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  1. Nonsense, creating a surplus of labour will lower standards of living, anyone earning less than about £45k is a net loss the UK economy so the less low paid people we have the better.
  2. Wolf Richter is a typical tinfoil hatter goldbug, have fun staying poor grandad.
  3. When I first bought in 2013 the price rose by 30% or so in the 2 days it took my SEPA payment to go though to bitstamp.
  4. As per my earlier post there is apparently a UK exchange being launched backed by a consortium of banks, thus possibly explaining the recent rash of anti overseas exchange activity by banks.
  5. Not so vastly in some cases at least cost wise, basically nearly everyone using a rail season ticket will still be paying the same. For that reason I could not do say a two day a week in london job because the season pass would still cost me nearly a grand a month. Thats a whole traunch of our infrastructure that isn't setup for so-called hybrid working.
  6. Hang on I though everything was going to be banned ?, are you trying to to tell us your a shitcoiner now ?.
  7. Yes its obviously better to perfectly time the market tops and bottoms, I'll wish you good luck if you want to try that.
  8. I remember saying about a year ago on this thread that people will look back on today and with they had bough at $10k. People will look back at today and wish they had bought at $30k
  9. Sorry but no way in hell will Apple endorse anything not created by Apple.
  10. The is the takeaway I got from working with a bunch of grads on a project a while ago - bitcoin/cypto and generally the idea that something that exists only on the internet can have real world monetary value is not at all "weird", compare and contrast to over 40s who almost all see it as a bubble/scam/illogical.
  11. Its in the bitcoin genesis block: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Genesis_block "The coinbase parameter (seen above in hex) contains, along with the normal data, the following text:[2]
  12. Definitely the most crypto hostile of the western developed countries but given all of our old financial institutions this isn't a great surprise.
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