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  1. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/388738/uc-national-expansion.pdf
  2. Japan & Far East funds - as far away from Europe as possible (but look out for a buying opportunity around late summer)
  3. OTH Jap & Far East stocks to soar next week. Keep as far away from Europe as possible.
  4. http://www.chicagospankingreview.org/homepage/home_page.html
  5. Hasn't made BBC news. No need to worry anyone.
  6. Plenty in Leeds around Uni, although mostly grotty cliché "Rising Damp" student accomodation. Yields seem to be about 10% - not enough IMO once extra costs taken in consideration. Reckon councils are getting tough on HMO standards. Also many new purpose built blocks with gyms, sky etc. coming onto market.
  7. Why not? Its only new money I'm investing (to balance up the sector/country portfolio). 've made good profits on UK, Europe
  8. PS Japan and far east emerging markets is where my cash is going, not so much UK/US and Northern Europe. In fact I'd like a correction there as it'll be a buying opportunity. Just my bet. DYOR
  9. Most people I've come across still think BTL is a good bet. "lots of bargains now prices have dropped". "5% - that's a great yield compared to what I'd get in the bank". There's still a long way to go before all the suckers are on board.
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