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  1. I'm a big fan of blue oval cars. Although it looks to me as though they raised their prices in the UK before the 'scrappage scheme to keep their profit margins.
  2. Blanchflower didn't see house prices rising in 2009, so now he's blaming the data. Wonder where he got that idea from.
  3. Interesting that todays FT index (up 0.8%) brings prices to December 2006 levels.
  4. True they are not completions. But Land Registry are, and historically they agree with Haliwide a couple of months later.
  5. Care to have a shot at seasonally adjusting the 5.9% YoY.
  6. +1 If some beat the system and don't pay, the banks simply raise borrowing costs for those that meet their obligations.
  7. Indices are seasonally adjusted for a reason. It helps prevent the ignorant from jumping to the wrong conclusion.
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