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  1. Stunned when I saw the price, Then it dawned on me, they've 'knocked through'. Will probably go for well over asking price
  2. Message recieved..deployment at 2400hrs...10-4 old buddy kill all argentine hippies. Tally Ho!
  3. Look, if you lot have got such a problem with these adverts maybe you should talk to frank.
  4. Likely to get planning permission for such a venture?
  5. SSTC is the new BTL! I get the impression that much of the harrogate market is propped up by people who could afford to go down by 50k and write it off as foolish frippery, money out until the next bubble starts foaming. Seems to be split by those who are starting to get a twitchy snippet valve (200k houses dropping rapidly to circa 175atm) and the other bulls who cannot accept a new reality, some seriously shady properties making a smell in the 200k price range! Harrogate is probably one of the most protected markets in the NE though, BOMAD is strong on this one!
  6. We're keeping a fairly close eye on Harrogate, looking to buy, but in no hurry, will probably hang fire till post-election. One street, previously substantial terraced housing, now probably 60-70% houses subdivided into flats luxury apartments(sorry 'bout that) and HMO's / single rooms e.t.c. Seems to have been a rash of signage boards appear in the last 10 days, a few to let but many 'for sale' Sounds like the smart money is getting out whilst they can. Very rarely get the local free paper delivered, but popped onto the mat this week - lots of new instructions (lots!) All these new ho
  7. Come on..... someone.... anyone...? Don't worry Kurt, the internet spreads it's web far and wide, I'm sure someone will be along shortly to second your motion Gilfage
  8. Think I heard one of JL's top bods talking about it on the radio this AM. He called it a 'purple patch' or summat, caused by low IR's and said he expected the forthcoming results to be a lot less healthy. Was'nt listening too carefully as I was a bit concerned about my speedo reading 40mph despite the fact I wasn't moving!
  9. Surely farming is just like any other industry and is subject to the market forces of globalisation. Whilst I know nothing about EU subsidies, these seem akin to bank bailouts and create zombie businesses. I have met wealthy farmers, these tend to be larger operations farming hundreds of acres (seems that arable is a more profitable model than dairy/mixed), these are however the minority and smaller operations with negligible profits seem to be more common. A lot of farmers do put in some serious hours, would anyone begrudge a decent income for a hard days graft? At the end of the day, we
  10. Went up to Leeds today, which quite frequently do on a weekend. We usually start early and get some brekkie, then hopefully get finished by about 12 O'clock at which time it is starting to get mental. Very surprised, was dead at 11:30, and even at 12:30 I reckon it was about 60-70% of a normal saturday and it never got any busier. Could be just an anomaly - most people probably done the sales by now, but seemed a bit unusual. Again, did'nt see anyone loaded down with bags, despite 50% reductions in most stores. Cinema was fairly busy though.....
  11. Probably right if you compare bad triple glazing with good double glazing, surely more useful having a like for like comparison. Double Glazed (6mm K Glass / Argon cavity/ 6mm clearfloat) U-value = 1.5W/m2K Triple Glazed (6mm K glass / Argon Cavity / 6mm clearfloat/ Argon cavity / 6mm Clearfloat) U Value 1.1 W/m2K Approx 25% inprovement
  12. Yep feel really sorry for anyone past part 1 in architecture degree, all that work and basically F'k-all chance of getting a job. Experience, like in so many careers, probably holds more value than a qualification when there is such a big surplus of people to recruit from. Wouldn't be so bad aswell if practices were taking on students, but this seems to have come to an end at most firms. Right, this type of deflated economic activity is not something that can easily measured, effectively the part working week would be the equivalent of approx 2 redundancies. From the latest I've heard o
  13. Thought I'd share my experiences of the last 18 months or so in architecture. In Summer '08 our practice had approx 16 staff, order books were full and from the start of the year our balance sheet was projecting a bonus for everyone of a least a months wages. Work started to get cancelled, scaled back or put 'on hold'. We had a big increase in bad debts and by the start of '09 we were struggling to break even with very little work on the horizon. A round of redundancies was started and 3 people were made redundant, we'd also had a high level of natural wastage over this period so by summer
  14. Unfortunately it wasn't you who I been trying to get hold of all these times, do you work for a Local Authority - Maybe each one has a different set of home working rules? How would they know who was trying to get hold of them? Very rarely do they ask who is calling, I'm therefore inclined to think they're basically idle b*stards. Another of my friends works for a university, and gets usually 1-2 days per week working from home, sometimes it will coincide with my GF's day off and the two of them often spend the day shoppping / drinking overpriced coffee / visiting the cinema e.t.c Which
  15. Working from home was supposed to be some kind of panacea that would increase productivity, cut overheads and make business more profitable. Problem is it only seems relevant to certain jobs and almost always in a restricted capacity. Don't really want to send this thread into another public sector bashing fest (OK, maybe just a bit! ) In my job I frequently have to deal with LA's planning / development departments and from what I've seen the gravy train is all 1st class tickets. Why can I not speak to you if you're working from home? Surely your role is fundamentally predisposed to the n
  16. Interesting post. Makes you sound like a bit of a bacofoil bowler wearer though, any chance you can extrapolate some of your points or provide some links? BTW Will Joe McEldrery make chrimbo No. 1?
  17. Hello all, been a long time lurker, thought it was about time I broke my cherry! I just fall into the back end of generation Y I suppose (born 1981). At the moment i'm counting my lucky stars that I was not a 'Z' er. It is very apparent that we are as a generation have been screwed over by our parents malfeasance, however in the grand scheme of things we are getting it easy! I feel really sorry for the next generation, who seem to be getting a double tickler up the ass. The OP posited 'what can we do?'. Unfortunately not a lot, our generation is full of shirkers who have had it too eas
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