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  1. says in the evening post that there's a public exhibition of the homes to be built on the bible college derwen fawr to be held at united reformed church, sketty park rd on wed 23rd jan 2.30pm til 7
  2. think there's a new estate agent opening in sketty opposite the shell garage next to coral. sign outside says something like parker baker or bater
  3. at least swansea doesn't have earthquakes like in nz.
  4. people don't pay a premium just for a sea view, they pay it for all the location, lifestyle, facilities and infastructure that swansea offers. things like access to nearby dentists, doctors, hospitals, leisure facilities, parks, beaches, marinas, swimming pools, gyms, nightlife, pubs, restaurants, post offices, banks, local shops, bigger shops, M4 motorway connection, mainline train station, regular bus service, schools, colleges, places for people to work like universities, hospitals, steelworks, industries and business parks, quality of life in terms of low crime, pace of life, scenery and
  5. Little Langland hotel has been up for sale for a long time. Patricks with rooms & Tides Reach have both recently expanded so B&B's can survive. also cafe valance has opened rooms as well.
  6. I rather a bit of rain than earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes and snow blizzards. And there's premier league football as well within five miles.
  7. Couple of blog articles Swansea - http://www.jonestheplanner.co.uk/2011/04/swansea-bay-ospreys.html Cardiff - http://www.jonestheplanner.co.uk/2011/03/cardiff-bay-blues.html
  8. maybe that's why developments in swansea marina/sa1 have been so successfull because you have everything on your doorstep and within walking distance like shops, supremarkets, cafes, restaurants, beach, prom and just across road from the city centre
  9. "The economy is about to get seriously bad in Wales and in Swansea in particular." disagree. Swansea will do far better than most places in wales because it has more jobs, businesses, facilities, infastructure, etc go and visit some towns around wales and across the uk and they don't compare to the investment, activity, job creation and facilities that swansea has.
  10. http://www.sabrain.com/grape-olive-swansea
  11. there going to be some competition along the front there with all those restaurants. just to name a few - grape& olive on tower top, meridian cafe underneath tower, patti raj, bay view, rose indienne, peachy keans(formerly china china), charlies, pump house, gallinis, vesovious romantica, ice house, thai elephant, la parilla, beefeater, village hotel, etc
  12. didn't the guy who owned knights go off to australia ? the council putting up the parking charges in mumbles must have an effect as well and charging to park in the winter months which used to be free. mumbles must find it hard to compete against swansea with lots of new places opening up like patti raj, SA1, etc the success of the bendy buses also pulls people into swansea centre instead of them heading down the mumbles and the new bus station is opening soon as well.
  13. so what's new, the bbc swansea bashing, isn't that what they always do. lots of investment resently into wales has all come around swansea bay area. tata blast furnace, m4 relief road, amazon, coed darcy, sa1, hsbc, backcheck, virgin atlantic, toyota, new bus station, dry docks reopened, cork ferry, institute of life sciences 2, etc and hopefully the margam super pit as well. funny how they don't mention any of this ?
  14. the new beefeater restaurant on sa1 is opening in a few weeks as well
  15. swa

    Mumbles Nimby's

    http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2010/09/22/39m-seafront-development-plan-triggers-protect-mumbles-group-91466-27315657/ didn't take long for the mumbles nimby's to try and stop this pier development. after the eyesore of oystermouth square you think they would have learnt their lesson.
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