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  1. http://www.communities.gov.uk/pub/230/A1Mi...n_id1165230.xls

    Amazing how the North East is going up while it's largest city with highest volume of sales is "allegedly" going down :P

    What was it Merv said? house prices are real, reposession sale prices in Knightsbridge Court are a matter of opinion :lol:


    Edited to include graph to show that the North East is mapping both England and the UK.

    None so blind....

  2. Well take the Bellway Homes' Ochre Yards development on the Gateshead Riverside. This is a dreadful mistake on the sort of key site which only becomes available every 50 years or so.

    One could argue it could have remained railway sidings and been transformed into some sort of modern logistics hub. Otherwise, I would have liked to see a quality estate of large semi-detached houses. This would have really changed the socio-economic mix of this part of gateshead. Instead we have 650 appartments, the majority of which are in 6-storey wooden floor and walled blocks. This will become the sink estate of the future - maybe as soon as 5 years from now.

    I am so annoyed that Gateshead Council's planners have been so short sighted or corrupted to allow this to go ahead. Just where to they think around 1000 "professional" type appartment tenants/owners are going to come from in this small city?

    Cheesy "city-living" style advert for Ochre Yards

    Also found this document. An investment in this development could collapse for another reason !

    He he, only one sold at the NE8 2AG postcode according to houseprices.co.uk :lol:

  3. ..if you like living on a roundabout. ;)

    Anyway, have you read this STTAB?


    I might be getting nervous if I had bought in a city centre high rise recently....


    Thanks for posting this.

    A few points, why is London good for BTL?

    What are the alternatives to apartments in city centres?

    Why did Seamaster become STTAB?

    Here's anothe Chris Partridge article this time from the Guardian yet on a similar theme.

    he doesn't like newbuild apartments.


  4. Quote:

    Originally Posted by shakerbaby

    If you worked full time you would be better off as you wouldn't then feel so bad about scabbing off the state and all its taxpayers.

    The people claiming benefits are playing an important role in society. They give you someone to feel superior to.

    Oh what fun when hpc and mse clash :lol::lol::lol:

  5. "Co-buying or joint-ownership is not a concept that fits easily with the Firstrung proposition. We were approached recently by someone connected with gohalves.co.uk who felt that it was our responsibility, given our position as the leading on line portal advice centre for first time buyers, <_<:blink: to make our readership aware of the concept and allow more debate on the issue.

    We therefore suggested that 'the floor would be theirs', we asked them to sell the benefits of co-buying to us in 200 words or less. The agreement was to then publish an article on the Firstrung site and distribute it with any feedback directed to us, can't say much fairer than that can we...."


    She'll go far on £10k in London :lol:

    Try a sugardaddy love

    She wants a garden and she smokes, too much month at the end of the money, methinks



  6. Er, sorry, another post today !

    Just an update to Neilrich's post #772 on page 52 mentioning big losses on flats in The Bar.

    On page 50 of the current Pattison's auction brochure we can see that the 1-bed flat sold for £104K was actually appartment 711. This was bought for 180K just 2 years ago.

    So that's another huge 76K or 42% fall in the Newcastle city centre area.

    Anyone who bought a 1 bed for 180k is a total muppet, it says on the house prices link that it is not a newbuild, so maybe it was flipped although no other price appears.

    The most that would be was 600sq ft, and I bet it is smaller

    £300plus persqft in Newcastle, and not even a penthouse, it beggars belief :o

  7. I remember sitting down with my Dad on a rather blustery day in May, he was sitting on the edge of his seat for the best part of 4 hours. He got through at least a bottle of wine before Peter Snow took centre stage and whilst managing to tell me how it would all be different this time, how he felt more confident in my future because of it all. He had helped me to cast my first vote in a General Election and was so proud that I had helped to effect a change that had seemed impossible for the best part of 15 years. As the votes came in more wine was consumed and he even learnt the words to 'Things can only get better'. 1997 really was a year of change.

    Nearly ten years later, my Father is slightly less happy with those choices he helped me to make in 1997.

    He now feels powerless to help me pay off my 5 figure student debts. He is totally unable to help me move out of home and get on the property ladder. Of course he can always look at what a good job the Labour party has done of ensuring his Girlfriend's safety as she visits the Middle East on business or take great happiness in seeing millions of African's free from poverty.

    I really am so very pleased what Mr. Blair has done for me, I might even write and suggest that he does a victory tour to celebrate his retirement.

    What have you done for him?

  8. Don't know if it's already been mentioned:

    The house and ferrari deal from Durham has been sold.

    It will be interesting to see whether he got the £367,000 he was after. I'm guessing a month or two and it will appear in the land registry data.

    He paid £300,000 for the house in May 2005 (obviously without the Ferrari) I think the Ferrari is worth between £40K and £45K.

    No it wasn't mentioned, I checked it a few weeks ago & it wasn't sold.

  9. I would personally think yourself very lucky to actually have a home of your own and stop speculating. It’s this that has created the mess we now have in this country.

    I’m a first time buyer and just want for a home and some security. Having rented for a decade since my students days. When I was in more of a position to buy a home the prices rocketed and I’m now priced out.

    I’d like to add that this site was built on speculation just as above and that’s one of the reasons it’s been so ineffective since its launch.

    Thats why you can't afford a gaff, YOUR fault, not any STR or BTL.

    Take some responsibility for your own inaction instead of blaming people who bought at the right time :D

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