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  1. Can't as far as i'm aware. Its like me mailing them a blank sheet of paper then a month later billing them a few grand for it. They would have lost the sheet of paper used it or done something else with it, then really not been too bothered when some nutcase sends them a bill for something they know nothing about.
  2. We belive somone filled out a load of magazine adverts with our details in them. All the spam we get is in a name that dosnt exist and somone used that wrong name in all the cards etc.
  3. The "London Mint.... office" sent out a random coin to my house without any invitation then tried to sue us into paying for it.
  4. Indeed no worries. My story was over and other people found relevant things to discuss. I'm interested in what people have to say, hence why i'm here.
  5. Got my cheque for the postage I payed this morning. Issues resolved. Thanks to everyone that took any sort of interest in my posts JG
  6. Got my bar this morning. Though no sign of the cheque for the postage I had to pay to send them back their silver. Cheers JG
  7. Received an e-mail from B&co; They said that they had 2 orders with the same surname and that it was indeed a mix-up at their end. They apologised and stated if I posted back the parcel, They would send out my order with a cheque to cover my postage costs. Also, the coins (~400mm in diameter) were in individual plastic pockets (square ~500mm x 500mm) , though a couple coins do appear to have slight marks on them. The company appears to be very reasonable so far, but, It shall be into the new year before this is fully resolved (meaning I have my hands on my order). Cheers JG.
  8. Indeed I wager the other customer may have been very happy. But s/he may have ordered the rounds for x-mas presents etc. so it may cause equal inconvenience. The value of stamps on my package was £9.15. I was quoted £7.50 for postage. I did think the package was heavy, but this being my first order from B&co I accepted that they may have included some flyers, marketing material or the like. No doubt I shall be recording any future openings in the same way. Thanks for the tip. JG.
  9. This morning in my mail I signed for my long awaited backage from Baird & co. When I opened it, much to my surprise, I found 30 1oz silver coins as opposed to the 50g gold bar I was expecting. I'm sure that my order will be sorted at some point, but I shall certainly have to wait till after new year. Has anyone else ever had their orders jumbled by B&co and knows just what sort of procedure I'll have to endure? Cheers JG.
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