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  1. Thanks Flopsy, that's really good advice. Sending a registered letter to the landlord is more difficult than it should be as the owner (actual landlord) lives overseas and his address was given to us on the lease. The acting landlord who is a friend of his lives in the UK and we're supposed to contact him about any repairs etc - we have his phone number (which always goes straight to voice mail and he doesn't get back to us) but not address. It sounds like a good idea though to send a registered letter to the owner and also advise the acting landlord of what we're doing. Did you get quotes over the phone from plumbers or in person? I'm quite irritated at having to go through this again as in my last rental, it took 3 months to get the toilet fixed and many, many phone calls and now I have to go through it all again in a new place. Renting can be a pain! I now know to check the hot water before agreeing to rent!
  2. I moved into a rental flat 2 months ago and found that the hot water in the ensuite shower wasn't working. I let the landlord know immediately and a plumber came over to look at it about a month ago, but hasn't been back to fix it. We do have the use of another shower as there are 2 bathrooms but it's very inconvenient as we rented it with 2 showers and expected them both to be working! The landlord is ignoring our phone calls and won't get back to us. We're not happy to pay full rent given that it's taking so long to be fixed (and we don't know if it will actually be fixed!), I'm going to suggest we pay less rent as we haven't had the use of the shower for 2 months. Is £100 less per month on a £1600 per month lease fair? And what do we do if he doesn't get back to us (again) when we suggest this? Just deduct it from our rent anyway? Has anyone had similar problems? Thanks!
  3. We have asked for the lease to be changed to 18 months with a 12 month break clause (as this is what we initially discussed with the agent) and I think we will cross out the clause in the contract saying that we agree to pay the renewal fee. At least if we do end up having to pay a renewal fee it won't be for 18 months.
  4. I've got another question before signing my tenancy contract - the contract does not specifically state that it will become a statutory periodic tenancy after the fixed term has ended. Does it automatically become this by law even if it's not mentioned in the contract, or should it say so in the contract? (It's an assured shorthold tenancy.) I'm trying to avoid being forced to sign a new fixed term agreement at the end of the fixed term as I would prefer a periodic tenancy after 12 months and am not sure if I should ask for this to be added to the contract. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for your advice too. How common are these renewal fees? I've never come across them before in previous rentals.
  6. Thank you, that's really helpful. I will try to get the contract changed to that - I don't have high hopes as the agency is being really difficult but I will try!
  7. Thanks for your advice. The contract (which we haven't yet signed) says upon the expiry of this notice period (one month after 11 months for tenants, two months after 10 months for landlord) the Tenancy Agreement will cease. This leads me to think they will try to force us into another agreement (and therefore renewal fees) as after one year there will be no agreement.
  8. I'm just in the process of renting a new flat and in the contract, there's a clause that says you have to pay the agency £60 towards the cost of any renewal document created for any extension to the tenancy. I am really not happy with this as I plan to be a long term tenant and don't want to pay these fees every 6 months/year. I advised the agency I would not agree to the cost and they told me it's non-negotiable. I've never had to pay such a fee in 10 years of renting - what is everyone else's experience? Has anyone negotiated to have it left out of the contract if it's in there? Another question, my contract is for 12 months and doesn't state what happens after that time. Will it automatically become a periodic tenancy when the fixed term ends even if it doesn't state this in the contract? Thanks for any help!
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