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  1. Young mum's. Or possibly young mums'. There, not their! Please tell me you are pulling my leg.
  2. I hope that that missing apostrophe was intentional. Anyway, I think that a leaving age of 18 is a good idea, but that it has little to do with the price of eggs (or houses).
  3. It's always funny when people criticise the education system then demonstrate they can't spell.
  4. This seems the likely explanation to me, but it would be nice to actually know how they calculated the figures. If the 18% is FTBs, then there is a way to go!
  5. From the bbc website (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/guides/456900/456991/html/default.stm#) Income spent on housing: 18% (including bills/maintenance) Which is true? Why the difference? They must represent something different. This figure seems to me to be crucual and it does not help when such huge differences are claimed.
  6. "The truth is matthew taylor is as i described him. The answer to your question does it make me feel big. Well to be honest i did get a bit of a thrill and went a bit stiff The bit where you fixed it is now altered and will continually be altered till i get bored." Talk about acting like a teenager...
  7. To this: Matthew Taylor F*CKING **** (born 1960). Does it make you feel big to vandalise an encyclopaedia? Fool. I have fixed it.
  8. Does anyone have any specific advice for haggling on rent in flatshares? Thanks, B.
  9. What is it about threads with God in the title being ressurected?
  10. Can you not just rent a bigger property?
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