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  1. Sure, just patronise me and a whole generation rather than provide a proper answer. Thanks for contributing. P.s. your != you're
  2. Not only does that not answer my question, that article actually highlights my point:
  3. What's the point when I could divert the money into an account earning more interest than I'm paying on the debt?
  4. Sod's law. I was just about to start pumping my student loans money into these rather than paying it off. Any suggestions?
  5. Hold on a minute.. it's Friday so in my head I'm already down the pub with a few down me, but.. RICS say 0.4% fall and BBC report "house price inflation easing". How is that a demonstration of the absence of bias. Surely reporting ANYTHING other than "house prices fell" is biased.
  6. Japan is a fascinating place. Riding on a train full of people in various uniforms and suits with faces as calm as hindu cows, you would never expect the utter misery that lies underneath. Then perhaps once every couple of months someone would snap. It might be a girl sobbing hysterically, or a drunk business man stripping bollock naked and pissing in the corner, but you'd still see absolutely no reaction from everyone else. In any other country people would be falling over each other to help these people, or get out of their way, but in Japan everyone pretends they're not seeing it. It's the unspoken reality that everyone pretends doesn't exist, that Japan's social system is rotten to the core. What other country has a 'Bad man pole' in every primary school? A big 8foot aluminium pole with a semi circle at one end to be used in the increasingly likely event of a citizen going ape shit and walking into the school and slashing innocent kids with a knife, so they can be pinned to the wall just out of arms (slashing) length and held there until the police arrive to cart them off to the funny farm with all the other robots that broke programming.
  7. Totally off topic but does anyone hope the generic listing waffle will change one day to something different, if equally annoying?
  8. Ordinarily Daily Mail comments make my eyes bleed, but this one was beautiful: Kudos to whoever wrote it.
  9. That's a fair amount of stuff.. Highly recommend this book by the way
  10. I think that became so common they made a TV Show about it in the states. I'll try and find it. Edit. Found it! Blergh!:
  11. I've been doing this for years. I still like physical books, but might be tempted to try a kindle eventually. Once I've read a book though I give it away to friends or colleagues I think it would interest. It's a habit that started when I was a skint student, and continued throughout my adult life as I tend to move every couple of years. Right now, if I wanted to move to a different part of the world I could sell, give away and dump most of my possessions and be left with not much more than a laptop, a bag of clothes, and a few choice books. Sometimes I wonder whether I've developed an inability to settle..
  12. Switch to the co-op. If you're going to earn sod all on your money, it might aswell be in a mutual.
  13. I would but I've just switched to the co-op and I'd like mutual banks to stay strong. If I were still with Lloyds I'd do it in a heart beat.
  14. I think it's a mixture of bad education and low self esteem. People don't realise they're getting screwed over because today's problems are explained away as being a 'Global Phenomenon' which was 'Totally Unexpected' and any attempts at uprising are demonised in the media as being the work of 'Greedy Unions', 'Violent Anarchists' and 'The Great Unwashed' before the riot police crush it into the ground. It's only temporary of course, if people feel they've nothing left to lose they won't care who to blame, they'll just want to riot out of frustration and anger.
  15. Sure, and maybe we should send the kids down the mines for a few years before secondary school. Moron.
  16. Edit: ^ Looks like someone beat me to it. I swear that post wasn't there when I clicked reply, The BBC put this to the test: If I remember correctly, it took a couple of people peddling to even boil a kettle. Highly recommend that episode if anyone can find the full version.
  17. Same here. The whole "NO PETS" thing is disastrous for animals that need a loving home.
  18. Not out of the realms of possibility considering Sandbanks is just down the road. Maybe you'd expect at least a garden around here for that, but there's a chance someone might take it from them considering a one bed flat usually starts around £500pcm. But you'd have to be pretty desperate to fail to see the two massive 'FOR SALE' signs as being ominous.
  19. A few months ago I noticed some work being done on a 3 bedroom near my folks'. A week later it had a shiny new for sale sign up. A month after that another for sale sign went up. And £10k knocked off the asking price. 3 months after that a bloke came round with a bag of compost and some flowers. 1 month after that a shiny new for let sign goes up. The best bit? There's a sign at each door which says "No shoes on the carpets please." Whatever could this mean?
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