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  1. Yeah that made me choke on my tea... I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but it seems like everyone and their dog foresaw this happening, so why did it happen anyway?
  2. They're dying to repeal the hunting act but they've put it on the backburner until the economic mess blows over to avoid being accused of not paying enough attention to the current economic situation.
  3. That pretty much seals it then, that's what I'll do. Thanks.
  4. I'm finally in the position to make decisions about my student loan (currently £18k) and wondering what people are doing about theirs? I was thinking about putting the cash aside in an index linked certificate rather than handing it to the SL company.
  5. Pure speculation, but maybe they didn't want people to read the paper folded up in which case the red part would look like a fairly big portion of the overall white bit, even though the unseen underside of the paper is whiter than a birthday party at Nick Griffin's house.
  6. Oh well, I'm sure soon enough they'll be able to release their frustrations by ripping foxes apart with a pack of hounds. Tally-ho!
  7. Why do they put that on your passport?? If you achieve a phd it doesn't get added to your passport, so why should a poncey title that you've inherited.
  8. The results are in. Thanks to everyone for all their advice, but alas, it was in vain. The TDS sought fit to grant my landlord more than half my deposit. They acknowledged that the landlord was taking the piss in trying to charge us for things that were listed on the original inventory but felt he deserved nearly £200 to redecorate the place (another thin slap of magnolia paint) due to the odd scuff mark that existed. They also didn't believe us about the ridiculous level of humidity and somehow felt we were to blame for bubbling wallpaper. I'll upload the exact exact response eventually but right now I feel so enraged I could spit bile.
  9. There's a few I hope they repeal, but hope they strengthen the hunting act (fat chance). Agreed.
  10. Agreed, I find it hard to believe that NO ONE in power could see this coming despite all warning signs pointing towards it. I know that hind sight is 20-20, but still...
  11. It's a step in the right direction, but there still needs to be more done. Watch out for this film coming out: http://www.aminoritypastime.net/
  12. Fixed that for you. I hope the next government expands upon it and removes the ridiculous loop holes.
  13. Just rang the TDS and was informed that the dispute is about half the way through and will take another 4-5 weeks. It's usually meant to be resolved within 5 weeks. Apparently this is the case for everyone due to 'an increased demand' for their 'services'. Perhaps due to an increased number of forced landlords I wonder...
  14. I'm still waiting. The latest thing in the dispute history just says: 15th Apr 2010 Pre-Adj Review Complete But I've had nothing in the post. I keep meaning to phone them but have been busy moving into a new flat the past week.
  15. That's a shitty situation, you have my sympathies. I can't comment on what your exact rights are, although I'm sure someone else can, if not the citizens advice bureau would be very helpful. I do however definitely think you should barter on the rent, and not take no for an answer. It's expensive finding tenants, and an empty property even more so. If he hasn't got the price he was looking for before I highly doubt he will this close to the election, especially before the public sector gets decimated, and arguably definitely not afterwards. If he has any sense, he'll be more than willing to haggle on the rent if you've been a good tenant. If he's not... well, it doesn't take a genius to be a landlord these days.
  16. It's a God-damned greasy horror show is what it is!
  17. It doesn't surprise me at all that she's a magistrate.
  18. I voted 3-5. I think it'll be one final shitty government before people finally give in. Hopefully this time citizens take more of a French approach to revolution.
  19. The fact that the world's best coders are on the side of freedom and fully intend on keeping it that way is what gives me a shred of hope about the future. No matter how much the government pay, they'll never be able to enlist talent that comes anywhere near what people write for the enjoyment of it. There's nothing as strong as the heart of a volunteer. I still can't believe UK airports don't have free Wifi. Even more of a joke, I went to Dublin late last year and stayed in 2 hostels and spent one night in the Jury's Inn. All the hostels had free Wifi, but Jury's Inn tried to charge. I know the Jury's Inn is a shit hole, but I still find it hilarious considering the ordinary (non special deal) price of their rooms.
  20. So far we've had controversy followed by blatant abuse of: The Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 The Criminal Justice Act 2003 Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003 The Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 The Terrorism Act 2000 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 I guess it's just time for another liberty crushing bill to be passed, but this time aimed at our electronic liberties.
  21. Remember to take pictures, videos and document everything.
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