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  1. I suppose you have something there, given that the younger generations are more inclined to be self indulgent than their parents ever were or could afford to be. Instead of wanting to settle down and raise children many have become infatuated with consumerism, instead of a member of the opposite sex. High in their ivory towers, seeking conversation, I suppose they can always approach the.......... Mirror mirror on the wall who is the saddest of us all. :P


    Patrick Bateman in American Pyscho springs to mind.

  2. The Irish are true risk - takers so continued rises was to be expected.

    Whilst investing over in Berlin the Notary told me the bulk of his recent transactions were Irish buyers!

    I know I keep repeating this but some of the pessimists need to stop marking time and fiddling about with small SM investments (big investments ok btw as this shows comittment). Its time they joined the risk taking world even if that means mewing and risk.

    Does risktaking mean being prepared to go bankrupt?

  3. I ask you, house prices rising at an average of €3,500 per month and this guy thinks there's a bubble.

    Is he barking?

    Irish Property Bubble Blog


    Average house prices are increasing at their fastest rate in six years, according to the latest house price index published by the ESRI and Permanent-TSB.

    The two organisations said average prices had increased by 3.5% in the first three months of this year, the fastest rate of increase since the same period in 2000.

    This means that prices have risen by 12.1% in the past year.

    The average price paid for a house in Dublin has now reached €384,000, compared to €249,000 in the rest of the country.

  4. Crikey talk about mass "missing of point".

    Mr Smith's point is that every country is an Island in that.. it's irrelevant whether you are surrounded by water or other countries. The size of your country cannot increase in either case so economic theories based on "we are an island and therefore land is limited" are baseless. (Actually if anything Islands can increase in size because they can reclaim shallow water areas to build on)

    Massive population mobility and transport of goods and materials mean that being an island has next to no impact on other economic variables either. The world doesn't quite match the GCSE geography "steel works are built near water and coal mines" anymore.

    Turn your mouse over...Does it say made in China?

    You can own a house in Bratislava and work in Vienna.

    Even the Seamaster wouldn't last too long in the North sea ;)

  5. It's worse than that.

    At first it was a transfer of wealth from young to old. Now it's become a transfer of wealth from all ages to the money lenders. When parents starting remortgaging to 'help' their children they are unwittingly starting the transfer of their properties back to the banks.

    When everything goes belly up it won't just be the last in FTBers who end up complaining.

    Yes, it is different this time. The problem is, Joe Public hasn't rumbled the scam yet.

    A recursive Ponzi scheme.

  6. That`s a bit unfair to be honest, what Paul is sharing there is incredibly relevant. Shame they don`t do press releases. Although I`m a bit confused by how he`s presented it, that shows volumes down significantly...I think :huh: Any chance of rolling it in to a press release guys? Nice pre-empt..

    Do they get LR data before anyone else???

    Or is it just advertising for a website?

    Please forgive my cynicism, I am paranoid :ph34r:

  7. An example of cognitive dissonance is the phenomenon known as buyer's remorse, in which a consumer becomes conflicted, after the fact, with the issue of whether or not their decision to make a purchase was, indeed, a wise one.

    I should never have bought that 2 bed luxeflat at the top of the market............

    Maybe things will pick up...............


  8. Of course, one has to take what EAs tell us with a certain degree of salt-pinching, but the case of CityQuadrant (which first drew me to this thread) suggests there's been activity through the year to date, on new build at least — the place is now completely sold, and the EA acting on behalf of the original developer claiming only a few BTL as a percentage of the total sold. (Of course, there will have been a few off-plan "flippers" — I bought from one myself.) Bear in mind that this is from an EA who deals almost exclusively in city centre apartments, so I find it surprising they're not continuing to talk BTL up.

    Rubbish, there are 17 on rightmove available from the developer, and a good few being flipped on as well.

  9. After repayments and regular outgoings the customer was left with about £100 (€144) a month. The normal rule of thumb for mortgage lending is a multiple of three to four times the salary or, more commonly, repayments of about 35% of disposable income. In this customer's case, repayments came to more than 50% of disposable income. The customer was expecting an unspecified financial settlement as part of a divorce and had a business relationship with the bank. Both these points were taken into account when the mortgage was sanctioned last autumn.

    Forget your income, its the sucker you married that matters :o

    A business relationship with the bank, but no income YEAH RIGHT

    I aint sayin shes a golddigga

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