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  1. It didn't work out because the markets weren't perfectly free, you see / (insert neo-con crapola as appropriate.)
  2. Somalia is working out just grand (according to some posters here). The problem is in the non-anarchy part that is still patrolled by peacekeepers (Seriously, this what they reckon). Some here even came on and made a posting about how the free market was now thriving in the Ivory Coast because now anyone with a motorbike could become a moto-taxi and before, when there was law, it was regulated! I cannot seriously respond to them anymore except with heavy satire. Get out of gold and stocks you fools, the hot new markets are: 1. Somalia 2. Haiti 3. Ivory Coast Ignore this sound financia
  3. The real fan-hitting shit has only begun. No one gives a toss about Wales, Scotland, the North or Southwest.... get the picture. Frankly you are all fucked. This deal was done long ago. Wake up and smell the carnage you fucking halfwits before you are smashed forever. Excuse the strong language but the sight of grown ups with the abilities and wills of sickly pukey babies is disgusting. Burn down a building for fucks sake! It is easy and cheap. Difficult to get caught. If the Irish in 1921 could beat the worlds most powerful empire out, or the Vietnamese the yanks, then surely to fuck
  4. Nick, you haven't been drinking the free-market koolaid - there is no society! Don't you get it? Without society everything suddenly becomes marvelously self-organising and efficient, without your hard earned money been stolen from you at gunpoint to be redistributed by our murderous socialist overlords to benefit chavs/gypsies/immigrants/etc ad nauseum. 'Values', 'compassion' - poppycock. These have no monetary manifestation and are therfore mere nonsenses. Only the market exists, only money, money, money, MONEY, MONEY!!! MONEY!!! MONEY!!! MONEY!!! MONEY!!! What part of it do you
  5. Another one for the neo-con/liberal economics fanboys. Lets see how this state does, wonderfully free from big govt. Should be a capitalist utopia in no time.
  6. I liked this post: Should " ALL " foreign English Teachers be ejected from China... Should " ALL " foreign English Teachers be ejected from China... ? many of them have tried to turn Chinese Children against their parents... many of them have objectionable political opinions... many of them support foreign terrorists groups... many of them are journalists using and cheating parents... many of them were not wanted in their home country...why should China want them... some have stolen the hard earned money of Chinese parents in false schools...or kaked companies.. many are not reistere
  7. So the Brits were conquered by a race of scooter-riding, handbag wearing wops? Hard or what.
  8. Anyone else heard the rumour about a sino-oz pact? Oz to become a 'client' state within the commie sphere of influence in exchange for paper tokens?
  9. So, subjectively speaking, the Fall of the Roman Empire led to a 1000 year decline in Western Civilization.
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