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  1. What ever happened to the poster who made that excellent post about the current times looking like the 80's ? Hpc posters prodded him to get it published. I can't find it as it may have been on the old board, but will be worth repeating. Son of Limahl - that was him. Found it.... http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...2303entry2303 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, absolutely it must be Son of Limahl for a superb post about all things 80s and a parallel crash scenario. Bless him, yes bless him and bless all of you at HPC too. Love Derek
  2. Anything for you BBB. This will be the very last post from Derek Achora, and Sam my spirit guide. If I may before I leave, thank you everyone who has contributed to my discussion strands over the past few weeks. Yes, bless all of you, whether you be bullish or bearish in your outlook. I shall leave you with this simple thought. I sometimes feel that I have nothing to say and I want to communicate this. Over and Out - and I say this with respect Derek
  3. Hello Cabman or Mick if I may call you by your given name, Bless you, and thank you for your two questions, which I will of course be delighted to answer and this is done so to the best of my abilities. Having seen and heard me converse with him on both television and radio - (representing opportunities to reach both the public and friends in the World of Spirit for which I am particularly grateful) - I expect that by now you will no doubt be familiar with Sam my Spirit Guide, bless him. What you may not know is that Sam's first name - before passing over - was Masumai. This name is of Et
  4. Further to my earlier post If I may, I feel that it is important to add, that although a regular contributor to Talk Sport Radio, I have not posted this particular discussion point with a view to generating further interest in my work with the World of Spirit. However, and I say this with respect, should anyone be interested catching me on stage...then this evening then I'm playing The Hall For Cornwall, Truro (tickets still remaining) and The Congress Theatre, Eastbourne tomorrow night. Bless you Derek
  5. Hello everyone My good friend James Whale mentioned last night that Kirsty and Phil may be given an opportunity to plug their new book on Talk Sport Radio today. I'm unsure of programme schedules, but their frequency is 1086 MHz, if you're interested. With love and respect Derek
  6. Hello Monkey It was lovely to read your message, and thank you for showing interest in my work. If I may, and I mention this with respect, I can tell from your contributions to this forum that you are a passionate person with a singularity of purpose. If you want a career in politics then I see no reason why your drive cannot take you there, and if this is your wish, then I'm certain that you will attain success in this particular field. Spiritualist readings are a very personal experience, I've given many over the course of my career and the people I have tried to help report both good a
  7. Hello Micky, Doofy and Rents Must Fall (RMF) Bless you all for you kind messages of support and for mentioning my work on television concerning the World of Spirit. It is a great honour and privilege to have an opportunity to reach so many wonderful, wonderful people here in the physical world and hopefully I can continue to shed further light on this important and relatively uncharted territory of human understanding. In my view, and I say this with respect for other people's religions and belief systems, we have so much to learn from those that have passed over and my hope is that I can
  8. Hello BBB Thank you for your comments, which made me laugh out loud as usual. If I may make an observation - and this made is with respect - I can sense from your humour and willingness to share thoughts with others on this site that you are a compassionate and warm person. I have always felt this way. We all walk different paths in this life, and assuming that we are careful not to tread on others during our journeys then there will be nothing to worry about in the Afterlife. Bless you BBB Derek
  9. Hello Cabman I'm writing the following post to you with tremendous love and respect - especially for the journey you're embarking on;which as I'm sure you're finding out for yourself, takes real courage and determination. Studying is so important to all of us, particularly if we are to grow as beings here in the physical World. Bless you for your kind words, yes I mean that honestly, because I could sense a real tenderness in your message to me. Sam and I both thank you for these kindnesses and of course do pass on our warmest regards to Tony. He's a wonderful, wonderful, generous man w
  10. Hello Gavin Thank you so much for your warm words and for showing a genuine interest in my appearance on Talk Sport over the weekend. For future reference, their frequency is 1086 MHz, although since it is now Sunday afternoon, I'm concerned that you may have missed my radio slot. I would love to promote this wonderful, wonderful web-site to the good people in Britain, because I'm frankly very concerned that a hyper-accelerated housing boom is going to damage the future prospects for so many young people in our country. This in turn has potential to leave a terrible legacy for many future
  11. Hello Statscat I noticed with some excitement - and I say this respectfully - that others on this wonderful debating forum are finally expressing an interest in the fascinating realm of 'prediction', albeit confined to weather systems at the present moment. As you may already know, I focus my predictions on the World of Spirit aided by Sam; my trusty Spirit Guide. If I may, I read your posting concerning meteorological matters and felt compelled to make contact, because I could sense your anguish here in the physical realm. Statscat, and I say this with respect, please don't fret about thi
  12. Derek Achora


    Hello Pascal I sensed a tremor in your voice vibration and want to reassure you that there's nothing to be concerned about. I'm a full-time, professional Spirit Medium and live near Southport, North West England, with my wife Gwen, Jack (my poodle) and Penny my German Shepherd. I also have four cats. My first supernatural experience came as a child, when the spirit of my late grandfather visited me. When I told my grandmother, she was not surprised, as I was to learn that she herself was a medium. My early career was playing professional football with teams such as the legendary Bill Shan
  13. Derek Achora


    Van And I say this with respect, I sensed a warm golden glow in your aura just now. This is great news and you must be very pleased! Please…..yes, what's that Sam? Alright,…..please…if you will……thank you….. and blessings upon you too. Van, yes...there's a wonderful, wonderful lady at my side in the World of Spirit and she's trying to communicate with us now. It's a lovely kind dear lady and she has a message for you. Bless her. Yes, thank you Sam. This is only her second attempt at communication with the physical world, and she's still finding it difficult, but she's really trying so
  14. Hello Lou. I sensed a tremor in your voice vibration when you mentioned that your mum very kindly called you recently to let you know about two cottages that had been placed on the market in a village you both like. If I may, I read your posting and felt compelled to make contact, because I could sense your anguish, here in the physical realm. Lou, and I say this with respect, please don't fret about this matter. I have wonderful, wonderful news from the World of Spirit concerning your situation. I'm getting a communication from an elderly gentleman who says he'd very much like to pass on
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