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  1. Unfortunately it carries over into the adult sector with household/spousal abuse, workplace bullying, career criminality (if not serial killing). Apparently a ton of UK kids are undiagnosed sufferers of conduct disorder and their crappy behavior getting ignored (or even rewarded) means they'll grow up into sociopathic/psychopathic adults. The UK police, courts, and prisons cannot reliably deal with these human predators on our streets, workplaces, media, and homes. It's a question of "when" the death penalty will be re-installed, considering the fundamental danger of some people.
  2. Total scum that the headmistress could not properly contend with (presumably because scummy parents kept coming round to threaten her and her staff) and told the bully victims not to antagonise their harassers...
  3. "Jokers Of The Scene" - Baggy Bottom Boys: "A Better World" - Fred Everything: "Wait" - The Blow Monkeys:
  4. I heard of white school children bullying an African (or Afro Caribbean) student by yelling at her to wash her black skin because it looked "dirty", and when another student intervened to protect the victim of racist bullying, they then threw/kicked her down a flight of stairs (both victims being young girls). Not only tribalistic but highly dangerous and impulsively violent too. This happened in the late 00s/early 10s in my old school.
  5. That's a confirmation bias through blaring social media feeds that freeze out Neo-Facists, when a lot of lower class Gen Y/Z teens and twentysomethings in the past decade (going by personal experience and anecdotes) can be highly racist, bigoted, ignorant, arrogant, and reactionary. The UK kept up the appearance of being an advanced nation in the 90s and 00s, when it showed myriad signs of things slowly regressing on multiple fronts and we're presented in the mess we're in now.
  6. The Soviet Union, Eastern Bloc regimes, and their centrally run command economies (including the Chernobyl plant) were all too big to fail.
  7. It was not all bunnies and rainbows for middle class Boomers and older Gen X-ers, but at least many of them entered more solid careers and gained better housing before UK PLC slowly began self-destructing since the mid to late 2000s... The Gen Y and Gen Z have been systematically destroyed and (crossed with social media, climate change, crime, regionalism, automation, and mass immigration) it will drastically change the whole UK political order (or it'll even violently destroy it).
  8. "Olympic (Euro Bass Remix)" - 808 State: "Night Air" - Jamie Woon: "The Morning After" - Fallout:
  9. Yeah, I'm fearing something akin to 1990s Yugoslavia crossed with 1790s France will eventually happen in the UK this century, when millions of angry people with zero job/house security (but not disenfranchised enough to be just left weak and starving) are more prone to becoming militant tribalists that start killing people enmasse and demolishing dysfunctional systems.
  10. England was still a relatively small subsection of all of Europe and still a mid level power in the 16th and 17th centuries: the Thirty Years War may have been proportionately the most bloody war in Europe in the past millennia (and indirectly triggered the English Civil War in the same way the eternal grind of the Hundred Years War indirectly caused the War Of The Roses). The Civil War may have likely been a factor in England's urbanisation/population stalling somewhat in the 1600s (but it's not the deep dive when the Black Death hit in the 1300s and helped to slowly tear down the post 6
  11. More like the 1500s when Europe became over urbanised again, when the 1600s had another collapse with yet more plagues and permanent feeling wars (the Thirty Years War, etc) similar to the 1300s cataclysm.
  12. Yeah, why admit in a country now rapidly morphing into Iran 2.0? And Hungary in particular and Poland are full of scary reactionaries.
  13. My reasonably up to date Samsung Galaxy S10 is far more convenient and responsive than my el-cheapo 4 year old HP laptop with its overstuffed hard-drive now going like treacle (soon enough I'll get a new, much better laptop or even desktop, to keep up me updating my phones).
  14. It is tied into how unproductive/inefficient the UK is, when it spent nearly two decades working its workforce of foreign serfs and locals on zero hour contracts into the ground?
  15. It's the fate of all political organisations to be destroyed, even if takes many decades or centuries.
  16. "The Order Of Death (This What You Want This Is What You Get)" - Public Image Ltd:
  17. "At Night (Afterlife Mix)" - Shakedown: "Greece 2000" - Three Drives:
  18. "Talking With Myself (Canny)" - Electribe 101: "Twilight" - Maze:
  19. With the American system crumbling on multiple fronts and atomising citizenship, who'd want to win now?!
  20. Population bubbles lead to tragic population busts when they become unsustainable and established systems become outdated, with massive wars and plagues killing off tens of millions - see the Roman and Han Empires in the 2nd century AD, Medieval European Kingdoms in the 13th century, and very Early Modern Europe in the 16th century, just before their wheels fell off and their worlds shattered.
  21. Large populations with fewer prospects leads to crime and stagnation at best (see Latin America and the Philippines) straight out war and fighting at worst (see Africa and the Islamic world).
  22. "Talking With Myself (Original)" - Electribe 101: "Talking With Myself '98" - Electribe 101: "Perfect Motion" - Sunscreem:
  23. ^It was the ill prepared care homes and re-opening the schools too soon 'wuz 'wot 'dun it.
  24. Not just governments but businessmen running companies/industries into the ground. Corrupt democracies with poor quality of life and untenable economic policies are more prone to being smashed down than dictatorships (that's why Venezuela will more likely to dissolve than North Korea this decade).
  25. Many of them are greedy, hubristic psychopaths, that makes sense.
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