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  1. Do you think house prices will fall significantly over the next few years? http://www.moneyfacts.co.uk/menus/main/menu_mortgages.htm 79% say no, 21% say yes Think we still have some way to go to spread the message!!
  2. OK, last month was 0.2% up bringing the YoY down to 2.6%. What figure this month would take the YoY negative?? I assume you need to minus off a 1/12 of the % for last August which is just about to disappear from the figures?? Any ideas??
  3. No mention on here I think, or in the press. http://www.ros.gov.uk/pdfs/2005_08_release.pdf Up 2% on quarter, hopefully as this is the April-June peak season means the next figures should be pretty bad?
  4. Anyone know the email for the BBC business editor. I will add to the complaints of biased reporting as no report of Scotland house prices falling 2.4% in last quarter!!
  5. RET England and Wales is seperate to Scotland, different Land Registry so I think they publish at slightly different times
  6. Hmmmm I read that too but I think thats wrong, from looking at the Scottish Land Registry the figures for April-June are imminent so I think that these are probably those as they have only just changed, unless it takes the BBC from the end of May to update their site (when the Jan-March figures were released).
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/in_d.../region12.stm?q New figures today I think?? Does anyone know where the BBC get these figures from?? Scottish borders down 14.5% in last quarter Dumfries and Galloway down 11.9% etc etc
  8. .......... and I just moved from Epsom (voted number 1 place to live in the UK) to Edinburgh (not mentioned!!). Anyway I can vouch for the fact that Edinburgh is miles better, Epsom is DULL, no culture, full of office blocks and traffic (and I grew up there so might be biased!!). Edinburgh is beautiful, good schools for the kids and I can get into the city centre in 10 mins one way and to the hills 10 minutes the other way. No Contest!! (and when the prices crash might even be able to afford a house!!).
  9. Hi I've tried looking at the annual HPI figures to work out in which month they will go negative assuming that the large monthly figure from last year is replaced by a small or negative monthly figure from this year. Unfortunately I'm not clever enough to work this out!! So any ideas, ie if Nationwide monthly is -.5% for August does that mean the annual figure will go -ve?? Has anyone figured out an easy way of presenting this?? Cheers R
  10. Here's one for you to have a laugh at: http://www.espc.co.uk/property_catalogue/s...02-D5352E45F53D On for £575k fixed price, been on for at least 2 months. Sold according to nethouseprices £535k 15th January 2004. So seems like at that end of the market at least the idea that prices are up 10-15% over the last year seems not true. Maybe that why the ESPC took off the 3 and 4 bed suburban property classifications?
  11. About 4 months ago we offered £15000 under the FP on a £360000 property in Greenbank which was accepted, however after a building survey the amount of work to do was prohibitive so we pulled out. Property no back on FP £340000!! We're renting now luckily. So a couple of points: You can offer under the Fixed Price The Scottish system is becoming more like the English one Prices are definitely going down in the Morningside, Greenbank areas.
  12. I sold a flat at the end of last November, price only came up about a month ago!!
  13. Anyone know why the ESPC haven't posted their quarterley report yet?? When does it usually come out? Cheers Rob
  14. DBT Been followingyour posts with interest. Excellent stuff!! One question? Have you figured out a good way of exporting data from the ESPC website (where I assume you get your stats from)? Cheers Rob
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