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  1. Never understand why Mcdonalds in particular gets such a bad rep. I know some people who slag off 'processed fast food' while stilll eating ultra processed stuff like bread and breakfast cereal. At least the meat in a burger is nutritional.
  2. "Shame as I've seen entire social circles dismantled by the cost of living. " That is what generally happens when people get older, they move, get married, have kids etc... and not everyone stays in touch with old friends. The general 'active' social circle is based on common activities they do (ie raising kids for example)
  3. I did like the website I visited once with 'We have been told to tell you we use cookies, but we're not quite sure why.....'
  4. If you mean all shops are closed after 6 creating a ghost town then Leeds at least is open until 8 everyday. Leeds -Manchester really needs an upgrade as it is both always very congested and very slow all the time. It is the only main cross pennine route so used by loads of people to connect to a huge range of start/end points.
  5. COBOL is a very strong language to avoid errors. If you want to see error prone code then look at the Java stuff where the architects/developers hate SQL or don't understand databases. Rather than have the database code compiled nicely and safely in something like PL/SQL like the calling Java code, you end up with the SQL get parsed and executed at runtime over JDBC. This leads to all manner of errors and potential security problems.
  6. My school had 9% 5 A-C GCE's but i still did degree(Imperial) and phd fully funded by the tax payer including my beer. If your children are bright it doesn't matter if they go to a rubbish school. If they aren't bright you don't want to send them to a university, especially if it isn't payed for from someone else. As an employer I don't rate undergraduate degrees much now. Those 3 years were great fun though.....
  7. In the UK isn't the vast majority of shale opportunities for gas?? I would have thought the UK itself has a very good market for gas. If we start replacing some old coal power stations with gas that provides an even larger market.
  8. I walk past it most days and the car park for it seems ridiculously small. 2 lots of tight spaces opposite with not much gap inbetween. It is a scenic building from the outside but has quite a few negatives from it's exact location.
  9. For anyone interested this is likely to be the information the numbers are based on. All institutions reported to the FSA and also voluntarily submitted them to the CML (In which case you got to look at some of the detail of all submissions.) http://www.fca.org.uk/firms/systems-reporting/gabriel/system-information/data-reference-guides/psd/psd001
  10. I use to generate and submit the monthly figures for both the FSA and the CML when the regulations first came in (about 2007). My guess for main difference is that the most recent figures will be based on approvals. The later figures would be updated when the approval didn't become a full loan. Therefore older figures would be revised downwards over time to potentially give the percentage differences actually shown (And also of course be inaccurate figures anyway in that case.) The other thing I remember from doing the figures were the surprising amount of selfcert mortgages approved by the 'safe' lender I worked for.
  11. weaker, on 23 Jun 2014 - 10:39 AM, said: Totally agree with 'not feed the beast'. How does this living fit in with your social circle and other half. I assume a few beers out with your mates can easily become a cost/benefit decision when you have long term financials to consider. I've traveled a lot over the last 2 decades and you see the same thing with backpackers. Some people will hole up in say Indonesia say for months living on water and hostel films for 30 quid a week which obviously can be extended for many years for very little cost but isn't something that appeals to me.
  12. Agree with Bruce here rentbug, the important thing to do is tell people who to vote for and why?? We have enough pointless people already who like to go around telling people what not to do. You don't want to join the band of whingers who seem to just hate everything and everyone.
  13. Have to disagree. Watched it on a flight a little while ago and it is a really dull film, lacking in plot and characters (IMO of course)
  14. I can see your point about people coming in from satellite places so therefore agree you want to be in a 'lived in' town rather than one that is dead when all the tourists leave. I'm not sure how places like Staithes cope when it looks like every single property is a 2nd home or holiday let, quite badly I imagine and probably struggle to keep the pub open out of season.
  15. I really don't want to live in a village, I am definitely a small townie at heart. Even though I'm a massive walker and love the countryside I don't drive and if I lived in a village my walk from the door would be through farmers fields most likely, which is generally not pleasant if you are allowed to at all. Therefore I always live about 2 minutes from the mainline station to be able to get around the country at weekends which luckily in York is a very nice place to be. I grew up in SE London so tend to think pretty much anywhere is better than that and I'ver travelled the world quite extensively now and it is still pretty near the bottom. I can appreciate London as a big city but it's not for me especially having grown up in the city, but compared to other massive cities I see it does have a lot going for it.
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