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  1. “When you’ve paid your rent, you’ve paid your tax.”

    “So what’s a Georgist?” you ask. A Georgist (or at least a “full-on” Georgist) is someone who says there should be no taxes except those on land values, payable by the owners — and is keen to explain that “land” doesn’t include buildings. (It does include natural resources, monopolies and statutory cartels; but those details affect only a minority of businesses.)

    Under a full-on Georgist system, a typical business on rented premises never hears from the tax man, ever. You don’t pay income tax on your profits. You don’t pay payroll tax on your workforce. You don’t collect personal income tax owed by your employees. You don’t collect GST/VAT from your customers or pay sales tax on your sales. You don’t pay stamp duties on your insurance premiums. If you rent your premises, you don’t pay council rates or property taxes; they’re your landlord’s problem (and are levied solely on the land value).


  2. x2

    Haven't been to the cin ema in years.I'd rather have a few pints than watcha moview with people crackling bags of sweets,talkign,taking mobile calls etc.a doomed industry till they cut the prices.


    I've only been to the cinema once in the past 3 years, and even then I winged at the Orange Wendesday price. You've absolutely NO chance of me paying full price these days for what will inevitably be a pile of trash featuring cans of Pepsi and Apple Macs shoved in my face like I'm too stupid to notice.

  3. I know a few squatters and they squat in order to set up social centres which would otherwise be impossible without financial assistance to pay the rent (which always comes with a variety of conditions). Usually they strike a deal with the landlord of empty properties because they take such good care of them.

    I'm not denying the existance of junky squatters, but getting rid of squatters rights won't get rid of their sort, they spend all day breaking the law, what does one more matter to them?

  4. For my own amusement I've been pondering upon how events would have progressed if the US and Europe had sided with the rioters in England a few months back

    Imagine that the US and NATO had declared support for the rioters - citing the UK's support of oppressive regimes around the world, the huge economic inequalities in the UK, and the hundreds of people who have died in domestic police custody in recent years. On the first day they take out the UK's air defences and the BBC. Then they provide the rioters with arms, special forces and public relations 'advisors', and air support controllers. Any groupings of police or security forces are immediately plastered with bombs. How would events progress from there? Would they be any different to what happened in Libya?


  5. No-one joins the police to help people any more. Its all about the power trip. Their 'intimidatory' tactics as a method of dealing with the public are dispicable. And cause much completely justifiable anger.


    Just look at the uniform these days. Coppers are walking around town centres with army boots with black combat trousers tucked into them.

    Are they going to be wading through rivers whilst on duty? No, it's completely intimidatory. They are enforcers, we are the enforced.

  6. They just want to charge fee, impose their authoritarian power and expand their remit allowing them to employ more people and have larger salaries at the top.

    Its corrupt mafioso statist ********.

    I really do despair, Its like Ayn Rand said: "For a man to produce, he must first seek the permission of those who produce nothing"

    Please god let it all collapse.

    I don't consider Landlords to be the producers of anything. They profit from witholding access to property and only serve as a pot of cash from which maintenance is made.

    If the property belonged to a housing co-operative those profits would go back to the co-operative to be used for maintenance rather than being used to buy a new BMW X5 every year and botox for Mrs. Landlord. Plus the tenants would have an active say in the place they live in and its maintenance, which avoids problems caused by lack of responsibility you sometimes get with social housing.

    ****** landlords!

  7. A lot of high value people happened to book the same holiday and you loons call it a conspiracy!???..

    Do you know how complicated it would be to organise a genuine conspiracy, given all their busy schedules?

    If you'd read the thread you'd know that George Osborne is there as the Chancellor of the exchequer and not as a private individual. We're paying for him to meet with other rulers in secrecy.

    Thanks for contributing.. :rolleyes:

  8. Haven't heard of them but there's quite a few such things around masking as benign NGO think tanks.

    The Club of Rome is one of the most significant of the new world order think tanks - one of its main ideological tenets is population reduction. Unfortunately (for the elite) these poor third world populations keep breeding and they're using up far too many (of their) natural resources....it's just not cricket.

    I heard some shady things about the Trilateral commission and another one called the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Conspiracy or not, the Japanese have a great word to explain why it should be a major concern.

    Apologies for the wiki links, I didn't have time to look for better (nor could I really be arsed)

  9. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/local/tower_fire_alarm_anger_1_3452383


    One can be bought for £100k - £200k.


    £950 a month rent bargain.

    My mate says they are selling around 2 a month. 316 in total not sure how many of these are left but he says it's mostly empty and a number of people who bought off plan before changes where made in the plans want out, I think he said that they numbered about 30.


    We should catalogue these disasters. It will make a great history book.

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