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  1. Woh... I used to live in Sendai. It's the closest city to the epicentre!! Luckily my friends there seem to be safe.
  2. Chards are now selling them for £915!!!!!!
  3. Physical Gold and Silver. And defensive stocks.and Edited for clarity. (Commented 'cos that's how I roll)
  4. Same here. Asked him a few total noobie questions and he very patiently explained things to me. He gave me a couple of great recommendations for a few lesser known coins on his site too. Aboslutely top bloke.
  5. I've thought the same thing. The tories are planning big changes to squat and trespass laws. No where left to run, nowhere left to hide from the Big Society.
  6. I'm thinking the same thing. It's no wonder the Tories are working on new tresspass laws. A few countries have come down hard on squatters recently. Countdown to the inevitable Daily Mail hate campaign.
  7. Has anyone used http://www.bullionbypost.co.uk? I've noticed they've had some very good reviews, and have a very competitive price on 1oz Gold Krugerrand coins, even compared to the place needsleep quoted.
  8. Oh please, the previous generation didn't save every single penny they had and had a much easier time saving for a house. My Dad spent more on Vinyl and his Triumph than I spend on music and my 20 year old banger.
  9. Good point. Compared to Marx, Bakunin didn't offer nearly as much of a solid answer, which might have been why history favoured Marx and forgot Bakunin. Bakunin's 'soution' was the extension of liberty by the revolt of the individual, against the divine (god or state). His form of socialism was Collectivist anarchism because the conception of liberty is "eminently social". I'm still working my way through his works, but I think there's alot to learn from his thinking, whether or not Collectivist Anarchism is an unworkable utopia (which it might well be, I'm still learning about it, but having a great deal of fun doing so).
  10. This needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Marx and Bakunin were correct in their diagnosis of the problems, but in their suggestions of a solution, only Bakunin was correct (that the state is not the answer). Highly recommend reading Bakunin's work to anyone that appreciated Marx's analysis, but disagreed with his solutions.
  11. I'm buying a jerrycan to collect all the tears of disappointed Estate Agents. Sweet nectar of the Gods!
  12. Why do you need a new bank? There are a couple of them with strict, customer written ethical policies out there. Bill Gates? Ethics?
  13. I transferred everything to a mutual bank with an ethical policy and closed my major high street bank account.
  14. It was only inevitable before because that's what all the financial institutions agreed with each other it should be. I Sincerely HOPE they return to that standard, but I wouldn't say it's inevitable.
  15. Send Kirsty round with some twigs in a vase. It's the age of austerity after all.
  16. The small time farmers in those countries who have been turfed off their land en masse would disagree with you.
  17. No matter what you do, raise a dispute anyway. Even if you were planning on letting them keep some of the money, let them justify it to the dispute service first. If we all do this, they'll be less likely to take the piss. Also, the dispute is between you and the landlord, so the letting agent will probably not want it to go that far as it means they are making more work for their client (the landlord) and may offer a discount to settle it without raising a dispute.
  18. I fill up to the brim whenever it's cheap. I've also recently bought a car after a few years of being solely dependent on public transport (trying to set up a business) and gone for a fairly old diesel which cost me £2000. Slight bit of a guzzler but that's more than offset by how little I use it, how little it cost, zero interest payments because I paid for it outright, minuscule insurance payments and for extra savings I bought a decent tool set and joined an owners club so I have access to advice and cheap parts. Saving money, and got myself a hobby that teaches me something everyday.
  19. I knew this would happen. Lucky escape for the developers, and unlucky for those hapless professionals that fell for the 'Luxury Apartment' guff and will now be living next to Wayne & Waynetta.
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