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  1. In a nutshell the current payment rails are expensive because the system is debt/credit based and so each party involved needs to contribute to the cost of insuring and settling the debt. Lightning OTOH has all transfers fully funded from positive balances of funds and this is workable because, as @dugsbodymentions, most people just want to hoard bitcoin and some proportion of those hoarded funds will be put to work essentially earning a yield in the lightning network. So essentially it will work for the exact reason that @dugsbodythinks it wont.
  2. You do know that Ukraine received about $100 million in crypto donations right ? and that the early donations meant that they were able to buy supplies like ammo and body armour several days earlier than they would otherwise have since there was no banking delay (the suppliers accepted the cypto as payment directly).
  3. Maybe it will have its day but ultimately its just fiat which is at the end of its lifecycle as a concept and has no investment potential.
  4. CBDCs - yawn, its like getting excited about compuserve when the internet was just kicking off.
  5. The obvious move for the US is tacit bitcoin adoption since Americans own the majority of it (unlike gold for instance). It would ensure that America (or at least its citizens) retains control over the dominant store of wealth and de facto reserve currency for the world. To start with they have to operate a plausible deniability stance "were not sure we like this bitcoin thing" so as not to tank the dollar but as time passes they can relax and more to overt encouragement. We will probably see a trickle of US states officially adopt bitcoin as tender over the next decade.
  6. Clearly Russians havnt been listening to @Warlord's mate.
  7. -- another dulicate (this site is but ******ed up up at the moment)
  8. Its not much of a example if it doesn't even have theoretical feasibility. I mean what are they going to do - ban random number generators ?.
  9. The wallets address is not set when shipped, the owner triggers its generation, plus the owner can generate their own address separately and import it into the wallet. It honestly embarrassing how little you understand the mechanisms involved.
  10. Good old Longgone, falling back to the classics like "they wont let it happen".
  11. No, because there is no answer that you are intelligent enough to understand.
  12. Being sold for more fiat later IS the main use case, as is also the case for gold or indeed anything with a limited supply ... and yes this is sustainable because the supply of fiat will never stop growing.
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