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  1. Why China? Surely we're all working later in life to fund tax credits. Benefits claimants are amongst the most selfish people I have ever met. It's all me me me with them.
  2. In some other countries Goodwin would have been swinging from a lamp post.
  3. Nothing. I'm afraid this is where we're at for the short and medium terms and we'd better get used to it. No amount of wishing and discussing on internet forums is going to change things I'm afraid. Reality needs to be faced. At least posting on here kills a bit of time...
  4. Disgusts me these house builders are making profits purely because of the government's life support.
  5. This situation has been caused by the fact that the state does bailout lots of others (bankers, Iceland savers, overborrowed through IR, FLS etc) so everybody screams 'where's my bail out!'
  6. Typical musnetters don't marry blokes if they're earning below £100k through the family business or have been given a 5 bed detached in Epsom by his parents. I bet a lot of them are subsidised by parents but won't mention that's the reason they've just got a new white Q7
  7. Crazy levels of public sector and welfare. Now those levels have been set very difficult to reduce them. All council housing stock gone. This is where the majority of the gov spend is and not much can be done since Labour put welfare and immigration on steroids.
  8. But benefits ruin natural selection. That woman in Gloucester wouldn't have had 11 surviving kids without benefits. Her genes would not survive 11 times over as some would have died without welfare.
  9. This is not unusual. Virtually all the benefits claimants I know are fiddling in different ways. They spoil it for those in genuine hardship and the blame should be levelled squarely at their (housing benefit funded) doors.
  10. My opinion is now one of HPC isn't going to happen in our lifetime. I honestly thought that 2008/2009 marked the point at which the crash would start. FFS the world's financial system was within a hairs breadth of collapse but still HPC has been averted. I can't see what events would cause HPC that cannot be subverted by the VI's. They lowered base rates to an all time low then when mortgage rates became detached from base rates and started rising they just directly threw money at the lenders in the form of FLS. It is clear that there is NOTHING they won't do to prevent HPC. if you have
  11. No need to worry the new flat rate pension will save the fenebits generation again. Don't mind that you've never worked or are a disguised employment cheat you'll get the same as the neighbour who's paid NI all his life.
  12. We are already in the thick of stagflation just a question of whether they can keep the lid from blowing off. Is there a problem with having a low value currency. Presumably foreign income generators like tourism and exports benefit and British sourced products are lower cost than imported alternatives stimulating activity.
  13. Selling off all the council housing stock plus mass immigration not looking such great ideas now.
  14. Got to reward those hard workers on benefits. It takes real endeavour to work those tax credits as hard as they do.
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