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  1. I'm in the North West and I have been watching this Angela Eagle rumpus in particular the local press. The comments sections tell me that she is finished almost 10k have signed the petition against her. There is a lot of feeling it seems that Tony B liar has his paws all over this so called coup. Wonder why? Chilcot maybe? If the CLP don't jump on this and quick I can see a good amount of seats in this neck of the woods going to UKIP or others, everyone is just sick of this Tory lite Labour party the Blairites must now go.
  2. 17 years they have been laughing at him because they believed that we would never leave. Surly you can understand why he felt he needed to address them the way he did. I wish Nigel Farage would get back over here and get some air time telling Coco the clown, Gove, and IDS to get on with it the people have spoken.
  3. Only a hunch something along these lines, vote down last Thursdays result but but but we are going to have a GE so you can really decide if you want to leave, UKIP says if we win we will Brexit and gain a few seats others say they will renegotiate no clear winner then they ******** us along for 12/18 months everyone moans for a while then forget. I'm a firm leaver but with every hour that passes I am becoming more anxious that this simply is'nt going to happen. No one is fighting our corner the only person speaking is Nigel and as I've pointed out to a couple of people today he is not even
  4. Talk to remainers long enough and their VI usually crops up I find. Most seem to believe their job depends on being in the eu i'm finding. Or in a lot of cases their parents jobs.
  5. +1 If they try to piss about with this alot of Northern seats will go to UKIP. The people were asked to speak, we have spoken so they better get on with it asap. In my opinion every politician who stood for remain should resign today.
  6. Pity the BBC would'nt run this.... I'm fearing the worse folks, history it seems does repeat.
  7. Did George not know that we would need to increase taxes and cut spending if we leave when his pal said we were going to vote? This country is fookd the media should be ripin him a new one right now.
  8. Spot on. They are running out of time the bankers will pull the pin at some point that's the only thing that will sort this the people are hooked.
  9. +1 Was only discussing this last night. In the final analysis we the people are the problem, until/if we revolt we are stuck with these lunatics, we have no system to get rid of them. Please don't someone say we could vote them out, because we can't.
  10. +1 "Thick as sh1t" just does'nt cover it.
  11. Sad is'nt it, almost a private club this site now same few posters talking about the same stuff day in day out. If your point does'nt match theirs your either a troll or they pull you up on your grammar pmsl. Take no notice I was interested because the same thing has happened close to me and that's over 200 miles from your location. HPC I want it, but no sure I'm going to get it.
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