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    Hee hee. What do I spot on the ESPC http://www.espc.com/buying/297141.html Same house "Offers Around" 600k My post was dated 20th March 2008 at which point they were trying to get 735k for it!! So maybe asking prices really are down?? Not very scientific though, though as offers around really means they will get less than 600 might be a real drop from the one that went from 645 up the road.
  2. and while i am at it: GIlt Yields Fall to Historic Lows: http://citywire.co.uk/money/gilt-yields-drop-to-historic-low-and-falling/a443026 Doesnt exactly look like we have an emergency?! Do we need to be at historic lows? Why cant it be a bit higher?! Looks like DC and co doing all to protect their high roller mates: Phillip Green evaded £300 million of tax by legitimate income splitting with his wife who is a non dom, and then DC gets him to do a government review on waste??!! Meanwhile for small businesses Capital Allowances are cut (AIA down to £25k in 2012), welfare down and mid income people lose their child benefit?! Looks whiffy to me!
  3. Not that HPC related but someone on here will know! What I am interested in is whether all the rhetoric about the UK credit rating is true or just politically motivated by the condems. So what I want is a graph of say a 10 year government gilt and its yield over say the last 50 years. Then if the yield has gone up massively over the last period I will agree we have a problem, but if not then whats all the fuss about?! This: http://www.ukpublicspending.co.uk/uk_20th_century_chart.html is interesting as shows that historically public spending vs GDP has always gone up and down. Before I get shouted down by the ultra small government people on here seems obvious it needs to be trimmed back, but is it really an emergency?! And while I'm at it if i hear DC, GO or NC say we are all in it together one more time I am going to do something rash (like write a letter of compaint!!) as they certainly are not going to feel the pinch personally!!
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    No students. Not even in the catchment of the "sought after" schools! Also an even longer walk to the shops than greenbank bungalow city where we live!
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    Just to add my pennies worth!! We are in the opposite situation. Lived in London in flats, Brixton, Tower Bridge, Camden etc, indeed my wife who is from camden only live in a house for 1 year before she was 35! Moved to edinburgh 5 years ago, looked in marchmont at flats, some huge ones, and suddenly my wife said she wanted a house! Not only that but we rented a few old terraces in morningside and she said she didnt want one of those as the rrofs all leak! So of course we are now happily in a bungalow in greenbank! Pokey rooms - yes, old neighbours - yes, but really the fact I can walk to Princes Street in about 45 minutes means the argument about not being in town in edinburgh is a bit redundant, in London it used to take me 20 minutes to walk to the tube station in Brixton from Brixton if you see what I mean! The kids love the garden and I have to say the lack of shared maintenance issues is a blessing. After having been involved in a new build NHBC claim in london, residents meetings etc etc I can live without it! Also my wife suffered from a couple of years when growing up with a downstairs neighbour playing music all night and we had a noise problem (evangelical church!) latterly in London. So horses for course, glad you like your flat!
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    hmmmmmmm been observing this thread for a while but not much to comment on as we bought in greenbank in 2009. however i am now compelled to comment (as i have had a couple of beers and i feel paternal to this thread as i started it!) i think the idea that a large percenrage of kidsfrom south morningside go to private school is not true. my kids go there and i would think the percentage will be no more than 10-15% by p7. the other strange argument is the contrast between bruntsfield and morningside. having lived in brixton before moving up here i can safely say they both offer a fantastic quality of life but are as boring as ******** in terms of a real city experience! anyway more to contribute when I'm not typing on my crappy touchphone!
  7. I wouldn't laugh this: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=109+greenbank+road+edinburgh&sll=51.479726,-0.292339&sspn=0.015609,0.028453&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=109+Greenbank+Rd,+Edinburgh+EH10+5RS,+United+Kingdom&ll=55.914365,-3.221698&spn=0,0.014226&t=h&z=16&layer=c&cbll=55.914466,-3.221739&panoid=lUf82Da_dhx2kFPF4mM3mQ&cbp=12,68.16,,0,6.97 Has just gone for £580k!! It is extended but really is a ridiculous price when unextended ones still go for less than £400k (which is still ridiculous!). 109 Greenbank Road, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH10 5RS £580,585 Application No: 10MID09646 Title No: MID126230 Application Type: DW Deed Codes: 11 Application Date 07-May-2010 Map (EH10 5RS) Full Details
  8. Was it on paper after October 31st??
  9. Really MH you should set yourself up as a Phil Spencer kind of property finder for Marchmont and charge all these people paying ridiculaous prices an extra 10k for your wisdom! You are a font of knowledge. I hope you have all these figures recorded somewhere! On the prices it will be interesting to see if the prices go back down if and when the supply starts to go up. I remember driving down Marchmont Crescent about 18 months ago(?) to see a sea of for sale signs. It now looks that our decision to buy earlier this year was in the "temporary bottom"! Genius! (not!!) I fear however that 2010 is going to be grim generally for the economy!!
  10. Very true. We need volunteers: Take the actual sale price of the flats that have sold (which unfortunately we wont find out for 6 months until they are on the land registry!) Find previous sale prices. Compare to published % rises or falls. Comment!!! Come on MH you know you want to do this!! An official MH Marchmont House Price Index, factoring in type of flat etc etc!!
  11. This one back on again: 47 Comiston Drive, EDINBURGH, EH10 5QS Terraced House, Offers Around £600,000, Reference: 282114 http://www.espc.com/Buying/282114.html Developer bought for 485 in 2007, been trying to shift it on and off ever since!
  12. I was just bowsing this old thread and here is the answer. Crash what crash!! 81 Comiston Drive, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH10 5QT £631,581 Application No: 09MID12123 Title No: MID49615 Application Type: DW Deed Codes: 11 20 1 Application Date 03-Jun-2009 Map (EH10 5QT) Full Details
  13. Where is Muswell Hillbilly to comment on this................... Come on MH, is this good value?? Or are you buying it??!!
  14. Keep the faith!! Listen to the Bubb/Fred Harrison podcast posted on the front page. Seems to be quite a few people saying this is a suckers rally. Combination of rising unemployment, rising interest rates, falling rents and huge debt overhangs both in personal terms and government all add together to paint a pretty gloomy picture over the next coupl eof years. Edinburgh is not immune to any of those things. Only bullish point I got was that as the pound tanks it gets cheaper for people coming from overseas to buy. 2011 and on. Only 2 years to go!!
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    ccc, keep up the good work, a one man campaign though it would seem!! Its all gone quiet in the Scotland subforum recently. Must b peopl eare losuing th ewill to wait. Maybe stagnation fo r10 years is whats going to happen. Or are prices dropping but the stats dont show it up as its too slow??
  16. Looked a lot nice when we looked at it!! Students been living in it since!! Whats the student rent per person? Rental yield? 5 students!
  17. I looked at this flat when it was on sale the last time. It is nearly 2000 sq feet i think. Grotty garden and opposite gillespies so probably have teenagers smoking in the front garden. However its a great flat! We bought a bungalow in greenbank, great garden but tiny inside in comparison!
  18. And............................. Its only about 200m from Fred the Shred's place!! So if you want to hobnob with people like him its a bargain!!
  19. Thought I'd revive this thread for a laugh: http://www.espc.com/Buying/277062.html 102 Comiston Drive, Edinburgh, EH10 5QU Terraced House, Offers Over £580,000, Reference: 277062 These were going for 650 at the peak. Going for 450 within the last 5 years. So where is the market now??!!
  20. http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/static/ed...standard_12.stm Out of date league tables. Abolished them after this!! Ian Rankins kids go to Boroughmuir so must be OK!!
  21. Good advice from ccc. Having been in the same situation 5 years ago from London we took a different tack which is the South West of the city. Its a breeze compared to London. Identify a house, ring the council, actually they appear to have new maps: http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/internet/learn...hment_area_maps Identify the secondary school you want first. Then job's a goodun! If you dont mind slightly scruffy but good secondary schools, Boroughmuir and Gillespies I believe are both pretty good. Between those 2 its a choice of living in a flat (gillespies) or a house (Boroughmuir). We plumped for South Morningside and the primary is big but excellent apart from all the people who use it as a free training ground for the private schools a bit later. I think all the feeder primaries for these 2 are pretty good. Choice seems to be a flat - marchmont (muswell hillbilly the expert!), terrace in Morningside - expensive, or bungalow or newish in greenbank or buckstone, a bit cheaper but still hilariously overpriced (I should know I just bought one!!). Then again you could ring Fred the Shred and offer him for his empty house in the Grange which is in the catchment for Gillespies Primary and Secondary I think. This all just proves that the school system is completely unfair, if you can afford to buy your way into these areas you can access good education, and obviously if you pay more can access private education!
  22. Well done! We just bought too but I am looking forward to moving in to our house soon! Only consolation for us is that we avoided the peak by a bit! Still in a coupl eof years when the prices have halved will be cheaper to trade up!
  23. I dont think it was you anyone was commenting about. Feel free to post as much as you like, its Mr C who is a bore! Your observations are as good as anyone elses! As a Morningside propert obsessive I would say that the Spring bounce is particularly fearsome in this area. Prices are definitely falling slowly but there are a lot of people in cloud cuckoo land. One problem is that there are not many forced sellers so actually not much has sold at all for ages, thus what the market price is is anyone guess. Craiglea Drive is "sought after"!! Will be interesting to see if someone will pay £425k for a ground floor flat!
  24. Crikey I hadnt noticed the extent to which Mr Crutchster had hijacked the Scotland subforum that a few of us used to call our own!! Get posting bears!!
  25. Very nice. You know I dont hink that monthly data used to be on there, just the quarterly reports. But maybe I just need stronger glasses!! There will be a bit of an uptick the next couple of months before the downward trend resumes. Will be interesting to see how far it goes! Shame there is no data before 2003.
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