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  1. Out of interest, what fees, if any were stated in your tenancy agreement? I begrudgingly sent my old Letting agent the £55 fee for contract renewal but they called me a month later to tell me they hadn't received the cheque, I never bothered sending them another one and they stopped emailing me about it after a while. It was in my tenancy agreement but they didn't try very hard to get it out of me, so it looks like the ball is most certainly in the tenant's court (for a change).
  2. My thoughts were along the same line. I have savings I don't plan to touch for a few years and decided they'd be better off in a Unit Trust. I'm expecting the short term to be sketchy but the yield should be alright after a few years. I might change to something riskier next year depending how things look. I just put it down to banks taking the opportunity to rebalance their balance sheets but that is a good point. Maybe they're already scheming to replace ISAs, like they did with PEPs.
  3. Although I admit I don't work in, or have much knowledge of the industry, I'm half expecting that as Android gains in popularity, more developers will migrate, or at least adopt Android since it's an incredibly straight forward platform and compared to the hoops apple make you jump through, is fairly painless to get your app published. I have several friends with iphones and they've noticed that fewer and fewer of the apps are free these days, and while they're still incredibly cheap, it takes away the fun of being able to just download one, try it out and ditch it on a whim. Add that to the fact that not everyone can afford/is willing to pay apple's premium prices and an ever growing open source community, leads me to believe that Android is a prime candidate for an alternative to the iPhone.
  4. I'm chiming in to say I was thinking about this lately myself. It's interesting to hear the buzz around Maemo. My thoughts on the matter are that as phones get more powerful, companies will naturally choose a free OS rather than continually writing their own. This leads me to think that Apple will fizzle out since the open source community moves much quicker than Apple do, especially with their preference for holding back key features until the next version etc. Shares wise, I dunno. I was wondering this myself. I bought my first HTC phone recently and I'm astounded at the quality. I'm in love. Whether it becomes the Nokia of smartphones is anybody's guess, but considering how far they've come in a year, I'm tempted to get a piece of that. porca misèria, What are the plans for Maemo in the coming year or two? Any major phone manfacturers taking it up?
  5. I'd just like to say that after working abroad since I graduated, I came back and was astonished at what house prices (and rents) had risen to. As a result of this (and a couple of bad experiences with sh*tty landlords) I gave shared ownership consideration as a last resort, but fortunately for this site I realised what an absolute con it was, and through further reading awoke to the blatant con that the housing market had become. So in short, DON'T DO IT!! Cut your expenses, pay off your debts, and save as much as you can because one day things WILL change.
  6. Excellent video, and one that is much needed in times like these. The only things I have to add are: This, this And a brief suggestion that you might want to increase the outline of the text to ensure it stands out from the background and is easier to read. And finally, this!!
  7. I'm wondering the same thing. But I'm pretty sure that not even violence would achieve it since that'd just give them a reason to roll out the heavy handed riot squad while the newspapers brandish the protesters as extremists. All in all, I think we're f*cked..
  8. Yeah I wish i'd received that before I sent off my side of the dispute. I don't think you get the chance to submit anything else once it's in the process.
  9. I received a letter from the Landlord offering to only take half of my deposit (what a generous bloke), but I'd already sent off my dispute to the TDS. So I binned the letter and smiled at the thought that he's going to have to justify his feelings of entitlement with the TDS before he gets a penny of our deposit. The last I heard about it he'd asked for a 2 week extension in order to compile his version of events. The Mrs. and I moved in with her folks while we sort this whole mess out and so far they've saved us a fortune, bless 'em.
  10. That's the question we should be asking.
  11. Unfortunately many people in this country are that dim, our education system made sure of that.
  12. And what does that do for those that still couldn't? Homelessness? I agree housing benefit should be abolished, but only if this mess we call social housing is sorted out.
  13. I do at every given opportunity. But taking more away from those at the bottom will just result in higher crime levels. For every penny saved, twice that will be spent on policing and even more useless antisocial laws will be written.
  14. Here's a crazy idea, why not create worthwhile jobs which pay enough to afford a decent standard of living, a modest home for you and your family and most importantly, some self respect. Then the overwhelming majority of people might respect the system enough to contribute to it.
  15. That's a good point and one worth remembering. I just hope the same can be said for housing...
  16. Plus I'd imagine state school kids would be less embarrassed at their parents losing their jobs. I went to a state school and when one of my parents lost their job I was never the only kid in that situation.
  17. Considering their headline a couple of months ago stating 'HOUSEPRICE SLIDE IS OVER!', I'm guessing they're in no hurry to report the truth.
  18. On the contrary, if you intend to upsize, then an increase in houseprices by say, 10% makes the house you're upsizing to 10% further out of your reach. The fact your lower priced home is worth 10% more doesn't bridge that gap. If it is a "forever home" then you won't benefit from the price rise anyway, either way the destructive effect on society benefits no one (no one human at least, this excludes bankers).
  19. Agreed. The past decade was incredibly boring. The following decade should be very interesting. Time to dig your black garb out of the loft and hit the streets.
  20. Someone conveniently will when the next liberty crippling bill is ready to be snuck through congress.
  21. The landlord protected the deposit straight away, but I didn't get anything back after the 10 days other than a list of grumbles. No costings or any mention of money. I haven't initiated a dispute yet, I was in the process of gathering together all the evidence when I sent the last and final letter. Will do. I've prepared as much evidence as I can. Fingers crossed.
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