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  1. Having just been watching Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, I have a delightful image of you tottering round the doors in a fake set of grey whiskers and a battered bowler hat, pretending to be selling clothes pegs. Sounds a decent idea though. What was you opening gambit when they answered the door?
  2. I'm in the process of biting a several-year-old bullet and finally buying. Narrowed it down to a couple of flats, and I'm now wanting to check how many of the other flats in the buildings are rental properties, and how many are owner-occupiers. Anyone know of an online resource that might furnish useful info? Or indeed an offline one? Council department etc?
  3. Surely abolishing the tax subsidy for unoccupied properties decreases the administration needed, by simplifying the system? And surely changing the subsidy to a surcharge could likewise be made to result in efficiency savings, given that 1) There will already be a most comprehensive list of self-certified subsidy claimants, and 2) The number of people who stand to benefit from lying is decreased from the (occupied) majority to the (unoccupied) minority? Yeah, I found the way he pseudo-intellectually contrived not to repeatedly and grotesquely misspell the word "bureaucracy" particularly diverting.
  4. g k

    Glasgow Prices

    Zoopla doesn't seem to get them up until about 7 weeks after the sale date. But the Registers of Scotland site can have them up as soon as a week after. Yes they do. There has been another flurry of sales and Under Offers since my last post a couple of weeks ago. Intially I was hoping (like ccc above) that the upper section of the market would see the falls that the budget section has already seen. But I'm now more of the opinion that we are seeing a greater stratification of the market - i.e. the difference in price between cheaper properties and premium properties is simply growing. I guess this makes sense, in that it mirrors the increasing wealth disparity in our society. And the fact that the current economic climate, and the reining-in of crazy 95%-type mortgages, means folk at the lower end of the market can't afford to buy at all unless prices are slashed. I think I am quite close to buying. Found a nice place, planning to offer around 35K under the home report price. Fingers crossed.
  5. Ah, good news, I guess it does it automatically. Looks like nothing has changed price in my areas yet....
  6. I have Property Bee installed already, and it is indeed worth its weight in honey. But it only helps me with past price changes, whereas I'm hoping to find something which will update me Immediately if a seller suddenly cracks and drop 30K for a quick sale...
  7. Wondering if anyone knows a website or tool which will inform me by email as soon as the asking price is altered on a given property? I'm signed up to Rightmove and Zoopla, and they both inform me when new properties come on the market, but they don't seem to inform me of price changes to existing ones. I'm looking for a less time-consuming alternative to going online every couple of days and going thru each property of interest one by one...
  8. That's not entirely true. In my experience the people who moan most about the poor quality of public services are usually the same people who moan most when their Council Tax is raised to provide the level of service they demanded. The maxim of "you get what you pay for" - which most folk seem to readily acknowledge when buying consumer goods - suddenly seems to become entirely lost on them when it comes to public services. If we aren't happy with the level of service, we should be agitating to be allowed to pay more to improve it. Alternatively, if we want our Council Tax reduced, we should be willing to accept the reduction of service that goes with it.
  9. g k

    Glasgow Prices

    Yes, I think buyers are already grasping this, and sellers (despite an understandable psychological inertia) are beginning to admit it. Problem is, if there was a 40% drop in house prices within a 24-month period, millions of people would be financially ruined. Our eccentric UK economy would collapse in a way that would make Greece look like Liechtenstein. That's why the Government will do whatever it takes to shore them up. I'm pretty sure they realise they are unsustainable - but they need the fall to be a 10-year gradual decline, rather than a catastrophic collapse. In practical terms, I think it all comes down to how important the financial side of things is to us as individuals. For me, I'm perfectly willing to wait a year or even two to get my dream place, cos I know that my buying power is increasing with every passing month; but bottom line is I'd rather be living my life than saving money. IMO pretty much no-one in the UK who buys a house in the next decade can reasonably expect it to hold its value. But short of indefinite renting or moving abroad, there's nowt for us but to bite the bullet at some point...
  10. Pot. Kettle. Black. And the moral is - if you're intent on reducing an extremely complex socioeconomic situation to a single kneejerk response, don't be surprised if someone paraphrases you.
  11. Well I haven't had the (dubious?) pleasure of meeting him, but he was notable in the Labour Party for his vociferousness in attacking the shameful Digital Economy Bill - remember the one that was rushed through a nearly-empty house in the final few hours of the Labour Government? One of the most repressive pieces of internet legislation I've yet seen, and a disgrace to our country both in its content and the underhand way it was forced through. Watson spoke up loud and clear against that. Could it be that the issue(s) your "yes man" comment relates to were simply ones that he actually believed in anyway?
  12. To be honest, unless the sun was your number one Must Have, I wouldn't put Sydney on the list at all. Germany is a great place to live - in fact my main surprise at the list was that Berlin isn't in the top ten. It's a real cultural hub at the moment. Also seemed a bit silly that Montreal, Barcelona and Tokyo didn't rank higher, but then I don't fully know their criteria...
  13. Yeah, this is what annoys me about him. He portrayed himself for a fair while as a Libertarian with a Plague-on-all-their-houses attitude. But he's increasingly revealed as a straight-ahead Tory flagwaver, whom I wouldn't be surprised to see writing for the Daily Mail. Which is rather disappointing to an actual Libertarian like myself. Watson to me has the virtue of having his colours nailed to the mast, even if they're not colours I entirely approve of.
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