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  1. Yes, but didn't vote as I don't fit in any of the categories given so far. We own a small place outright, (as we live overseas), but are now in the, (very fortunate), position to being able to buy a larger place for cash, without having to sell first. (Our target UK area is a cheap one though; cheap compared to UK average, and EXCEEDINGLY cheap compared to London area.) We will be retiring soon, so we want to settle down somewhere nice, (UK or France), & enjoy what we worked for, while trying not to waste/run out of cash. We no longer see a bigger/nicer house as an investment/foolproof legacy, so a careful balance needs to be struck. Of course, we want somewhere pleasant place to live/end our days, where we can host friends and family, but we are reluctant to splash out too much of our money, as prices still seem high and ripe for more falls. (Same goes for house prices in rural France, as we are also toying with the idea of retiring there instead of UK.) Fortunately, we are not in too much a hurry and are very flexible on location. (Unlike most other people I would guess?) It might take us another 1-2 years to decide where we want to be & find something we want to buy, at a price we are comfortable with. But this is fine/no problem. FYI, we got 'stung' in the 1990 UK property crash and learnt a good lesson then, when we were younger. So I have been watching the 2007 crash with great interest. Not surprised the crash happened, just surprised it is taking so long to reach the bottom. I would love UK property prices to keep dropping, (back to 3-4 x annual salary which is how it was when I first started working), mainly as we have adult children who are just starting off in life and we worry how they will ever manage to buy their own homes. I am totally persuaded that property should be bought primarly to live in and not as an investment fund. Many people, (my age), have made easy money on their homes and had major house legacies from their parents, but this seems quite unfair to those people who couldn't join in the house-buying frenzy and re future generations who might not be inheriting anything from mum and dad. House-owning is under taxed in the UK I would say.
  2. I've also been having trouble accessing HPC site in the past few days. It's been very slow to get in and/or timing out. On another matter, why does the forum look COMPLETELY different when I am logged in? (As opposed to when I am not logged in, ie when I am considered a "guest".) I find it harder to navigate the "logged in" layout, so I only log in when I have to eg to post or to access polls etc. Does anyone else have this? (I am using Firefox and Windows 7.)
  3. FTSE going down at the moment, so his prediction might be accurate? I will be keeping an interested eye on things today now, to see whether if FTSE slumps to the 5,000 mark, as he thinks it might by end of this week.
  4. We recently bought a condenser drier to put in a window-less, boiler-room/cupboard, which is were the washer is meant to go. (There is a water supply pipe and a water drainage pipe in there.) The drier model we chose allows the water to be drained automaticall, if you set it up that way. So we got a "Y" shaped plastic piece fitted, & now the condenser-drier extracted water goes down/out same drain pipe as water from the washer. Before that, emptying the reservoir after each use was not a problem, just shows you how much water comes out of a load of wet washing! We actually don't use our drier much, (as we try to hang/air-dry stuff round the flat), but it works well when it is needed. Hope this helps.
  5. "But the HSBC survey does not address perhaps the biggest problem into which first-time buyers might be sleepwalking. The risk that various incentives to buy now could prove a recipe for negative equity. If house prices continue to fall, young would-be homeowners might do better to wait and save up bigger deposits to buy at lower prices. That’s a consideration the estate agents never mention."
  6. Well done. And thanks for letting us know if is possible to get such discount if you are patient and determined. I totally agree with the comment that knowing people in the building trade who are decent and reliable is a huge advantage when buying, as it can be very stressful getting expensive work done. I, (not knowing anyone & having zero knowledge of DIY/property maintenance), would really prefer a "ready to move onto" sort of house or ar least with problems I can live with! Hope it all turns out nice for you when you move in.
  7. Yes! Very thought provoking. (Am sending it to my kids who are at or just left uni to see what they think about it.) Thanks for posting.
  8. Yes, inside must be a problem! (So they are not letting you see it!) What about this one GloomMonger .... if you like being by the sea? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-17322786.html It looks like a decent enough 4 bedroom detached house at £198,950. Good for retirement, as within walking distance to all amenities. It just needs gutting and a massive make over? It says it is new to market, but I know for sure this is a re-advertisement situation ... to get round the property bee history? (It has definitely been on the market for a while ... but I can't recall at what price.) Must say I quite fancy this one myself, as I know & like the area, but there's just so much work to do on it.
  9. Quite a lot to drop in such a short space of time? Optimistic pricing, followed by a sudden reality check? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-16168839.html
  10. Market still appears stalled to me (as casual observer in N Wales)and in many cases prices look to be falling. No bounce as far as I can see and I would expect hard times for sellers ahead.
  11. I posted this story today too ... in Regional/Wales section. Prices of houses in my part of Wales (North Coast) are definitely going down ... I have seen lots of big price reductions since 2007 ... some 20%plus reductons seen on asking prices even now. And some properties (especially the larger houses) getting stuck on market for years .... as in 4 yrs or more! Vendors much be getting worried, but they are not putting prices down fast enough IMO ... so they are chasing the market down slowly ... and many not making a sale. I think they need to really slash their asking price to hook someone in at the moment? Cos I think word has got out (to the general masses) that prices are falling?
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-12673589 - 8 March 2011 Welsh housing market activity falls 'considerably' Activity in the Welsh housing market has fallen "considerably", with prices and sales dropping, say experts. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) found that 27% more of its members reported sales falling in February. It said house prices also saw a notable slump, with 58% of its surveyors reporting a fall. Property demand stabilised in Wales, but RICS said it was low in the UK due to high deposits needed by lenders. RICS said surveyors continued to report that a lack of buyer confidence was affecting the market, and said newly agreed sales, which are a good indicator of market activity, dropped significantly. Elsewhere, newly-agreed sales were most positive in London, south west England, Yorkshire and Humberside and Scotland, while other parts of the UK experienced particularly negative readings, RICS said. House prices in Wales also slumped as 58% more surveyors reported a fall rather than a rise in prices. This is in keeping with the UK trend where 26% saw prices fall rather than rise. Demand stabilised in Wales, but throughout the UK it is reported to be low and continues to be affected by the high deposits needed by lenders and fears over rising interest rates, said RICS. Tony Filice of RICS Wales and director of Kelvin Francis Chartered Surveyors said: "Increased levels of properties are coming onto the market in Wales, across all price ranges. "Vendors and viewers are starting to display a cautious optimism and, while there are a relatively low number of sales going through, we are also expecting higher levels of viewings. There is still a shortage of first-time buyers."
  13. Me too "swissy-fit". I would be very interested in energy ratings (DPE?) for French properties being advertised. I just hope they start to post them online ASAP! "Mr whocares" & I are looking to buy a permanent home in SW France. We want something quite large, but also we want a good heating system and double glazing. (And no major renovation/repairs.) Lots of large houses on the market atm in SW France, but not many that are flly modernised/easy/cheap to heat in winter in a good area. We are a quite fussy atm ... as we want a house which is nice to look at, not too far from shops/trains/culture/airlinks to UK etc plus energy efficient with no work required. We might eventually have to settle for less than 100% of our desires but for now we still hope to find that dream house. We will probably only start to look in earnest in France in autumn 2012. Until then, just watching the market on various websites & hoping prices will go down a bit more.
  14. Putting 3 beds min/max into Rightmove, ( & a 1 mile radius from my postcode, on N Wales coast) ... I got 8 pages of results! (No flats, all houses.) The most expensive was a 3 bed detached bungalow (£438k) down to £85k (for a quick sale) for a 3 bedroom end of terrace (which looks a bit run down). The traditional 1930s type 3 bed semis are from £140k up to £215k. I live in a 3 bed semi myself, & I think it's worth about £165k atm. In 2007, the peak price would have been nudging £185. (Nb I bought for £74k in 2001).
  15. I'm also getting the "Penn & Teller" (US video) when I click on the OP's link! Where can I find the (correct) clip? (I don't want to live in a parallel universe!)
  16. EAs in my area must be persuading ppl to lower their prices, as I got a (group) email/advert from a local agency yesterday saying "You’ve got 7 days to “Make Me an Offer I Can’t Refuse” on any of the following properties from 11th – 18th October 2010" This is followed by a set of 25 pictures ... of perfectly OK local family houses. The prices of these 25 houses not even specified on the advert!! I would estimate that in this selection of 25 on offer, the price range is 'lower-end' to 'mid-range ie £100k to £300k. (For £300k, or less, u can get a detached 4 bedroom round here. While £150-£180 buys a nice 3 bed-semi. And sub £100, a 2 bedroom flat conversion. ) "Top end" (£300k-£750k) have not yet resorted to this kind of "bargain basement" sales technique, tho are also starting to panic now, as winter approaches. Eg I went to view a new-to-market, 'biggish', ("top end"), house a week ago. ,(Viewed with the EA as the elderly owners were out.) After looking around, I had to say that even taking into account the property's size, location & large plot, it was still way over-priced IMO .. & guess what .... EA agreed with me! He said it was the owners who had insisted on marketing at that price. He said he had already warned them they would have to reduce the price by 10s of £thousands (rather than a couple of £thousand). However, to me it was at least £100k over-priced ... or more ... tho hard to say with houses which have no equalivalents in same area. (Only worth what someone will pay I suppose?) Prices are definitely starting to fall noticeably here. Will be interesting to see what will be the resulting prices next spring/summer, as vast majority of ppl here work in the public sector ....
  17. Colwyn Bay and Llandudno are the best coastal towns IMO ... got all the necessary shops/supermarkets, each have a railway station with links to London, plus freq local buses, both have nice promenades, some culture, easy access to airports (Manchester and Liverpool both less than 1.5 hr drive), also there's the car ferry to Ireland from Holyhead if u like that idea ...takes less than 2 hrs I think? Further west is also nice, but it can start to feel a bit too remote for my liking. I just like being near the sea, but I also want to be near to good transport communications (eg motorway/rail/buses). Going inland, or west, the trains are usually rubbish & u can get flooding in the valleys and snow probs in winter on hills. Going east u lose the beautiful backdrop of Snowdonia. It's where I grew up tho, so maybe I am just being sentimentally attached?
  18. Hello everyone. I am a frequent HPC reader & I have been watching house prices on the North Wales coast for the past 5 yrs. I am interested in well-presented 4-5 bedroom houses with a garden, not too far out from town. Prices in this category are £300k-£700k plus. (While average nice 3-bed semis are about £160k.) I would say prices here have dropped 10-20% on average since 2007. Some properties are still selling, tho I think the very low end (eg flats/terraces in not so good areas, often repossessions?) have dropped more, (possibly ending up at auction?), while the higher end and/or over-priced properties can get stuck on the market for several yrs at a time. (Sometimes while empty.) Examples of price reductions on higher end properties which have been on market for 2yrs plus : 1. This one has been on market for 3+yrs ... empty the whole time. Looks like a developer went in and thought they could sell quickly in 2007 for £575k. Now price has dropped to £475k. (£100k reduction, still not sold.) Still not worth the money though I feel. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-10654014.html 2. This one was on at £550k (I think), then reduced to £525k, then to £475k, then to "offers around £475k", now on at £450k. A nice big house but needs a lot of work doing. (£100k reduction, still not sold .) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-16311507.html 3. These news ones, (set of 4 on one plot, 2 of each style, built about 2-3 yrs ago), are still ALL for sale, prices down about £50k each so far, but still not shifting. They have tried many diffferent agencies and adverts lines like "last few remaining"," & "new to market" , which are a bit silly/sounding desperate a this stage? They are quite nice but very expensive and there are shared annual costs for the electric gates/access road & sewage pumps/rubbish bins or whatever. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/new-homes/property-29869526.html?showcase=true Lots more examples in the area which I could quote, of fairly decent price reductions on houses which are not selling, but, in summary, I think that the cheaper but decent smaller properties are keeping their value quite well & selling, while no-one wants the grotty flats in bad areas, and the pricier/up-market houses seem harder to sell, unless the vendor gets the price exactly right and/or is lucky. I can't see house prices going up round here in next few yrs with current economic climate, though it is v nice to live by the sea. They might stay static, but I am hoping prices will come down by up to another 20% before I decide to buy. Cheers for all your contributions which I enjoy reading.
  19. I have the exact same issue. As u say, Firefox works but IE7 doesnt. (I don't have IE8 to try.) This 1st happened to me several months ago tho. (I reported it to the webmaster who suggested using Firefox, which & is what I did,) If I want to stick with IE7, I found out that I can only browse as a member if I create a new user id/pswd and opt to "stay logged in". (Once logged out, can't get back in under IE7, due to the eror msg u described.) Another (different) access problem I am having is that I can only get into the site now via "http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?act=idx." If I try the main entry level (www.housepricecrash.co.uk) I get this error msg - "error: Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 113". This problem started about 2-3 weeks ago, & it coincided with changing network. But, as I have used this network I am on now before, (I switch between networks as I travel about), which was fine back in March, I'm not sure yet if the error msg is connected to changing network or just a coincidence. (Will possibly find out next week when I return home to my main network. )
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