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  1. A run on a nationalised bank? Unless they guarantee all deposits surely Spain is now 'officially' bankrupt. So Spain out before Greece. Or is this the print| print| moment?
  2. See it a hundred times. .. Family sell ex-council house to set's up life in the sun. Kids aged 8-10 uprooted and placed in local Spanish schools. Kids adapt eventually settle, speak the lingo. Parents working for an estate agent, or set up their own 'agency'. All work based on the property boom which gave them the money to emigrate in the first place. Then .. financial crash. but property prices kept inflated by banks unwilling to devalue property on their books, and only giving mortgages on bank owned repos. No finance for the independent seller/agent to get a sale. Parents can't find work, stuck in remote expat enclaves, they return home, unable to sell. Even at give-away prices. Kids uprooted again.
  3. Based on my experiences in Spain. By far the biggest obstacle you will find to learning the language will be the insistence of everyone you meet to speak English to you. I'm not sure why it's so hard to combat, but it really is. even down to family level in my experience. They are forced to learn our language to apply for jobs. They have all put many years into learning, and quite often you will be the only way they can display that effort, and make it all feel worthwhile. They have NO concern about your own need to learn their language. Prepare to feel ostracised along these lines. You will find yourself very popular when speaking English, and very unpopular when not. So unless you have SERIOUS time to study and study hard, do not assume that you will pick up anything by immersion.
  4. I was referring to Spain. There are 4 P/T assistants, covering 29 three year olds. There are always two assistants in attendance at any one time. Of the 29 children, some attend only mornings, others afternoons. So not sure what the actual or legal ratio is. We pay about £100/month for good quality full-time childcare. Childcare costs in the UK are out of control, but most mothers have to work. But accept that the majority of their salary is taken with childcare, so short term financial benefit is very little. But every little counts!
  5. The one we use is Privately owned. There are 15 children to one adult. Meals are extra. My son loves the place, and I couldn't speak highly enough of it.
  6. And yet, child carer always comes up in the lowest paid salary list. In Spain we get full-time child care, for €120 / Month, and the quality is exceptional.
  7. 'Modest decline', says the bank which now no longer exists as it's own entity, due to an economic collapse brought on by ridiculously over priced houses. To the doll queue with them.
  8. "Negative equity means that the size of your loan is larger than the value of your property, a nightmare which traps people in their homes." So this is a nightmare, but trapping young couples in shared equity boxes, paying way above their means - effectively castrating them, is ok.
  9. I spoke to a trusted agent in the SE London area only a week ago, and he was saying that last month was the worst month he has EVER experienced. After 25 years working this area! As far as agents go he's a decent bloke, but it was still a rare moment of openness. He said he works late most evening just to give him the edge over other agents, so if something gets sold he has normally got a hand in it. Prices seem dysfunctional, and way out of kilter with reality. So it's just ground to a halt.
  10. The BBC article seems to be getting in a twist on this one. The quality of their spin doctors is definitely diminishing. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-12882548 House prices down in most regions, says Land Registry Average house prices in England and Wales saw an annual fall in February, the Land Registry has said, but prices in London and the East of England rose. The body said the average home in England and Wales fell in value by 1.7% in the year to February, to £162,215. But house prices in London were up 3.2% in the year, and in the East of England increased by 1%. -- Then later down in the article it clarifies; London had the biggest annual rise in prices, although properties in the capital did drop in value by 0.5% in February compared with the previous month.
  11. The pylon was my point, and there is now way the chimney hides that. It reached up into the clouds. + Angle's all wrong.
  12. Another nice Photoshop job here. Spot the difference. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-16690860.html?premiumA=true Trade descriptions?
  13. In Spain, a relation of ours, has just closed down his estate agency business. His reason was; He would find a buyer for a property on his books, then the buyer would go to the bank for a mortgage. The banks are then saying, 'We won't give you a mortgage on that, but if you buy this repossession (from us), which is very similar etc.etc., we'll lend you the money to do it. He just can't operate.
  14. UK democracy at it's best. We've had a LAB/CON coalition for the last 20 years. So if the LIBS join LAB then that makes gives us a LIB/LAB/CON dictatorship. All hail King Brown.
  15. This is undoubtably good news, and puts prices lower than they were almost 4 years ago, and wipes out the last 6 months gains. Downwards from here folks.
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