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  1. As a doctor, I can tell you GPs are the dregs of the medical profession. Those that were too stupid to pass their postgraduate exams or too dimwitted to succeed in interviews for hospital posts.

    It's a tragedy that these incompetent buffoons are having their salaries raised while doing less work (no night on-calls, restricting home visits, passing more people on to overstretched A+E units). Meanwhile the hardworking hospital consultant (who have trained for many more years to become a consultant than GPs have) are stuck on half their salary. It's disgusting.

    If you really are a doctor I would like to report you to the General Medical Council to see what they think of your comments which I believe bring the profession into disrepute.

    "incompetent buffoons" "dregs" "stupid" "dimwitted"

    What healthcare professional would refer to professional colleagues in this way?

    I really hope you are not a doctor. :(:(:(

  2. Interesting. I presume that the downfall will be more significant up here, especially with the high unemployement etc. In my opinion we'll see all the newly reconverted city centre flats drop down under 100k in the next 6 months

    (that's what I hope at least)...


    This is up for auction with bernard marcus early december. Its the turnbull.

    Lets guess what it will go for.

    I guess highest bid of £130k ;)

  3. Looks like things are on the turn in the public sector:

    "22,000 job losses have been announced this year"


    In the NHS as a whole over the UK, not in Newcastle.

    Back to house prices.

    NE1. 10 most recent sales, not 1 has sold at a loss, and most at considerable profit, particularly the first one at 118 k profit in 3 yearshttp://www.houseprices.co.uk/e.php?q=ne1

    On another thread, anyone fancy a pre

    Christmas HPC meet in Toon?

    STTAB and Neilrich can kiss and make up :lol:

  4. I am a massive property Bear, have been for years but have been wrong for years too.

    From an independent standpoint all the figures would indicate an imminent crash in UK but the salary multiplers, term lengths, vacancy rates and yields in Ireland make yours look benign.

    What are the key differences between the UK and Irish markets that make comparrisons between the two incorrect? Any that I can think of actually strengthen the case for further HPI.

    PS This is not trolling, I am a bona fide bears you can check my posts on AAM (the former forum of choice before we were all censored , check this out you will not believe it: the property pin - after the crackdown by AAM

    Uk has higher interest rates.

    Uk previous crash ingrained in pysche of >30 year olds.

    Just because Ireland is wildly overvalued does not mean that the UK is not overvalued.

  5. http://www.nationwide.co.uk/hpi/FTB_Affordability.htm

    yep, right here

    just thought it was interesting as it was entitled "First Time Buyers - The Truth". Thought it might provoke an interesting debate on here about what constitutes "the truth".

    As per my other posts on this forum I feel obliged to point out my circumstances which are that I have just bought somewhere (as a FTB) but have no great opinion either way on where house prices are going....

    Scotland, the north, and london are all more affordable than 1985 by their reckoning.

  6. Anyone care to comment on this. Study from the Nationwide. Seems pretty fair and open to me but do you think its been "spun"?

    If you read the detail the 40% of FTBs include a large chunk of people who were previously in the market and are now returing, armed with capital....

    First time buyers still account for almost 40% of house purchase transactions

    Only about 20% of homeowners are in the 20-24 age group, compared to around 30% ten years ago

    Deposits and income multiple constraints are a bigger hurdle for ‘true first-time buyers’ than debt servicing costs

    Less than 10% of 22-29 year olds can overcome lending income multiple constraints

    Young Teachers, Nurses and Policemen cannot afford to buy alone – especially in London

    Any link to the study?

  7. You make a fair point on the house building angle. Maybe there is a genuine shortage of houses but I am mindful of two things.

    (1) There are an awful lot of people who have a vested interest in creating an impression that we have a property shortage.

    (2) The analysts are easy to fool. I recall the power cuts in California. At the time, energy analysts waxed lyrical about shortfalls in power generating capacity. It subsequently turned out that energy traders had been phoning up power stations and shutting them down for a few hours to make a quick killing on options.

    I am still suspicious however that the true state of the market is being hidden from view. I suspect there is a lot of empty property. When I look around my own neighbourhood, I see lots of properties not in use.

    Rep of Ireland builds 80,000 units a year for 4 million. Oversupply

    Uk builds 200,000 units for 60 million. Undersupply.

  8. Ah - the 'Cash Is Under Way' story... again.

    this is a rumour started by some strange people on 'another forum', and is completely untrue. I do not know why they decided to pick on me, except that they didn't like my posts on a 3rd forum (that they regularly 'troll').

    I apologise if I have been a little 'brusque' recently, but there were some rather sad family developments I'd rather not discusss. Suffice it to say that money is not the be all and end all.. there are actually more important things.

    On the other hand, it is rather depressing to see the rapid decline of 'bull' arguments recently, and I'd ask all you little believers in the money fairy to try and 'raise your game' a little, if only to prolong the fun until the end of Q1 2007.

    Hmm ,

    Just looked on MSE to where you originally began as Property Guru & u r not registered there anymore so I couldnt find the post which incriminates you as CIUW.

    for those interested try ********* entry43742

  9. Aren't you "the poster formerly known as CrashIsUnderWay" ? A name you chose back in 2004 :P

    Now you pretend to be some sort of BTL millionaire.

    [email protected] - why don't apply for for a moderator's job?

    There are many decent bear posters on this site, but you sure as hell ain't one of them. Just stop posting and save us all a bit of bandwidth.


    Yep CIUW who left the forum for *** and couldn't counter the bulls over there, and stole PG's name, who he had a dangerous obsession with and came back here with his tail between his legs.

    Anyone disagree, check out the ahem "similar" posting styles

    Yep CIUW who left the forum for *** and couldn't counter the bulls over there, and stole PG's name, who he had a dangerous obsession with and came back here with his tail between his legs.

    Anyone disagree, check out the ahem "similar" posting styles

    I would also like some details of this 3.75 million you have earned from BTL, any details of the properties so we can admire your cleverness.

    No thought not :P

  10. In my opinion, there is one reason people drink and that is escapism.

    People are escaping:

    Who they are.


    Who they are not.

    And more specifically:





    But hey everyone has to escape sometimes, I love a good glug around town.

    I drink because it makes me feel like I'm alive.

    Work is the curse of the drinking classes.

    All respect to the Oscar.

  11. p.s. you forgot a height requirement. I find women tend to rate this as quite important, the result of many psychosocial factors l imagine.

    Indeed short is to guys what fat is to girl.


    Also, even though I am a heavy drinker, I think that increasing the price of a pint to £5 and similar tax on off-sales would reduce overall alcohol consumption.

    Anyone who doesn't think that is true needs to do GCSE economics or just read my first signature. :P

  12. Is anyone else getting the vague feeling that they are at a party, having a great time, laughing and joking, and there's one complete and utter c**k-s**king littlle t*rd burglar who keep interrupting with lines like 'alcohol makes you fat' or 'this is a really shit party' or 'the wine is really crap'

    There's always one.

    The Crash is Under Way :rolleyes:

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