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  1. http://www.sunderlandtoday.co.uk/ViewArtic...ticleID=1929496 I had a good laugh at this
  2. Talk of the Toon http://www.mortgagesolutions-online.com/pu...tml?page=356765
  3. untitled.bmpFurther to my London leads the way comments. untitled.bmp
  4. If you really are a doctor I would like to report you to the General Medical Council to see what they think of your comments which I believe bring the profession into disrepute. "incompetent buffoons" "dregs" "stupid" "dimwitted" What healthcare professional would refer to professional colleagues in this way? I really hope you are not a doctor.
  5. How about The Head of Steam Wed 20th December 8pm? Anyone else other than Spoon Unit Kevino Undersupply going? What about our thread starter Neilrich?? We need you there man
  6. http://www.landregistry.gov.uk/assets/libr...ts/hpir1106.pdf New LR figures out today North East showing the highest monthly rise at 2.9% Year on Year 5.8% Once again London sneezes and the North East catches a cold.
  7. http://www.houseprices.co.uk/e.php?q=+24+NE1+3NG&n=10 This is up for auction with bernard marcus early december. Its the turnbull. Lets guess what it will go for. I guess highest bid of £130k
  8. In the NHS as a whole over the UK, not in Newcastle. Back to house prices. NE1. 10 most recent sales, not 1 has sold at a loss, and most at considerable profit, particularly the first one at 118 k profit in 3 yearshttp://www.houseprices.co.uk/e.php?q=ne1 On another thread, anyone fancy a pre Christmas HPC meet in Toon? STTAB and Neilrich can kiss and make up
  9. Anti-gay rhetoric was part of another posters repertoire that came on here? Can't thInk of his name for the life of me, do yoU knoW?
  10. http://www.mortgagesolutions-online.com/pu...tml?page=354486 Are newcastle building society hedging on property?
  11. Indeed some people have different identities on internet forums and claim to be people they are not, sometimes dropping their username and picking up another, making wild claims about their financial status that they cannot back up. I hear ya PG
  12. You'll want the 17 interest rate rises in a row aswell no doubt.
  13. Uk has higher interest rates. Uk previous crash ingrained in pysche of >30 year olds. Just because Ireland is wildly overvalued does not mean that the UK is not overvalued.
  14. Newcastle Upon Tyne LR figures from the bbc website, up 11% year on year. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/in_d...ces/html/cj.stm For you bears, I heard 10 flats are being repossessed in Centralofts all owned by the same scottish investment company.
  15. Scotland, the north, and london are all more affordable than 1985 by their reckoning.
  16. Here it is. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showth...666#post2881666
  17. Rep of Ireland builds 80,000 units a year for 4 million. Oversupply Uk builds 200,000 units for 60 million. Undersupply.
  18. Hmm , Just looked on MSE to where you originally began as Property Guru & u r not registered there anymore so I couldnt find the post which incriminates you as CIUW. for those interested try ********* entry43742
  19. Yep CIUW who left the forum for *** and couldn't counter the bulls over there, and stole PG's name, who he had a dangerous obsession with and came back here with his tail between his legs. Anyone disagree, check out the ahem "similar" posting styles I would also like some details of this 3.75 million you have earned from BTL, any details of the properties so we can admire your cleverness. No thought not
  20. I drink because it makes me feel like I'm alive. Work is the curse of the drinking classes. All respect to the Oscar.
  21. Indeed short is to guys what fat is to girl. http://www.jonathanrauch.com/jrauch_articl...last/index.html Also, even though I am a heavy drinker, I think that increasing the price of a pint to £5 and similar tax on off-sales would reduce overall alcohol consumption. Anyone who doesn't think that is true needs to do GCSE economics or just read my first signature.
  22. guaranteed rental income of 3.6k or 1.71% yield, cheers Less than 70 quid a week for a 2 bed, what a joker. I presume he wants to sell it to rent it back for nothing. one for the bears http://www.houseprices.co.uk/e.php?q=21+Ce...E1+4AL&n=10 8.7% drop
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