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  1. Have Labour said anything about the level of rent caps lately? The last I heard was the Diane Abbot idea of levying 50% taxes on rents in excess of 50% of annual council tax per month, but that was 5 years ago. Rent caps and passing the bill to landlords might curtail the ability of landlords to pass on costs of the "new progressive council tax" to tenants if that would exceed the rent cap.
  2. Quantity demanded will fall but not necessarily total expenditure on imports. Eg If quantity imported falls 8% but prices rise 10% we spend 1.2% more on imports (0.92 * 1.10 = 1.012)
  3. See pages 57 and 60 for the OBR's depressing comparison of forecast disposable household income against house price inflation up to 2020. http://cdn.budgetresponsibility.independent.gov.uk/July-2015-EFO-234224.pdf
  4. You're missing David's point there though, "There are those who think it’s unfair on private renters, who don’t get these discounts. But we’re offering them help through schemes such as shared ownership and Help to Buy." See, by borrowing taxpayer backed loans and using increased leverage anybody can be a debt burdened home-owner. That said, I'm still trying to figure out how a massive discount on market price equates to the option to compete against the added demand and increased prices created by H2B.
  5. Selected quotes from Conservative party Facebook page article by David Cameron below "Of course, there will be opponents of much of the above. We are determined to take them on." "First, the opponents of Right to Buy..........We’re proud that it’s the Conservatives who are giving them some hope, and if anyone wants to argue with us on that, we say bring it on." ---------- "At a time of uncertainty abroad, here at home we will be delivering a budget next week with economic stability at its heart, offering security for working people. Encouraging home ownership is central to that. Having y
  6. Cheers for the link Spyguy. The view from FTAlphaville http://ftalphaville.ft.com/2015/06/08/2131096/banks-businesses-or-the-bust-deeper-into-the-uk-productivity-puzzle/
  7. OK, tell me more. Do they use some kind of shadow pricing and see what an "equivalent" worker would contribute to productivity in the private sector? I did get the feeling that we were being taught a simple version of this in my economics courses at uni.
  8. I agree with just about all of the above. Just thought I'd add another couple of factors. People acquire skills over time. The baby boomers entering retirement are also retiring their highly productive skills to be replaced by young immigrants who, despite often having degrees find themselves working in low productivity employment. Arguably as more of these oldies retire the services they demand are geared to the personal services side of things and will weigh of future productivity too. As far as I'm aware the productivity of the public sector is measured by their wages as there isn't a mar
  9. What a brilliant scheme. Use of leverage on say a 10% deposit will make the extra £3000 but £30,000 worth of house.
  10. Yup, it's all about managing the expectations channel, not about changing policy in the run up to a vital election.
  11. Another thing I've always let landlords be aware of that I have a list of up to 20 properties that I'm considering. Realistically I'll only give up to 3 a second visit to haggle over and go for the best. There is lots of rentals round here. Make them feel like it's a renters market. Also, as this is a student area I try to time moves just into the start of the academic year and emphasize that if the rental doesn't go to me there's a good chance of a long void. The influx of immigrants has made this less realistic than it used to be but it's worth a try.
  12. I feed at the bottom end of the market with amateur landlords who are most unlikely to pay tax etc and I have become very good over the years. When a weekly rent has been advertised I've been able to exploit the common assumption that there are 4 weeks in a month to get a discount. Me '£100 per week, 4 weeks per month, hmm, so that's £400 per month then?' Lld 'Erm, yes.' Then negotiate that down to say £375. Pull out a roll of notes and suggest £350 per month if you pay 3 months in advance straight away. The sight of a lump of hard cash is sometimes enough to clinch a final discount. I w
  13. Yes, I spotted that on their Facebook page and got as far as seeing they wanted an email address and backed away.
  14. I'd just spotted this one and thought I'd throw it in as a point of interest. 'Apple ended quarter (Q2 2014) with $156 billion in cash.' http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/04/23/notes-of-interest-from-apples-q2-2014-conference-call
  15. On the bright side at least we can now buy up all the Romanian farmland. http://www.eubusiness.com/news-eu/romania-agriculture.rkj
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