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  1. Hmmm. Printing money and spending it stimulates demand. More demand causes businesses to increase production capacity. Production Capacity is wealth. Of course, the printing has to metered according to inflation rate.
  2. Now we are getting somewhere. Can you please drop names here? or you only trust your own experience only? Mansoor
  3. So, you don't think of the west as being more and more left minded (in McGhilchrist sense) as time has gone on? You basically disagree with him. correct? Mansoor
  4. Hey. I am going to change the topic here. Have you checked-out Sceppy's blog? The following about the left brain and making of the western civilization is really interesting on his blog entry: http://liminalhack.wordpress.com/2011/02/06/devils-advocate/ Mansoor
  5. Well. I am working toward an entry into heaven (yes, i believe in all that jazz). A different kind of "crank on". But you are right. Just wanted to clarify. Mansoor
  6. Be cool man. We don't NEED to be conversing here on HPC either. But we want to, right? Life is about truth and spreading the truth. The spreading part is optional but feels good. Mansoor
  7. Just pour water over it or let it just burn out (take the fuel away from it). Remove legal tender laws and forced taxation to start with. Get rid of passports and borders.
  8. It is good to have agreement if truth exists. It is good to converge on truth. Therefore promoting truth is good and we want others to agree with us on truth.
  9. So what would you like to see instead? Please explain.
  10. I actually agree with a lot of what you say. Religion/nationalism has mosty been used in the past to divide and inflict needless violence and yes I do realize how all this relates to money and the state and banking (taxation, legal tender laws, etc.). So, what you are saying is there should be no laws, no police, no military, no borders. Just individuals responding to other individuals' behaviors.
  11. Well. Sometimes we want made-up lines to help manage our affairs better. Suppose a small town had the "bubonic plague" or something extremely communicable. It would be a good idea to isolate them (help them but isolate them). And even stop one of the infected ones from going to another town (my town). What do you think? Mansooor
  12. I am confused now. If a gang goes after my wife it is ok to find another gang to help me to stop them. But if a "gang" with guns goes after my land (property) I should not try to find a "gang" to help me fend them off. right? The bad "gang" after my property is the offensive army. The responding "gang" trying to stop the bad gang is the defensive army. The whole theater is a war (just a label). What do you say?
  13. Two points: 1. Now change the scenario. A gang rape is going on on my wife. And next door is my brother and his sons live there. So it is wrong for me to ask my brother and his sons to stop the raping gang? Mansoor
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