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  1. Well for him its only if his wife leaves him, but i don't know if they will get divorced in UK or India. If its UK he might get a nice payout to live comfortably for the rest of his life lol. The others I'm not so sure. What will Bojo do after politics? Write a few headlines in the column newspapers, his memoirs perhaps? Or just work on doing speeches? Maybe a stint in comedy?
  2. knowing the number of job vacancies that are out there at the moment, couldn't have come at a better time to sit as a backbencher and secure yourself a deal so that in a year's time you can exit politics quietly if things don't go to plan.
  3. Prices keep going up on stuff. I do my weekly shop and stuff is up like an average 0.20p. This is on a weekly basis. Some petrol stations near me have stopped advertising their fuel prices as it goes up faster than they can keep up with!!
  4. Great, does make logical sense. So i should just take a HTB loan as big as i can get and sod the rest. Thanks British taxpayer people, i will head off now and do that It explains once again that the government will do whatever it takes to stop a HPC.
  5. Ok makes sense. I wonder then what happens if they don't repay? Do the government ask for the banks to buy their share, then repossess and sell? Does the taxpayer pay the interest to keep the house? As bad as it is, i wouldn't mind buying a HTB repo, most of them will still have new build guarantee and they would have to sell it below the HTB inflated price...... A win win! I wonder what it would take to get there, and whether we are arriving at this point?
  6. I see, but assuming that the HTB equity loan interest is already high, then add the remortgaged part to that and put the two chunks of debt i would assume this would add up substantially? So e.g. someone bought a flat for £100,000 paid 5% deposit £5,000. Got the HTB at £20,000 that means the £75,000 gets remortgaged at a higher rate, plus the high rate of the existing HTB loan. That's going to be a rough ride? Obviously the above are basic numbers, but if you multiply this by someone buying on the HTB cap then they would owe lots.
  7. Wonder if that includes the Help to Buy people. I think the first cohorts are now having to repay? If the value of the house has gone up doesn't that mean they owe more/have to pay more?
  8. Well, at least i know its not just my patch then. I wonder if EA's are doing this deliberately to counter the lack of stock available to sell. If they sell higher then they will get a bigger % than selling more than 1 house previously. This may be them encouraging sellers to put on for higher.
  9. Its good that you point out these listings. My area covers South East / East (i dont go/look as far out as Norwich) but i can see similarities in my patch. I looked at those 3 listings you posted and they are asking for like 100% on top of the previous sold price around 2016, 2018 etc. It is the same situation here. For some reason some sales have fallen thru, instead of lowering the price to get the sale agreed these greedy buggers just put another 10k on top. Just to add, these houses for the asking price aren't even nice. The insides need re-doing and the entire house looks tired. Its not something thats worth 500k in that area that yo could use move to. (except perhaps the newer bovis one, but it seems very overpriced for Norwich) That's just insane!
  10. I don't count myself to be a mathematician, in fact far from it but does the discussion above suggest that what the banks/property sites are reporting are slightly skewered if it is indeed that the top end of the market is seeing most of the transactions? That's if they are using mean values?
  11. Yes, i know this is a theory too. I am being cautious on this forum to not angry anyone and be as impartial as possible. There are two sides who are arguing here on this forum, with no side seeming to back down and look at some facts and learn why we got here. This is more complex than i thought when i looked into if further after it kicked off back in Feb. We are now in a full on proxy war (whether we like it or not) with Russia and using Ukraine as the battleground/scapegoat. The money being sent, yes as others have pointed out is minor in comparison but is a risky move to continue. I think someone needs to get the chessboard out and look at the options and see that there are literally no good out comes right now. Funding, no funding, support, no support.... Whoever deals with geopolitics in our Governments needs to sort this out ASAP via diplomatic means. Whatever the future outcome, China is watching and making detailed notes i am sure.
  12. Nope. Just observing through the fog of war.... It's a tricky situation and I think we should all be worried. TLDR - if Ukraine is seen as winning, the Russians will become more brutal - nuclear war/weapons is still a possibility. On the opposite if the Russians start winning, there is a danger of spread over to NATO countries, the US/NATO countries will not want to lose Ukraine. Its a tough situation, so i hope that we get some competent leaders (not ones who loves photo ops) + Russian people can find a way on their side to pressure their Govt somehow so a peaceful solution can be found.
  13. Any ideas on why it is still rising? Is it new builds skewering the figures? They keep increasing their plot prices and idiots keep buying them so....
  14. What it is saying is that if you are filthy rich (or a bank or investment arm of a kind) just buy up as many houses or land as you can then sell it back to someone and you will have a lifetime of guaranteed rent to be paid. You can pick when you want the increase. So lets remove BTL landlords but replace them with corporate BTL landlords that will choke everyone for many years.
  15. Well they had to find another prop for HPC somewhere, might as well be this. I KNEW THIS WAS COMING! it was either mortgage holiday (short term to defeat inflation/rise IRs) or extending the mortgage period. There is always a tool in the toolbox for these governments to increase HPI.
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