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  1. Thanks Matt. I really wish I had contacted environmental health now. The only reason I didn't is because I thought I'd avoid this kind of deposit hassle. How wrong I was.
  2. Hi Elk, Thanks for the support. Yeah I'm going to point blank refuse any deductions, this guy has already cost us a fortune. I'm seriously considering taking him to small claims court out of principle. I can definitely afford to, but does anyone know how much I stand to lose if the judge rules against me? I'd hate to have to pay for a £1000 an hour solicitor for the scumbag. Edit: And does anyone know if printing out the email exchange I've had with the letting agent will be sufficient proof for most of the hassle we've been through?
  3. Thanks for that, I've contacted the links in your sig for legal advice. I'm not fond of the 'sue happy' state of the world today but I genuinely feel entitled to at least a month's rent back because that flat was uninhabitable. I've even taken video of me scraping ice from the inside of the window. ....and the place even killed one of my gerbils.
  4. Are they planning to stay in it long? And how secure are their jobs?
  5. Thanks for that. That's most helpful. Regarding the glasses, does it make much difference that we didn't get the inventory until I chased them for it, which was 2 months into the tenancy? Also, should I mention the fact that the flat was unlivable the last month of our tenancy, and we also had no letter box and didn't receive mail for the first 3 months of the tenancy leading me to get a £90 fine for failure to pay council tax in time. Plus the landlord promised he'd fit a shower before we moved in which was part of the agreement, but I have a 2 month long email conversation with the estate agent detailing how much we were messed around.
  6. Also, here's the back and forth I had with the estate agents about the cold and damp: Dear EA, My girlfriend and I have chosen to cancel the tenancy at ______ due to the dramatic drop in temperature in the flat in the past couple of months. Although the tenancy is not up until January 17th, it is increasingly becoming unbearably cold in the flat due to the absense of heating coupled with poor insulation and draughty windows. The level of humidity is also of great concern and mould has started to appear in the bathroom, as well as the entire flat feeling damp. This has actually led to my girlfriend becoming ill and today she has had to be absent from work. Despite having 2 electric heaters it is becoming increasingly difficult to live in this property and I would appreciate it if something could be done before the situation becomes even worse. Sincerely, T ------------------------- Dear T, The landlord is unwilling to release you early from your tenancy due to end in January. He has said you were aware of the lack of heating when you took the property on. Regards EA ------------------------- Dear EA, I didn't ask to be released from the tenancy. I asked for something to be done about the temperature, humidity, insulation or mould. Regards, T ------------------------- Dear T, I have approach the landlord to see whether he would provide a portable heater/s and a de-humidifier - I will await his comments. Regards EA -------------------------- Dear T, I approached the landlord as per your request - He has said that the low rent reflects the level of amenities available and isn't willing to provide any heaters/de-humidifiers. Kind regards,
  7. Hey guys, thanks for the support! It really helps at a time like this, it had my girlfriend in tears. More than anything we're just glad to be shot of the place. The deposit is registered with the TSD, I made sure to check before we signed up to anything. Although I had to enquire about this myself, and chase the EA to be sent proof of it. We took the tenancy out through an estate agents, who charged us a fortune for the pleasure of standing between us and our landlord. It was my first time renting in England, and my first experience with an estate agency for a letting. It's always done privately back home (n.ireland). You know your landlord, you shake his hand, and you know who to go after if you have the piss taken out of you. So back to the point, I've had this email through listing a million things wrong with the flat, many of which are stated word for word on the original inventory, and some of which are easily disputable I'd hope. So basically I'm wondering how to proceed, should I : - Send a letter now stating that they're taking the piss, and I want the whole thing back. - Wait to see how much he hopes to keep, and decide from there. - Or take him to the small claims court for our deposit +1 months rent because the place was literally inhabitable the last month we stayed there. Cheers guys! edited for clarification.
  8. Classic story, we're waiting for our deposit and now a letter has come to our new place from the old estate agent on behalf of the landlord bringing up issues that he's going to bend us over for. Short story: Back in may my gf and I moved into an absolute dump of a one bed flat on a 6month tenancy, purely in order to save as much money as possible. We were promised a shower would be fitted before we moved in, it wasn't until a month into our tenancy. I have emails from the estate agent. Come November the flat started getting cold (no central heating, which we weren't told about), and mid way through December we had to move back in with the gf's parents because it was unbearable. I emailed the estate agent to tell them about the cold and damp, and that a lot of mould was beginning to show around the flat. The landlord stated he would do nothing about it. Before the end of our tenancy we hoovered and cleaned a good bit, although admittedly it was hurried, and my girlfriend didn't do the best job because the place was really unclean when we moved in (no excuse I know). Now we've had a letter through from the landlord about alot of things he'll be making deductions for, like: - The carpets - which are stated on the inventory as 'very soiled' , 'heavily stained' , 'generally unclean' etc. - Wallpaper bubbled and lifted - which are stated in the inventory as having 'painted over imperfections' and is generally down to the humidity I notified them of. - Stains on the cooker rings - It was brand new when we got it and we cleaned it as best we could. - Instruction manual for the cooker - which we never saw, and isn't on the inventory. - Six glasses, which are on the inventory, but we threw out because we thought they were left there by the last tenant, and we didn't get the inventory until the month after we moved in (I have the post dated envelope to prove it). - Toilet stained - It's really old and states the level of staining on the inventory. -Three blown bulbs in the bedroom light fitting - It actually states that there are 3 blown bulbs in the inventory so I don't know if it's up to us to replace? - Mould in the bathroom and on the curtains - I informed them of this in December and the landlord stated he would do nothing about it. In short, I've got an inventory which states that everything is unclean and stained. We ended up moving out because it was so cold the windows had ice on the inside and the whole place was so damp that our books were starting to bend and contort. The landlord has gone to great lengths to list as many things as he can like paint chips and the like, but I can't see how he can justify much other than we could have done a better cleaning job... I havn't replied to this yet, but I feel I should at least point out how much of what he has blamed us for is already on the (impressively detailed) inventory. Any advice would be appreciated even though I'm sure you guys must be sick of threads like these.
  9. Granted they're by no means the same thing. But to say they are not connected at all is entirely false.
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