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  1. Seen it in Saudi plus other place's in the Middle East. You'd have the Gold Souk, The Carpet Souk, The Shoe Souk. Always found it amusing over there. Saves time on shopping. Chop Chop Square in Riyadh did corner the market in executions though. The side line of chopping off thieves hands was always useful in those quiter times. Perhaps we could send all the EA over there?
  2. The Scot's are far too canny a nation to seriously consider it. Have you any idea how much of your tax pound goes north of the border? I remember reading something recently which indicated the average spend per head of population seriously favoured the Jock. Why would they even consider it ? Outside of a [email protected] up Braveheart moment no Scot would really entertain it. IMHO
  3. The trick my friend , is to find a job that will pay the mortgage , pay the local taxes, and keep you happy. If you have a good job lined up good luck to you. Question : You mentioned earlier ( I think ) that you're off to a flatter part of Canada? If it's where I think it is , what are you going to do about the boredom?
  4. To Nickd. Thanks for that. It's good to hear from someone who's been there and done it. I too am a northener, but live in Surrey. I married a Southern girl and that's what has kept me in the area. Plus the kid's schools etc. Otherwise I agree with all of your comments. Where were you in BC?
  5. I still am. Paid my 30 years . The shift from 44 to 30 was a nice surprise. The point of starting this thread was that I'm struggling with a decision which affects 4 lives not just my own. My eldest son who was unhappy at 13 , is now interested in going back because he is assured of a good college position in the States. He's an athlete , run's for Surrey. Anyone with kid's would agree that they change like the wind. We all miss the ski-ing , and my wife is now getting worried about what the boy's are growing up in. Especially since 7/7 and the recent Heathrow threat. We live near Woking, which has a big Moslem community which to be frank is a bit threatening. They are certainly aggresive. Even the women . There's been a number of incidents where gangs of Pakistani youths have attacked young white boys. We wont let ours anywhere near the town centre on their own. Recently our eldest wanted to go to the Cinema with his mate's to see the Borak movie. We drove him there and picked him up afterwards . I'm not looking for plaudit's here. Most parents would do the same. The point I'm making is that he's 15. We are molly coddling our son's We live in a fairly affluent middle class area, but we seem to live in a state of fear. Will this ever change ? This is getting back to the main point in a round about way. Is Canada a better bet ? The feed back I'm getting is varied , but I do appreciate other peoples opinion , hence the thread. Thanks to all those that have replied
  6. I returned to the UK with my family nearly 2 years ago from Canada. Kelowna BC. My wife thought life there was bland. My eldest son , then 13 didn't like it so to keep a happy family I agreed to come back. This was after being there just over a year. I went there with a view to buying a small business and raising my family. The business didn't work out ( Dodgy seller ) I'd like to point out that I've lived in a few countries , Saudi, South Africa, Belize, and worked around Europe for a few years so travel and different culture is nothing new to us. My brother asked the question last week: Would you have come back if you know what you know now? He was referring mainly to 7/7 and the recent threat at Heathrow. My immediate answer to my brother was probably not. But not just for those reasons. This mass immigration policy is starting to worry me as I'm sure it is most people.The House Price issue trundles on , I'm still bearish and believe in a major correction in the next year or so. I suppose my question to the forum is : Would you have come back , and would you consider leaving again? I still have residency in Canada I'm 51 with a 15 and 13 year old son's.
  7. The market is [email protected] for one reason . GREED. Sadly most of us are guilty. It was alway's going to come to this. No FTB's , no market
  8. Does anyone have any links to data showing all the provinces in Canada. I used to live in Kelowna BC and and would like to know what's going on
  9. Absolutely bang on ! It's getting like HPC/ Debt is bad is the " New Black "
  10. Whilst we see the beginning of the collapse gathering momentum, I've not seen any affect on the Canadian housing market. I realise there will be a bit of a lag, but nothing so far. please correct me if I'm wrong. Does anyone have an opinion on this ? Does anyone have any data on the Canadian market?
  11. One of the most sensible posts I've seen on here. I returned to UK from Canada 20 months ago. I came back because I thought Canada was a bit bland and a business opportunity fell through. I asked my wife the other night " Would we have come back if 7/7 had happened whilst we were there, or any of the troubles that are currently on the go ( alleged thousands of moslem immigrants mainly from Pakistani origin wishing us harm )? I'm starting to think I've made a mistake coming back
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