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  1. And on another note I am glad that CCC recognises my major achievement in life so far which is starting a thread in the Scotland subforum that has been running for 5 years, has 3232 replies and 272,000 views. If only the rest of my life was as successful!!
  2. Well glad to see this generated some interest. One thing I forgot to add to my list which some other people pointed out is the climate!! I have already moved from London to Edinburgh which is a big improvement - just fantasising about making it even better! The climate and daylight hours up here leave something to be desired. I think the best solution is Edinburgh with 4 months somewhere further South every winter. Now just have to persuade the wife that while she toils away I am going to be away getting some sun from November to the beginning of March. I just looked it up and the shortest day here is less than 7 hours between sunrise and sunset!! Thats no good!! But it is interesting that really there is no great solution to this conundrum!!
  3. Well looks nice!! And Murieston is one of the better parts of Livingston. However....................... Livingston is a strange place - no civic amenities as the whole town centre is owned by Land Securities. Great if you like shopping centres. Not so great if you like libraries, theatres etc. Also Livingston has very few good quality jobs so you are looking at commuting to Edinburgh or Glasgow. However the train is now pretty good from Livi North but would probably be an hour door to door at least. Car based for everything, even getting a pint of milk. But to the naysayers its got to be better than down south??!!
  4. OK more moaning on here and elsewhere about the state of the UK, especially in regard to the younger generation. ie debt for going to college, impossibly high house prices, high energy prices, youth unemployment etc etc etc So I got to thinking if I was to advise my kids (now 9&11!) where to go where would I tell them??! As I have relatives in the states they could move there............ cheaper houses, but too many guns and not sure with their pre existing medical conditions that they would ever get medical insurance. So list of criteria is: a) English speaking? (Only due to laziness!! So not totally important.) State funded healthcare c) Good job prospects d) Reasonable House Prices e) Reasonable cost of living f) Niceish environment We live in Edinburgh so I would say we do ok for a (well scottish!!), b and f but not sure about c, d and e
  5. Mods, could you move this to london regional??! Cheers Rob
  6. I'm now resurrecting a thread that is 3 years old! Any update on this development?? Crime ridden? Empty? High Service Charges?? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Rob
  7. Well I have to say since a summer spent in the jura in France I am a big comte fan!! Though as I am now a poor bear I can only afford tesco value Cheddar!
  8. You are so right and I am so wrong. That's what comes of doing these things on your phone. Mods can u delete my irrelevant post!!!!
  9. As a resigned bear I don't really watch property programs or even come on here very much any more. But just watched a bit of property trap on itv Unbelievable nonsense All about how the market is not recovering and that's why no-one is moving!! When will people start pointing out that the prices are still mental Anyway I will retire back to my hole! In the good old days of hpc someone else would have already posted about this We are all doomed!
  10. London will still be up!! Anywhere I want to buy always gets more expensive!!
  11. and also for another simpleton explain why deflation is good for our cause. I was always thinking that if inflation was high interest rates would go up and precipitate a crash. I have spoken to a guy who owns 30 houses who told me an interest rate rise would wipe him out. Another 10 years of zirp will suit him fine I think, while the deleveraged among us are stuffed!
  12. Well just to add a lone voice of positivism, I think you will find Manchester council owns Manchester airport and I can't remember any scandals/ cockups there? Also in my visits to Manchester since I lived there15 years ago they seem to have managed to get the trams in everywhere. Where I now live in Edinburgh they have just spent £500 million on a tram that is not running and is laughably limited in its route. So Manchester council seems to have some idea how to run these things? Maybe someone with more inside knowledge can put me right?
  13. Hmmmm find me something nice in the better parts of se1 at a reasonable price. Sold to rent in 2005!! Not a good move!
  14. roblpm

    Edinbugh Latest

    So shows low end Edinburgh properties were in a serious bubble. Interestingly I am looking at flats in London and doesnt seem to have done the same thing at all! Prices still on the up!
  15. Well as one who was prudent in the 00s and got out of property and am now debt free have been royally shafted! Money in bank getting 2%. I think its time to get out and go and get a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge mortgage!!
  16. Good point. So the rest of the Labour party should kick them out and get on with organising the next 30 years to get us out of the mess that has been created for the last 30 years? Or a new political party run by me? The "lets turn the UK into Germany party?". I suppose we could all go and live there, maybe we could persuade them to change to speaking English?
  17. Well it seems to me if you add pestons program at the weekend showing the benefits of the German mid sized manufacturing companies to this article that we should be rebalancing the economy away from financial services to manufacturing and high tech. So what are the Tories doing? Cutting Capital Allowances and the Annual Investment Allowance from April 2012 (will damage small manufacturing businesses) Cutting Corporation Tax, but not for small businesses (will benefit big business) So it seems like an easy goal for labour to aim at?! Before you all shoot me down, obviously Blair/Brown didnt do this. However it does seem that it would now be easy for Labour to portray the Tories as the "Square Mile" party and position themselves as the "Lets make our economy like Germany" party??
  18. I think what everyone on here expects is a realisation or acknowledgement that from 2003 or earlier there were people on here saying that the boom was going to end in tears. Those who foresaw it and acted sensibly, (ie saving) are now being shafted while those who acted irresponsibly (ie bankers and borrowing) are getting bailed out. I agree that rises in interest rates are not likely to happen, the balance is completely out of kilter. Anyway who says raising the rates by say .25% every 6 months for 5 years would bankrupt the country?
  19. And the libcons continue to despite saying they would put a stop to it. Is the problem not that as a society we want excellent public services and no taxes?
  20. Hmmmmmmm Doesnt this increase GDP though?? I wonder what the true economic effect is?? If this person was working in a 30k job they would be paying tax on 35k. Assuming this 850k cost is on employing Police, fixing things, paying prison staff, if you removed the problem would these people not all be out of work? Anyone know what this actually means in terms of the economy instead of just joining in with the baying mob??!
  21. Some random points: Someone mentioned obligation to buy annuity has gone, well only if you have other income over 20k?? http://www.pensioncalculator.org/golden-rules/annuity-changes-for-2011/ Fees are a bit of a red herring if you want to DIY. My IFA told me "SIPPs" are far too expensive (ie he will get no comission). Alliance trust is £125 + vat a year. http://www.alliancetrustsavings.co.uk/pensions/select-sipp/ Then you can invest in vanguard trackers as someone already mentioned with TERs of less than .25%. https://www.vanguard.co.uk/uk/portal/Funds/funds-and-documents.jsp And if you are are really lazy you can buy a life strategy fund that does some rebalancing for you. https://www.vanguard.co.uk/documents/factsheets/lifeStrategy60_equity.pdf Seems that there is a lot of low cost pension stuff in the USA and in the UK we are just stuffed by IFAs which is why everyone seems to have such a dim view of pensions. If you can get your employer to contribute through salary sacrifice, they save NIC, you save tax and everyone is laughing! (Until the world stock markets crash and annuity rates are 1% by the time we all retire!!!!)
  22. roblpm

    Edinbugh Latest

    hmmmmmmmmmmm so useful indeed that I should imagine that if it is on the ESPC website vendors and Estate Agents will have a heart attack!! If they let you put it on there it will be great!!!!!! As MH says there is a great difference between some 2 bed flats and others. I have always done £/sq ft when buying and it has always done us well on resale.
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