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  1. Technically there are lots, but the price is actually the most important one - economic momentum and network effects are key.
  2. Hey @longgonehere your next "next bitcoin" better get cracking mate https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/shiba-inu/
  3. Its true that a certain cohort (which paradoxically will include you if/when you take the plunge) want large x values quickly, a large cohort though are happy with moderate appreciation over a long time frame, its these people what make up the majority of bitcoin holders. During a bull market some of the I-want-10x-in-a-month money flows into bitcoin and causes a blow off top but I don't think we've reached that stage yet. According to willy woos recent analysis most bitcoin buying is still "organic" buying by long term holders.
  4. On chain analytics as used by people like willy woo give a much better (but still not bullet proof) insight.
  5. If you believe that other people will value bitcoin in the long term then you actually DO believe in it because you've just described the very game theory that makes a currency have durable value, just like @dugsbodyclaims to not believe in it but actually does. Its the same with me and gold, I believe in its value because I believe other people will always value it.
  6. This x100, bitcoin is the worst market on earth to try to technically trade (mind you I don't believe TA works consistently in anything anywhere). You should be in or out depending on whether you believe in the value proposition or not. It was because I believed in it that I held despite being underwater for 18 months after initially buying.
  7. Short term price action (and by short term I mean less than 2 to 3 years) has no baring on bitcoins long term prospects. This is what you fail to grasp, you are trying to interpret noise as signal.
  8. Every day that bitcoin exists and flourishes weakens all those arguments.
  9. Have fun staying poor. Seriously though 2017 just called and wants all its trite anti-bitcoin arguments back.
  10. Not going to happen, the US is quite happy for its citizens and business to own the lions share of a global gold replacement.
  11. Dugbody likes to try to look cool with his I-dont-really-believe-in-bitcoin sheek.
  12. Thats like saying someone got rich by buying a lottery ticket and so therefore lottery tickets are a good general investment. However just like lottery tickets, for every rich alt speculator there's a million people who lost money. A concept you seem unable to grasp is that of risk adjusted return i.e. taking the most asymetric bet, which is and always has been bitcoin.
  13. No, its pointless to use crypto/blockchain for such things because Byzantine Fault Tolerance is not needed. There is only one concept you need to understand: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byzantine_fault "One example of BFT in use is bitcoin, a peer-to-peer digital cash system.[29] The bitcoin network works in parallel to generate a blockchain with proof-of-work allowing the system to overcome Byzantine failures and reach a coherent global view of the system's state" 99.999% of the worlds IT systems dont need BFT including shared databases for things like logistics tracking.
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