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  1. I’m in Switzerland. They can only put my rent up if the bank base rate goes up, or they make substantial improvements to the property that I benefit from. Painting, roof repairs, changing the heating etc don’t count, a new kitchen would.
  2. Shared lane and no easements? why put yourself in a position of conflict? It could ruin your health.
  3. I like the way they mention a canal which seems to no longer exist, but fail to mention the mainline railway at the front of the house, nor the M62 about 50m away. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/84021957#/?channel=RES_BUY
  4. And that’s AFTER apparent gentrification. Must have a bit been rough before.
  5. I thought most people were on fixed rates? So this 100% increase in the base rate won’t affect then in the short term?
  6. Last sold £280,000 in 2016 https://houseprices.io/abergele/rhyd-y-foel
  7. I think that retro bathroom suite is worth more than the house.
  8. Maybe I’m naive, but why does everyone always talk about exterior insulation for houses? What’s wrong with the interior insulated plasterboard solution? I know it’s not convenient as you have to mess with the skirting and electrics on the external walls. From what I’ve seen of exterior insulation, it seems to be high density rockwool bats secured to the walls, then rendered or ‘stuccoed’. It won’t last 60 years I’m sure.
  9. Yep, all my money is being extracted from accounts and put in global tracker/S&P 500
  10. Brexit ended FMOP. An influx of cheap immigrant labour can, and will, be conjured up as and when required.
  11. I’m in Switzerland. The ‘rule’ is the lender will usually only lend 80% of the value of the mortgage. You can get 10% out of your pension, and need to find the other 10%. However you can not only take the 10% out, you can also use the rest as security, thereby maybe reducing the 10% self funded to maybe 5% (the bank lends 85%). When you sell you have to pay the 10% back to the pension company. Then you could repeat the process. Swiss banks monetized property donkeys years ago. 40 year mortgages are normal.
  12. I'm in Switzerland. Myself and the missus pay CHF12,600 (£10k) a year in medical insurance between us. We each have a CHF2600 excess, and anything above that pay 10% of the bill. That's neither the cheapest nor most expensive policies, I have to go to a medical center, no choice of doctor, my missus can choose from some list of insurer approved doctors. Care is very good. I can see a doctor in 3 days. Colonoscopy I waited 2 weeks, cost £500. Missus needs an MRI scan, non-urgent, 6 week wait. Generally you don't wait more than 2 months for anything non-urgent.
  13. I've got a petrol 1.6l Hyundai i30 estate, 2015, bought cash in 2016. Supremely reliable, if a little uncomfortable on long trips ( it's in no way a tourer). Cheap to run, cheap to service. Next I'd get an EV, but that's a few years off, probably a Kia/Hyundai.
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