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  1. Spotted another pram in the master bedroom. Looks like someone (adult female presumably) whose hobby is playing with those dolls which are very lifelike? Odd. (But harmless one hopes!) Wouldn't put me off but might alert me that someone living there is not right in the head!
  2. Standard now I think. I got one recently. Deadline to reply was end Oct. I replied to say I was living in France ... just like I TOLD THE BANK (I was going to France) before I left. So they should know, having my address here etc?! But still they send out the forms and I was supposed to fill them in and post back. Which I did. Then I got a 2nd lot of forms ... reminding me to reply before end Oct. Same day as I got a letter saying "thank you for returning your completed form" and which specified I was tax resident in ... the UK. I supposed that just means any UK arising income (n theory) woul
  3. I wouldn't call that a "penthouse" flat! Still very expensive IMO (after price reduction) for a 2 bed flat with no headroom at the edges?! (But I don't know the area I must admit.)
  4. Quite agree ... it looks very ugly now. (I wouldn't want to pay GBP 1.4million for that!)
  5. Transferwise seems good. https://transferwise.com/ We have used them for smallish amounts. (GBP --> EUR.) And a friend uses it. (I think for monthly amounts GBP---> EUR.) I have only read good things about them online. Nb There might be an upper limit per transaction but you could be multiple transactions if needed I suppose?
  6. Russsell Brand making fun of Oz politicians talking about the current HPI ...
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2960410/So-working-home-TV-presenter-Dan-Snow-aristocrat-wife-told-T-tear-7million-country-mansion-s-orangery-replace-two-storey-office.html TV presenter Dan Snow has lost a battle to tear down an orangery in the grounds of his £7million country mansion and build a two-storey office in its place The couple bought the four-bedroom house in Exbury, Hampshire, from convicted mercenary Simon Mann for a reported £10million in 2009.
  8. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-27166144.html Started at £1,250,00 in Aug 2010. Now offers over £695k. So asking price down by about 44% ... so far? (Too remote and too expensive to heat by the look of it?)
  9. Many years ago, I was posted to the Middle East, (for a proposed period of 3 yrs, which ended up being longer), and was paid tax-free in the local currency, which at that time was pegged to the USD. (So essentially it was USD.) I opened a local bank a/c for salary to be paid into, (in local currency), and then transfered roughly half my salary into GBP most months. (Kept half for living expenses.) This money was sent to an a/c I had opened offshore in Jersey, with same bank I used onshore in UK. Offshore is the way to go IMO. Nb I didn't have to go to Jersey to open an a/c. All was done by
  10. Interesting. (I also thought he was putting the weird accent on a bit!)
  11. Wow ... those graphs gave me a bit of a headache. But I tried to understand what the implications were for current and future house prices in France. < have a personal interest as still thinking of buying in France to retire > If u go to 1st link under heading "3.6. Property Prices and Rents in the Long Run : Presentations" of the OP's link (entitled "House Prices in the Long Run (January 2014)" , and then jump to p227, (of that French doc), you will see a graph called "Prospective sur les Prix ". (Never mind if you can't read French. Think it's quite clear.) To me (if I understand it
  12. This is exactly my view. Low interest rates allow people to believe they can afford to buy at a higher multiple than in the past. (Plus it's still cheaper than renting in some areas?) But if no-one would lend them the money, they wouldn't be able to go ahead? (Unless we are still talking about liar loans?) So IMO it's both "low interst rates" and "loose lending" ... and much less due to "lack of building". (There are plenty of places under-occupied, under-used and left empty.)
  13. So he hasn't made any gain then, in AUD terms? (So no CGT probs for him?)
  14. I am not an expert, but as far as I know there's no UK CGT liability for him if he has been resident outside of UK for more than 5 years, which seems to be his case. But this situation might be changing in the near future, (as mentioned by the poster above), to bring non-residents into UK CGT range for UK disposals. (Not yet in place, and details unclear.) So might be a good idea to sell before this happens! Will he have any Australian CGT liability though? (He needs to check re CGT in his country or residence.) Also he might have to look at any "currency movement", (GBP v AUS$), if he h
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