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  1. Whatever the free market settles on is the "necessary" profit. Excess, as in economic rent level profits, means where an artificial supply limit is exploited (e.g. planning regulation for land). Interest payments are not economic rents. Stock dividends are not economic rents. Tool and car hire payments are not economic rents. Domestic property rent *is* an economic rent because supply is artificially constrained.
  2. Well get a financial education then and go bore some other saps on some other thread with your ignorance. 10 seconds of googling ... "Economic rent is an amount of money earned that exceeds that which is economically or socially necessary. "
  3. Passive income is not the same things as economic rent (AKA rentier activity).
  4. Hes just blatantly trolling, I'm replying in kind. A zero effort post will get a zero effort response.
  5. Trend analysis for salty nocoiner shitposters finances doesnt look good either.
  6. SEC commissioner Hester Peirce voted in favour of allowing the previous ETF application: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hester_Peirce
  7. Its what tempers my regret at not buying earlier/more bitcoin, most likely I would have been tempted to cash out at least some of it previous bull markets. But he was honestly nuts not to keep say 10% of it just in case, no way would I have cashed out every last bitcoin (and no way will do so in the future).
  8. Am I worried that the US going is going to intervene to stop heavyweight players in the finance industry such as Fidelity, Paypal, BAKKT, Chicago Mercantile Exchange dealing in bitcoin ? no.
  9. When I first bought bitcoin the price doubled in the three days it took me to get money onto an exchange.
  10. You could try binance, they are the biggest non US/Euro exchange and based in malta. I'm pretty sure they will take anyone although they are of course totally unregulated.
  11. You can also use the eclair wallet, it runs SPV though so not a full bitcoin node (which you dont really want on your phone). https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.acinq.eclair.wallet.mainnet2&hl=en_GB&gl=US You can spend BTC over lightning just by scanning QR codes.
  12. Its not lack of knowledge, its deliberate FUD arising from jealously or bitterness. I'm done with giving such twats the benefit of the doubt.
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