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  1. Had a response from the LA stating that they are only obliged to return deposits (or parts) that are not in dispute. Apparently the amount being claimed by the LL is in excess of of our deposit. That's news to me since I've never seen any figures for costings at all.
  2. I'm sure the country's riot squads will be getting nice new shiney helmets, shields and truncheons.
  3. Fear not, it's in the post. Once again Haventaclue, that's absolutely fantastic. I've sent the letter you suggested and I'm now eagerly awaiting a reply. Have you been through all this before?
  4. Brilliant stuff. Is it worth my while stating that I'm not going to pay for another phantom item that never existed in the property, but he's claiming for, or should I just leave it at the above?
  5. If you listen carefully, you can hear thousands of BTLers shrieking.
  6. That's very helpful. There are a few other things that concern me, for example a nail in the wall, not mentioned in the check in inventory but mentioned in the check out inventory, and the LL saying the kitchen sink is blocked (obviously trying to insinuate that I didn't take care of the property) even though it wasn't like that when we left, and the check out report didn't mention it. The thing that's annoying me is that if anything this landlord owes us hundreds of pounds due to promises he broke which ended up costing us and the place being inhabitable during the cold snap. If I start to buckle at a couple of things, which I admit I'll probably have to, are they not going to jump on absolutely every last piece of ******** he's come up with and my attempts at defense fall apart? In all honesty I'm being right royally screwed here and the thought of dishing over any more money sickens me and has my gf in tears.
  7. I'm still gathering together as much evidence as I can to take it to the TDS, but today I got an email from the Agent asking for a response to the landlord's request that I pick through the list of problems he found with the flat. They've stated that if I don't do this it's likely the TDS will just return the case as we havn't done enough to resolve it between us. Does anyone have first hand experience of filing a dispute? The cases on their website make it look like they've given large parts of deposits back to landlords without a signed inventory. Also, they emailed me 'copies' of a letter they sent to me asking to dispute the inventory withing 4 days of receiving the letter or they'll take it that everything is fine. Not only did I not get that letter, but is that even legal to do?
  8. I'm in the same boat, plus I took a 10% pay cut last year. Currently I'm renting shitholes from arsehole landlords and saving as much as I can in the hope that one day things return to sanity. If not, I'll either emigrate or live in a caravan.
  9. No word back from the agents. I think it's safe to assume that no signed inventory exists. Only the one made by a third party which doesn't bear my signature. I'm going to fill out the dispute form, so any advice on how to word it would be appreciated!
  10. No need to apologise atall, that's straight to the point, and worded exactly how I need it to be under these circumstances. To make sure, I've asked the LA for a copy of my original signed inventory (just incase my memory fails me). If, as I expect they come back to me that one doesn't exist, that's pretty much the end of the conversation with those muppets. If not, then sod it, I'm looking forward to a day in court with a mountain of evidence against every word the LL comes out with.
  11. No major update as yet, although I did receive a reply from the LL (forwarded by the agent) demanding that I address each additional issue the landlord raised. It'll be tedious since I only have a paper copy and will have to write it all out, and then cross reference it with the bits of original inventory it matches almost word for word. I realised today that I didn't receive the inventory until 3 months into the tenancy, and only because I requested it. I never signed it and didn't witness the inventory check so I'm going to check the legality of being held to a document I didn't sign. Edit for clarity.
  12. I can assure you, the problem was not fixable by the tenant, despite efforts. Hence the outbreak of mold which is clearly an ongoing problem which he paints over after every tenant.
  13. The only hope for the future we have is that the economy crashes so hard that the majority of people are left homeless and on the brink of starvation. Only then will we realise that the credit fuelled dreams we used to chase were all just illusions and in the end the sun still rises, and the wind still blows, and if people started working together we'd have everything we need. But instead I could see a pretty hefty crash, but society ever declining into the unhappy rat race for fake-jewel-encrusted survival it has become.
  14. It depends how you define 'forced'. Since I'm a FTB who's priced out of the market, I was forced into buying the cheapest dwelling available in order to save up a bigger deposit. Rich? I grew up on council estates in Belfast that'd make your toes curl.
  15. Yup, that's exactly it. It's beyond depressing. Plus our clothes would take take almost a full week to dry and even then would smell musty. Prisoners get better treatment, but somehow it's acceptable for me to pay £550 a month, plus £1000 a year on council tax, and I'm meant to be grateful??
  16. I called environmental health and they don't think they can do much since I'm no longer living there, but they're calling me back.
  17. From a legal standpoint it doesn't, but the poor insulation did result in a damp problem which he refused to do anything about, and which I've seen specified in such places as: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/HomeAndCommunity/BuyingAndSellingYourHome/RentingAHome/DG_4001394' rel="external nofollow"> Housing standards A property should be safe and healthy for occupiers, so responsibility should be taken to ensure that: the dwelling is capable of providing adequate heating, which ideally means controllable central heating and insulation, with equipment and the fabric of the building in good repair electricity and gas supplies, and the sanitation (drains, basins, sinks, baths and WCs) are in working order there are no fall or trip hazards water heating equipment is in working order the property is free from damp
  18. The best way I have heard it explained is in Adam Curtis' documentary series 'The century of Self'. Definitely a must see!
  19. I think the UK learnt how to indulge in exceptional greed from the US, and the US learnt how to instigate a class divide from the UK.
  20. I fully agree, but is this written anywhere in absolute concrete terms?
  21. This flat had NO Seperate electric (or gas) heaters whatsover. I bought and used my own and I spent a ridiculous amount of money heating that flat, which was a losing battle against the lack of insulation. When your curtains still bellow despite the windows being shut, sticking an electric heater in the room has barely any effect whatsoever. I took that video when I woke up in the morning to demonstrate the level of temperature drop inside the flat. I'm not under the illusion that as a lowly tenant I should have any expectation to be entitled to such luxuries as ambient temperature. But I informed the landlord about a damp problem, which was caused by the total absense of insulation (evident by the fact that the inside of windows can accumulate ice overnight) and he not only chose to do nothing about it, he also stated he would do nothing about it, despite mold being a health hazard. And now he hopes to pass that cost over to me even though I notified him as soon as it became a problem. Is that really the level of tenant's rights in this country?
  22. It's almost as if they're trying to crash the economy... <adjusts tinfoil hat>
  23. Yeah I was wondering about this. I've spoken to CAB and Shelter, and they've both said it's not a necessity, and if there's no heating in the property, then there's none to maintain. I really think this needs to change, it's ludicrous that temperature isn't including in a tenants rights.
  24. On that advice I've called them and told them the hold story. Someone's calling me back soon. They were especially interested to hear of the video footage I took of myself scraping the ice from the inside of the windows.
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