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  1. Edited to note that I'd attempted to calculate a cube size for 100Kg based on faulty info from Wikipedia. Using figures from here I now agree on 17cm per side.
  2. I too am a resident of Great Horton. The centre of Bradford isn't monocultural. There are now increasing numbers of Arabs, Africans, Chinese and Europeans in addition to the ubiquitous Bradford Pakistanis. Oh yes, there's a few white English too. I don't know what anybody who bought at Lister's Mill thought they were doing. At the time these were being marketed a friend bought a perfectly solid rear back to back 3 bedroom terrace just a few minutes walk away and a minutes walk from Lister Park. It has a secluded garden and was reasonably modernised. This at half the price of the cheapest 1 bed at the Mill and without the service charges. It was clear from the outset that Lister's Mill was future social housing material. For those who don't know the area Lister's Mill is a huge imposing former wool mill whose chimney dominates the landscape for miles around. There's a fantastic park nearby and a pleasant wood. Heaton also boasts some very nice detached houses for the big wigs of the wool trade. These jewels are set in a ghettoised wasteland of Yorkshire stone and decay, home to the poor, down trodden and disposessed, the junkies, the criminal and the victimised. A recent photo of the mill, showing the bizarre pods they added to the roof. You can also see how it dominates the landscape. Last phases haven't been completed. How about the stunning views eh? This is a recent photo and not taken before people moved in. Edited for punctuation.
  3. It's normally palm oil that's the solid oil used in chippies. It has indeed increased dramatically in price in recent years. Dripping has gone up a lot too. Here's the five year cost of palm oil chart from indexmundi (As an aside do any chartists think a massive fall in price is due again? I might start shorting palm oil .) I would suggest a full oil change every fortnight is on the low side though. http://www.enforbusiness.com/feature/fish-and-chip-shop
  4. Alternatively you can enter 'Fears of a new 'Flash Crash' into Google and find the link to the paywall article at the top of the list. HAM is generally pretty good at providing the headline. Now, does anybody know of a site that posts all the headlines for paywall publications? That would be very handy.
  5. Possibly a smart move by your neighbour. If that £15000 offer were to take their savings over £16000 there's all sorts of benefits they could no longer claim.
  6. Damn, that's a shame. You didn't get to BTFD. Still if it wasn't a bank holiday weekend I'm not sure the dip would have arrived just when it did. I've generally found it takes 3 or 4 days for funds to arrive in my BV account.., though I generally use BACS.
  7. Yes, I've used BullionVault for just over a year with no problems. Charges seem good, trades can be made at any time. They publish audited list of bars so I trust that their custody fees are for metal they actually do have custody of. I found the account easy enough to set up even with my poor array of proof of ID. Even if they get hacked, your BullionVailt account can only pay funds into your nominated account. I really like it, though I haven't used GoldMoney or any other similar service so can't compare.
  8. I've been thinking for some time we needed a new term to define the state the Western world is in. A genuine new term this time, I propose 'receeding economy'. A receeding economy being the opposite of an emerging economy.
  9. Crisis averted. 4.00am World Service news just said an agreement has been reached.
  10. In order to drag the poor up, we need to find the money from somewhere. The dead rich are an obvious and easy target. At present a responsible couple that haven't overbred and have 2 kids can (without recourse to smart planning arrangements) leave £325,000 to each of these rich kids, free of tax. A person who gets to inherit nothing from parents and who works 40 hours per week at £5.93ph (NMW) nets £10,749.39 pa in 2011/12. This will go up slightly with the raise in NMW to come into effect in October 2011. It would take the poor parented MNW worker a day or two short of 30 years and 3 months to net the income a rich kid can get tax free. In that time they would have paid £47,921 in income tax and 'ees NI. This hardly seems like a fair system.
  11. Not this John Henry then? This just seemed like a nice opportunity to thank the regular contributors to this thread for their insight, good links, entertaining banter and generally good taste in music. Cheers folk. Enjoy the tune.
  12. As was mentioned a post or 2 up, it's not quite a done deal. From the Bloomberg article:- 'the only remaining issue was Republicans’ insistence on canceling funding for the women’s health provider Planned Parenthood, which offers abortions among its services.' The Tea Partyers won't want that spending and may dig their heels in over the weekend. As a Zerohedge article suggested a few days ago (sorry, no link) don't be surprised to see non essential Government operations shut over the weekend, but be back working by Monday morning. ie. Not really much of a shutdown at all. Given how thte US dollar has been massacred today in forex trading and the relatively trivial sums of money being fought over, both parties will want to get this sorted after a brief show of muscular posturing.
  13. For what little good will come of it I've sent the following letter to my MP Dear Mr Singh I have just signed Shelter's campaign to evict rogue landlords. I understand that there is a landlord accreditation scheme operating in Bradford and was hoping that you could provide me with some more information on it's operation. In particular how many staff does the scheme employ and what are it's powers? Are they any estimates for the level of landlord compliance/non compliance with the register? Is the register easily available and could you provide me with a recent copy? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. A few years ago I used the 'HMO unit' based at Shipley town hall. Whilst they compelled my ex landlord to carry out substantial remedial work on the property, it seemed that despite them having dealt with his properties on previous occasions, they were not resourced to check land registry records and follow up with a check on all his properties. I have lived in rented property around the University ward area for over 20 years. Shoddy practice is rife and getting worse in the area. The recent influx of immigrants and overseas students who have little knowledge of housing law and standards seem to be particularly open to abuse. In particular I would highlight issues such as landlords not using the deposit protection scheme and withholding deposits, evicting at short notice, not carrying out repairs in a timely manner, not getting gas safety certificates. not declaring the rental status of the property to mortgage providers, not declaring rental income for tax purposes etc. As the number of people living in the private rented sector grows, I believe there should be a national system in place so that landlords can demonstrate their commitment to providing quality homes and tenants can check to make sure that their landlord is reputable. Being an MP for some of the worst slum rental areas in the country I'd also like to ask you to support Shelter's campaign for standard schemes across the country. Please sign the petition and raisie this issue in Parliament on behalf of your constituents. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, LeeT Sign Shelter's petition here: http://shltr.org.uk/15n Info on Council's HMO register here http://www.bradford.gov.uk/bmdc/housing/houses_in_multiple_occupation/register_of_hmo_licences It's a very heavy edit of the stock Shelter campaign letter. I'm not holding my breath for action though. I've felt for a while that a properly funded inspection regime could be cost effective (at least round here). Punitive fines, higher tax revenues on rental income, higher interest charges on mortgages held by nationaliseed banks should all mount up. Bad landlords will end up selling up thus reducing house prices. The only down side seems to be that restricted rental supply may drive up rental prices.
  14. Buy end of day lemons (last I got were 35p for 3) slice and freeze. 10 seconds in a domestic microwave will have a slice defrosted. They're not quite as good as fresh but are a damned site better than bottled lemon. Similarly I buy and freeze end of day supermarket herbs. My best money saving advice is to save on the cost of child related expenses through the use of condoms (free from your local GUM clinic). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s0Y_COunB8
  15. If graduates are to face a more onerous student loan debt burden, that should leave less available to repay mortgages, reducing the demand for and hence the price of houses. Unfortunately it'll take a while for this effect to feed through into house prices though. If it's anticipated that so many females won't earn enough to repay student loans, it implies they won't earn enough to repay a mortgage either, at least without a substantial house price correction. As for dodging the loan, I have no advice. I repaid mine when I realised that the interest rate on my loan was more than I was getting from the bank. Stupid really because I suspect mine would have been written off by now and I've never been paid close to the income threshold for repayment.
  16. The people I know are mostly working class, blue collar and the unemployed. I think they've always been somewhat downtrodden and the current curbing of their finances marks a return to normality after a few years abnormal largesse during the feel good Blair/Brown years. They can see the social problems but haven't begun to join the dots to get a clearer view of what's going on. Their cars are more expensive to fill up with petrol, they blame that on the revolting Arabs. Their jobs are threatened, they blame this on the immigrants stealing them. Their public services are being cut, that's the fault of coalition government. Their food is more expensive, that's because Tesco's are greedy and keep putting the prices up. Their kids face paying higher student fees, that's because Tory toffs only want rich kids to get an education. All the shops in town are closed, blame it on the numpty Council and their crazy regeneration schemes. Etc, etc. There's the soma of X Factor and football to keep them from fretting too much anyway.The only financial news that seems to mean anything to many people is how much beer, wine and fags went up in the budget and how much the rollover lottery jackpot is this week. Perhaps it's the 'squeezed middle' I keep hearing so much about that are having their lifestyles and aspirations hurt and are getting smart enough to suss out why it's happening.
  17. I've just come to the end of a one year deal on my Santander current account which was paying 6% on balances up to £2500. (Actually I have 2 of these accounts as I opened one with Alliance & Leicester too before they merged their systems but that's another story). On Monday I visited my branch as the interest rate was about to plummet. Santander still has a 5% gross on balances up to £2500, 0.1% for amount over £2500 for 12 months current account which they call 'Zero'. It has a funding requirement of £1000 pcm and you must have held an investment product with Santander for 3 months to be eligible. What I did was to 'invest' £1 into their 'Santander Stockmarket Bond Issue 6'. In 3 months time my current accounts will be automatically upgraded to the Zero and I'll start getting my 5%. For the next 3 months I've drawn my balances down to minimum needed to meet the standing order funding requirements. They were reluctant (to put it mildly) to let me open the Stockmarket Bond with £1, I pointed out that their Term Sheet says investment of £1 to £2m are permitted and besides, if I can't open one I close both my current accounts and they lose all my business. My account manager person went off to speak with the branch manager about this matter and they finally relented. It may have been mentioned above but Santander have Base Rate plus 2.8% Cash ISA (no transfer in) which may be a simpler alternative.
  18. Is it a reference to fans Leonard Rossiter who played slum landlord Mr Rigsy from Rising Damp? A great programme, I'm interocitor too. I wouldn't want Rigsby as a landlord though. Not what you were referring to? I'll have to Google it then.
  19. At the moment there seems to be some acceptance that spending cuts are needed to reduce the defecit. Rather than defecit reduction though, public sector austerity savings will be spent on bailouts and QE2. Then we might see some protests. I'm sure they'll be good natured peaceful demo's though. Nobody will risk getting arrested if it means a night in a cell missing X Factor.
  20. I've not seen an Equity IQ article posted on here yet. I heard an article about this on Money Box on Radio 4. There's a thread on moneysavingexpert about it which provides the best explanation I can find. I can't find EquityIQ's web site. It promises a risk free 2.5% return on the value of mortgage free property. Here's what MSE poster Penfold12 says about it using an example £400k property. If it sounds too good to be true and all that. Anybody reckon the taxpayer will end up bailing out greedy home owners when these blow up? Can Insurance Co's really seriously underwrite business against assets that evaporate with the turn of an Escrow key when the shit hits the fan?
  21. What a farce. This family have been thrust deeper into the poverty trap as they now have two sets of bills to find if they return to work. What a short sighted decision by the council. They could have been put here.There would be fewer snotty neighbours to offend there too. Hell, they even get a swimming pool so the kids don't go unwashed.
  22. Halifax pay me £5 net pcm but zero interest on a current account. I also have 2 Santander current accounts (formerly Abbey and A&L) which pay 6% on the first £2500. All 3 accounts have funding requirements so i need another £1000 to cycle between the accounts to meet this requirement. That means my £6000 nets 5% (6.25% gross equiv). £5000 NS&I 3 year Index Linked opened Feb 2010. and £7500 NS&I 3% fix 1 yr cash ISA
  23. Beautiful. Didn't the Supertram cost £250m back in 2005. It's too late to stop it now the trams are running of course.
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