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  1. Given that BTW have driven the prices far beyond the means for any hard working person to buy. I think legislation should be passed, in that the right to buy advantage should be extended to those living in private accommodation. Just as it is for thos living in subsidised social housing.
  2. Great you come up with the answer, lets put the poor in concentration camps, well done,you. Ever thought of being a health minister?
  3. Voice of reason, i'm not going to win with you. I guess your argument applies to other conditions its the same as people with lung cancer... lay off the fags, the people who die of aids.... stop shagging around, .......and people who commit suicide, shouldn't of let themselves be sexually abused, raped etc. etc!
  4. Inflation is running higher, it has little to do with hpi. more to do with sof and hard commodities, wheat is higher because of poor harvests (secondary to global warming? who knows?) Oil, well obvious higher demand , BRIC nations. Interst rates will curb spending, I doubt they will have much impact on overall inflation just yet, people still need to eat, or should that be a privalige for the rich
  5. If the teratment for obesity is that easy why is the 50% of the naion O/weight. You will note, if you read, that most of that percentage are in the lower socio-economics, who can't see the point or and end to their miserable existances, as they are living in run down council estates, unable. It is a medical condition more than laying off the pies, as a treatment!!!
  6. I think as human beings we are all scum. Look at what we are happily doing to the planet.
  7. But I thought we lived under a socialist government, where things are a tad fairer. A woman I know of, has been told she will die umless she losses some weight. She is 20 stone and is 22years old. Apparently there are no obesity services in her central london pct. Guess she will have to die right, because as she is on benefits wont be able to afford private health care, Good isn't it?
  8. I was reading the mail on sunday today. It had section on first time buyers. What has left me feeling angry and low in mood is that footballers (premier division) and other overly wealthy people are buying huge ammounts of property (to BTL) to further their wealth. This, of course, drives property prices, ruther. On the next page was stories of friends pitching in to buy a property to LIVE in. It breaks my heart to think that FTB , and in fact all of us, are being screwed by the rich in this way. The working classes, have, in my opinion, put the footballers where they are. This is how they are repaying us. Don't these alleged human being have a conscience? A large part of me thinks and really hopes that this global warming happens sooner rather than later, because greed is hurting and killing us all.
  9. How's about this then, The US housing market is allegedly in freefall. The dollar is head to the 2dollar:£1 mark. This spells trouble to us to!!! Get ready for a bumpy 2 years ahead. Hedge your bets and buy into funeral shares, there is going to be a lot of suicides
  10. Wouldn't it be nice to see the fat ******ing arrogant asshole writhing in pain as he has a massive conoray. Becoming permanantly disabled, having to sell his assets to fund 24 hour care to support his miserable selfich ****ing existance.
  11. just to say we have all been forcasting doom and gloom for years now, nothing is happening. It does still bewilder me that house prices are at historically high multiples to wages. Me and the other half are on 80 grand between us, that would just get us a SMALL 2 bed flat in london. What is going on?
  12. [Yeah those were the words I was looking for. If you were to do that, all these greedy ass holes, buying to let, would suddenly realise that their investment isn't so good after all, hopefully cause a mass sell off, causing a fall in the market.
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