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  1. The chances are she'll have many memories and be reluctant to let the house go deep down, unless she feels another house is right for her. Be gentle, and keep your hand in there, as you say, helping with the gardening, this can lead to cups of tea, and long chats... this is where you'll make the break through and not by calling her bluff or dealing with kn*b he*d EA's. This is a old lady here, she wont be out to waste your time, or I doubt will really be sure of all this hype about house prices. And even more so, she could be looking for something to replace what she is selling to you, and do
  2. Hi there, thanks for the replies. I thought Id post this update as it might help others in a situation like this. We found out today that it's called a "Floating lease" Nothing to worry about, as no party can buy the leasehold, it's held between you both.
  3. Hello People, finally we've settled for a nice house (this is a Forever house, no more moving, renting etc) There is one thing I think we need to learn more about however, I was hoping some of you guys might be able to advise before we push with the mortgage company for a survey. The house is a typical victorian place, but two rooms upstairs (bathroom and a bedroom) overhang over next doors bottom two rooms if you see what I mean, almost in a ZigZag fashion, the vendor said that it was leasehold.. but the rest of the property is freehold. My husband thought no more about it, until he joke
  4. "I mean I viewed 2 housess this week and both already have offers >10% above rateable value." They're fools then.
  5. Just an update, we sold our house last year after a terrible time of two chains falling through. Three estate agents wouldnt take it on as it had no curb appeal (we had a 4 bed detached, garage, etc) and said their books were overflowing... in other words unless we sold our home for way under the market value, it wouldnt budge. We are very realistic and have moved plenty of times in the past.. so we did actually want the value and nothing more, even at this we'd lost nearly 30 grand! (yep we bought in bubble) We finally found a EA who placed our property on the books for just under the value
  6. pablopatito, I agree with the Pay slips issue, we've never in ten years of buying been asked for this from a EA...
  7. "Among those who took part was Sophie, who lives in Nottingham with her husband and three children. When the recession was at its worst, she spent 60% of their £507 weekly income on debt repayment and a mortgage. Another £159 went to bills, including council tax, water, food and bank charges. Spending £55 on Christmas sent the family further into debt." Wow £507 a week... is a good weekly figure (in my eyes), I cant see why they had to borrow and take loans in the first place. Why not just live by your means? Most of these families dont know what being hard up is!!
  8. We had a few of these kind of requests and promptly used them to clean up the cat poo in the garden.. Id love to ring the guy actually in your case, but only if you're having a bored hour or so.
  9. Just a quick post from Harrogate. I have lived here for over 23 years, prices are high, still too high even after the so called price dip. I wanted to say that over the last few weeks EA boards are on the up, I drive to and from work daily and pass at least one every few hundred yards or so. What cheered me up was the clear reduction in many homes that have been stuck on the market for 8 months or so. Still over priced Id say but hey, we're seeing a positive shift for the first time buyers where figures are concerned. I do not really care for speculation, although I do enjoy reading this foru
  10. Who is it that puts the price on the house? Is it the EA's? A bit like the chicken and the egg..
  11. I understand your reason for posting this, we too have been in this position in the past. Mind you the last time it happened we were selling our house while buying, if you know what I mean, in a chain, so they wanted to know everything up front mortgage wise before passing any offer onto a vender. I hate EA's with a passion... and dont hold much trust in them, but they are after all acting on the behalf of the seller, the more they know about you, the better they can handle the sale, so they say
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