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  1. That's a motivator why Ukrainians 8 to 9 years ago openly fought to throw off the yoke of pro-Moscow politicians and why Putin has ruled Russia for far too long. Also corruption is such in Russia, it can get highly corrosive and self-sabotaging - Russia boasted a fairly well trained and equipped large army, but under the pressure of war it's buckling apart, because it had been eaten away from the inside from embezzlement at all levels above the conscripts.
  2. A mixture of face saving mainland Europeans hiding their alcoholic problems better and the UK/Irish people being more openly bratty, self-entitled with their drinking problems (and offloading it onto others).
  3. How harrowing. Drink driving leading to death should be classed as 2nd or 3rd degree murder.
  4. The UK and Ireland got especially severe alcoholic problem, comparable in badness to alcoholic issues in Russia, Ukraine, and Finland (and being a mean drink is an extension of deep rooted behavioural problems). And no wonder a lot of Boomer women are dying many, many years earller than their Silent gen mothers since hitting 50 in part because of their boozing.
  5. Trading in one corrosive addiction for another - find a creative/productive hobby.
  6. We're all paying the price for living in a Western country that got far too stagnant through the 90s, 00s, and early 10s...
  7. I get a "darkest moment before the dawn" feeling, with the Neoliberal order since the late 70s/early 80s getting ripped apart after running on fumes for 14+ years.
  8. "Rock My Heart (Extended Mix)" - Haddaway: "Shallow Grave" - Leftfield:
  9. "Keep Warm" - Jinny: "Last Days" - DMX Krew:
  10. I've invested in a dash cam now after getting rear ended by impatient chav retards at low speed on a T-junction last year and nearly getting rear ended again more recently by a brain donor looking at his phone (smart devices and dumb people don't mix). And those ignorant, overworked police ignoring a victim of a car collision were potentially endangering him, when even low speed accidents can be potentially harmful or lethal on very frail people (my rear collision was stationary and even that triggered a headache that was most likely stress induced or even a very mild concussion). The Tory idiots cutting resources on road traffic policing is the culprit in the spike of dumb dangerous driving in recent years (with tailgating and raging at 40+mph in 20-30 mph zones, etc).
  11. Places like the worst sink estates of Wales and Yorkshire, etc, have theft and violent crime spiraling much more out of control in recent generations (since moribund industries collapsed) it would seem).
  12. ^Quality in living people is slowly declining/stagnating, while the quality of computer hardware and most software is going through the roof too rapidly (with moribund megacorps and governments are cutting corners).
  13. It could be the climax (like those warehouse lootings in South Africa) or we have too many police stations and military garrisons overrun, triggering a full civil war (and it becomes another Syria).
  14. The 2010s and 2020s will be seen by historians as build up and crescendo of many, many revolutions, border annexations, and civil wars worldwide (eventually hitting many Western democracies):
  15. The "establishment" hollowed out large swathes of the UK in roughly the past 35 to 45 years, a truly functional economy stalled since 2007/8, they've been trying to revive it with funny money/property bubble (rather than properly re-investing in people, infrastructure, and institutions), and they're amazed the status quo of UK PLC is now getting ripped down by all the many, many internal strains and implosions riddlng the nation (and the wider world, with a war in mainland Europe which seemed unthinkable only 8 years ago).
  16. Is it a good idea to push the Russia Federation (last incarnaton of the Russian Empire) into a fragmented condition similar to today's Libya or former Yugoslavia only it's a much, much larger polity and they got nukes? It's a hard choice considering the ridiculous tactics they're carrying out to maintain their borders and power (which is blowing up in their faces with Ukraine getting stronger and stronger, while Russia is internally getting weaker and weaker, all through Putin's actions).
  17. Koreans can be irrational, petty f-ing dicks as well and comparably xenophobic (stemming from a similar inward feudal society and from the shared baggage of being invaded harshly by Japan).
  18. Russia is a semi-failed state that overplayed its hand, over estimating its importance and abilities - even on the wane, the US has remotely crippled Russia's ability to sustain a conventional war in the medium to long term.
  19. America is, IMO, 30 to 50 years behind Russia as a createring, crumbling Great Power (and China is on thin ice as well).
  20. That proved mostly to be a bust with the huge attempted annexation of Ukraine, when Putin's modernation of the post-Soviet Russian military was haphazard, surface deep, and ultimately undermined by institutional corruption.
  21. America and China will collapse like Russia, only they're 15 to 30 years behind Russia in decline, with Russia's state of decay much more advanced, and it's getting badly hobbled by a fusion of the worst aspects of America's corrupt democracy and China's corrupt dictatorship. All 3 powers are managed by gravely outdated systems who will not adapt to climate change and other challenges, over extracting global wealth (while malinvesting in basic upkeep). A totally new global power will arise.
  22. I despise relatively more successful Gen Xers more than many Boomers. The current set of US/UK/AUS/NZ/CAN economic models aren't working well and seem unstable since at least '07 or '08, because they systematically kept on pulling the carpet out from beneath everybody under the age of 45 (if they haven't got connections or/and unique abilities). See the basketcase states of South Africa and Russia right now when "advanced" countries slowly devour themselves from the inside out to enrich dumb elites and in a few short decades physically disintergrate.
  23. It won't carry on indefinitely and we'll just get dysfunctional, unproductive firms like P&O Ferries and even more extreme UK politics.
  24. Just as well Russia's severe and worsening military failings in a post-Soviet/Russian splinter state gave Beijing cold feet over acting in an aggressive way towards other countries.
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