had easy access to finance then I meet some rally f****k wealthy people by chance in london that borrowed me a lot of money with two others...for a price of course like a consortium in 2000.. me another guy (a survior) and the money guy..we all put a bit of money in but the money guy had the connection and we had so much cash it was unreal sometimes we purchased property without all of us seeing it....mental it was.. you could split a house in three and could walk away with third for FREE after 12 weeks also bought bulk of other landlords and investors...we did that for a couple of years and one guy left for abroad (spain he started a timeshare thing...that went well but wrong after a couple of years) we split the whole thing paid back most of the money and I had a lot of property for myself and I only had to take on a small mortages for the whole lot.,,,then I bought a couple of shops in london and a a massive shitty warehouse with a bit of land in London (that turned out to be a gold mine) bought by an insurance company I still live off that deal..sweat it was..anyway keept my head down and not messed around....then I had a family trategdy and did nothing except check the book for a year fell into a bad place (depression) but got out of it...then I got bored and got together with a big builder and we did a few properties in Woking (what a dump) and a lot in brighton increased my portfolio at the same time...after a while in 2006/2007 it got all a bit expensive and I could not see the same return in the long term..everybody was high literally even the scummy estate agent were drinking champagne and I got worried and almosted stopped..I'm very frugal because I came from a very poor backrgound I always had safety in mind nothing else..and before you go shouting I was poor piss poor..when I was a child I never remember when I was not hungry..Anyway then I did a few financial deals got greedy and almost lost the lot but got out just in time....luckily anyway now I dont do anything except collect the rent talk to the handman and a couple of contractors to keep the flats/houses in order and keep a careful eye on my other investments - the shops are easy they look after themself saying that I had to reduce the rent on one but I never paid a lot for them..thats its really..no secret just hard hard hard work and I took a massive risk (the bubble could have burst much earlier) and worked like a mad man to provide for my family ...now I'm just waiting for another opportunity because I'm bored it probably will mostly be commerical prime not offices thats for schmugs..shops and restaurants prime but the timing is crucial you can loose you shirt if you get it wrong if resendital falls enough I get back into that problem is its such much work especially the council lot....ohh and a bit of other advise (shelly or whatever your name was the gym lady who wished somebody to go bust because he moved down here) when I was in a nice car or house of a mate i was not envious it inspired me to get the same or better.....I tell you this country is going down with the current attiude you need to inspire to be a better person not moan about the people that have a nice car ...ohh before you go off on one..I pay a sh*t loads of tax and will do when I sell up eventually.. Anyway this is probably my last post and I would have never revealed my personal situation but I had a nice heavy meal tonight anyway my opinion about the brighton market max 25% at the very most 30% (but that would be horrific for the country ther would civil unrest and everything-think how bad it would be in wales and up north bad bad) but brighton is alright I have been all over..even bought houses in wales after I saw it on telly i keept them for a couple of years until I spent a week there..I took the first offers to never have to return...anyway brighton is alright sorry but it is...unique location and its got a vibe- people want to be here from all over europe not many but enought to keep this little town busy and crowded...I have said it before nothing gets built...anyway good luck guys I dont think what you are after will not happend ie nice one bed flat with garden for 90k/100k in town or a nice little house for 180k never there is too much cash and I mentioned it before there is a lot of people with pilles of cash all waiting. My advice if you can afford it and you think its reasonable and you can see yourself living there for five years and its a good area then perfect obviously none of you think now is time but it will be in a couple of years and then dont miss out...BECAUSE THERE IS A SHORTAGE
  9. you are wrong fyi but I'm very careful with my investments. I have a fc account, another account in another country and shares (most have been sold about 3 months ago whats left is mainly power, defence and mini loan companies - u got to love them) and substainal monthly income (thanks for brighton the place to be) - you lot are so wrong or you are slow or you dont want to belive it - people love this place - end of - even if the flip burger or cityclean they still pay 60 a week for a room or 500 a month for a studio they could be living up north for next to nothing - most people work to pay the rent, food, and drinks (a lot for drugs as well) lol however back to your insight if there would be a run it has hardly any impact on my sterling accounts (only slightly) (with different banks just in case), the run would have an effect on the following import negative (everything gets expensive) and export (good if you are exporting) but basically the country gorden / david would run out of money and all the civil would get the sack (hence the strikes) overall it would make it worse for the country not savings account (as you long as your are carful) plus there is always bricks and I tell you if you bought early and cheap its one hell of a return and security (unless you bought at the top) anyway got to go I'm late... btw...gold is an old hat...oil oil oil..you have seen nothing yet...it will be one hell of a ride but I got that covered
  10. The crash will happen..give it another four months for things to get interesting...hung parlariment..and the run on the pound....and the gordon david will screw the homeowners....but it will take time...it reminds me a bit of 1999 internet bubble...one company I looked at had a call center in regent street lol...look they are all idiots - unless you buy prime property along the sea front regency type flat 1st floor of course you be alright because lets be honest as a second home it does not get much nicer then that...but all the other shitty little places bear round for 250k- 300k plus..are braind dead..I repeat brain dead...ohh and there will be tears in two / three years its so unfair.... Anyway, give it time...the crash will be harder but not much more then 25% off peak for nice property....anybody buying slightly outside or shitty areas such as portslade or shitty roads bear road will...well be f****ed.. Once 20 - 25% I will be right back in there... buying bulk in bad times you probably can get 35% off so the worse the times the better for asset rich buyers...so if you have a big deposit.. you just need to wait for all the civil servants to be sacked, social services to be cancelled....ohh good times for some, very bad for others. I repeat again it will not be as bad in brighton as in other places...I can see civil unrest in other places...not surrey, sussex no matter how bad things get brighton and hove will be alright worst worst case is 30% but if that happens we all be dommend. I say it again be calm a crash will come BUT NOT MORE THEN 25%. As for the estate agent on here, maybe you can upgrade from your burton suit to a next suit with your oversized watch I love them really the show you round property they could never ever ever afford and the pretend they could afford it. -
  11. Look I'm not saying prices will stay high I'm saying a 20% drop maybe just maybe 25% but thats it. Why is nobody giving any indication of what they think the price drop will be / hope! Really funny that you lot go into every irrelevant detail however I keep on pointing the demand and supply issue. What has been built the last five years - NOTHING! I have no properties left to shift....and i would have not been stupid enough to buy after 2006 - great years before that and still are... However times are not bad and will never be because there is not enough housing in brighton. Its the place to be, maybe you disagree but there are enough people every year that come here for a couple of years and all pay 60 - 80 a week to stay in a room - 125 a week on a bloody studio. 750 a month for a shitty one bed...that you could have picked up 50 to 60k in 1999/2000 to give you an indication. I think you are in a dream world if you think property will go back 3 x 4 salary. All the btl would snap up the property in an instance and there is enough money (10 years of madness even if no mortgages are available - there always will be 50% mortgages and the cash that is waiting is massive....think how much equity / cash there is you would cry if you would know how much cash the big boys are sitting on just waiting for a good return and even the little guy if he started early enough and stopped soon enough has a nice pile of cash /property - same thing thing demand and supply everybody in the game knows it. If nice one bed flats are 90k the demand would be massive... You are missing the point deposit 60k seems like a lot but it is not..tiny tiny tiny in fact if you started early enough and played the game...how much interest did you get for that basically while you were saving others were sipping champangne at your expense....lets face it only a mug purchased the last 3 to 4 years. If you must know most ppl that come to the game let where stupid idiots that have seen it on the telly...you know civil and mid managment type thinking they are soo smart. Ohh i add this before you lot go mental ohh the evil btl or investors so bloody what, all the tax that was paid, keeping all the craftsmen in a job. The people you should be complaining about is the civil servenats, the long term unemployed, the drunks and all the single mothers getting a kid with 16 because they dont want to live at home. You have no idea what the council/goverment is doing with your money if you would really know there would be a riot. I have noticed the dont have enough money to furtniture their place (they get almost everything free) but I always see fags and flat screen telis and ps3 ... ohh and guess what you lot are paying for that if you are working and somehting else they are also demand taking away your properties and belive me they get nice properties and they have never had to do anything for it.... The sooner you lot see that more needs to be built the better! I repeat there is not enough housing in brighton! Everybody wants a nice flat... ohh and shell maybe my grammer is not the best but I can afford to go to the gym
  12. I was not refering to you....it does not really matter: I was refereing to this person.... Oh dear. Anyone who bought after 2003 is sure to be in negative equity soon. Hmm. Better keep trying to sell Brighton as the place to be! Does your business have a good chance of surviving when we go Icelandic / Irish? I hate people that critise ppl that move/change to improve their lives. As in brighton - love it facilities are great, nice gyms lol, nice restaurants (altough not much in the better class compared to london), nice people, shops alright , nice safe town, gatwick only a short drive and london is also not too far away either.. In general I think brighton hove is a great place and I think there will never be a real crash as pointed out in a study recently that brighton is one of the hubs in the future...
  13. hmm let me think ohh it does not get more nasty then that. Read the first paragraph a couple of times and then you understand how bitter and sad this person is. Envy is a terrible thing just because somebody disagree. ps At least I keep this thread going before I come along it was dead..so please at least give me that I moved down from london about five years ago Oh dear. Anyone who bought after 2003 is sure to be in negative equity soon. Hmm. Better keep trying to sell Brighton as the place to be! Does your business have a good chance of surviving when we go Icelandic / Irish? The 'city' of Brighton's swimming pools are choking with millions of scabby pensioners having their morning baths in the pool. They NEVER shower before getting in because, 'Ooh, I forgot!' It's quite repulsive if you're into swimming. You swim two strokes, have to shove a gammy, varicose veined, swollen foot with yellowing toenails out of your face, swim another stroke, get told off for having the audacity to swim faster than a 70 year old having a chavvy natter. Go to the showers and throw up all the corn pads and verucca patches you've swallowed. As for the yoga, it's way more expensive than London for some reason. And the teaching's not quite as good, either. It's so small town-y you always have to pay upfront for a course of classes. The teachers know there isn't much going on so they've got you by the goolies. Drop in classes are few and far between and prohibitively expensive. As for the gyms, none meet the London standard - unless you pay way more than you would in London for the same kind of thing. Most are dirty, overcrowded, ill equipped, too far out of the center of town, or full of nattering pensioners keeping their cardio fitness levels up. Brighton. It ain't all that. Unless you're a pensioner
  14. look you can complain as much as you like but sometimes you need to stop and think and look at the whole picture. Funny that I pointed out nothing gets built..I mean nothing. Surely, this has a massive impact on the price. Nobody comes back saying actually xx amount was built. You all know in the normal price bracket nothing get built I say it again Nothing. If you say the town grows only by 1% think how many flats/houses you need. They cant convert many more houses to bedsits. Sure, I think a 20% drop is possible but not much more simply not enough supply. The only person I have a problem with is withsomebody that wishes unfortune to other because they have some issue and are really bitter about their own life.
  15. I think you lot are missing the point...nothing is going to happen in ten days that will have any impact on the local housing market. There is too much demand for the properties...okay there will be a bad recession bad figures whatever really..most likely not a reason for people to sell up is it. Not in brighton anyway..I mean they are not going to move away and sell at a low price unless they really have to. Answer me this because you lot are dreaming HOW MANY PROPERTIES ARE BEING BUILT A YEAR - TAKE AWAY HOUSING ASSOCIATION AND CARDBOARD PENTHOUSES...........NOTHING , NOTHING, NOTHING.. How many are reading this ready to jump on a little house two, three bedrooms and garden for 250 to 300k...hundreds...there is too much demand. There will be a crash but not by as much as most people need...lets say 20% max the question YOU need to ask yourself if can you afford your dream home most likely not. If you would so would a lot of other people hence you got competition and the prices will rise again. If anything would be built then it would be different but nothing gets built...people want to live in this town not move away and no need to be so bitter and twisted about old people and anybody else that is trying to create a better life or has a different opinion. Just because you got some issues maybe you would be better living in London..its that pompous, jealous attitude thats the problem, expecting first class swimming facility but without paying for it. I think the council tax is enough without providing you a free first class lifestyle without paying for it (if you want a perfect swimming pool maybe you should join a gym and get a car or easier move to london WHERE THE GYMS ARE MUCH BETTER LOL LOL )...whatever I hate people that criticis the entepreneurs of this country but dont do anything but expect handouts. You lot will see what happends once you squeze the middle class to much....You can take your council yoga classes and shove it. Look up how much the top 2% pay. Get a life and try to make something of your life rather then critise the engine of this country. Its not the moaners and people getting money off the state that will get this country out the gutters its the small / medium businesses. NOTHING GETS BUILT SO ITS UNLIKELY THAT EVERYBODY CAN HAVE THEIR DREAM HOME.
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