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  1. Shout99. HMRC may be slow, but in the end they catch the monkey.
  2. When I read that Telegraph article my first thought was that "Steroids make you impotent not important".
  3. Nobody is going to convince me that there is a housing shortage in the UK. Everytime I do an internet search of any area, at least 30% of the properties have no furniture. I do not think that it a selling technique whereby the agent says "move all the furniture out while I take photos".
  4. Back in the 80's I worked in the Cardiff's Cold Stores, New Zealand butter was shipped to the UK in 25kg boxes, thousands of tons at a time and put into store. Everyday we would load a local lorry with 20ton and it would be taken to a local packaging factory, 50% salt added and wrapped in Anchor brand paper.
  5. Rentsmart Wales, registration of landlords and agents by October 16 (I think), training as fit to be a landlord or agent first. Property inspections to take place shortly after. Is your place maintained, fit for purpose, etc. I have not seen anything about penalties for any no compliance to housing standards or for not registering yet.
  6. Dark Pools - remember them or has that illegal operating method been legalised for DB. More like a whirlpool, dark and swirling, sucking all around it down.
  7. quote taken from here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/11964655/Police-to-be-granted-powers-to-view-your-internet-history.html "Police are to get the power to view the web browsing history of everyone in the country. Home Secretary Theresa May will announce the plans when she introduces the Government's new surveillance bill in the House of Commons on Wednesday." I was searching for a new speedometer for a land rover defender earlier and the search results had a line at the bottom stating that all child p0rn results had been excluded. If AI thinks that PRC7373 is dubious, should I be worried or paranoid or just amused.
  8. I read this as being more a game of TOP TRUMPS. 'We' promise to build more than the other parties claim in their manifesto. The actual substance of the pledge is irrelevant, we will build more than the others.
  9. TWO EA's you say, both links now go to SA Properties, so WewillHomes is either an associate or a front with no shop.
  10. These two are posted today on rightmove, they look like the same house to me. 119.950 www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-43178408.html 199.950 www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-42037102.html Still would not pay the lower for that
  11. I said somewhere back in this thread to ask the agent "do you have any houses for sale". Provocative, maybe rude question, that would seem to be a stupid question to ask an seller of houses. If you can actually get an agent to engage you in conversation about this, you maybe able to find out which houses on the books you could have a chance with. Try to deal only with the organ grinder, not the monkey and you might actually get a decent informative conversation.
  12. I could pay more, but I am not going to...........is what I was trying to say. It was directed at the OP's comment about the agent trying to find a budget limit.
  13. I agree with this and reflecting on my previous posts, fully admit to being a cynical old buzzard, who has no respect for the estate agency trade having caught them out so many times being dishonest with me. Perhaps the seller is just taking their time looking at their options before responding to the agent. Also most agents close shop at 1pm on a saturday, not 5pm.
  14. I have been looking on the west side, all the way from Carmarthen up to Porthmadog. There is a section of the welsh speaking community, particularly in Ceredigion that are, how can I put it politely, biased. But and it is a big but, money talks and they will take it, whoever you are. I suspect, and it is no more than that as I do not have the full facts, who you are, what you are, has nothing to do with it, even if you had offered the full asking you would still be waiting for that telephone call. Money is all that counts, North, West, South makes no difference on that score.
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