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  1. Thanks for the advice on this. Also found this link about changes in October 2015 - http://www.landlordsguild.com/getting-rid-of-last-day-of-period-from-section-21/ Looks like it doesn't have to end on the last day of a rental period if the landlord serves notice. If the tenant does, then it still does.
  2. Currently on a statutory periodic tenancy following an AST and received section 21 yesterday as landlord wants the property empty for a while to do some work apparently... The date requesting possession was 5th July - which is the last day of my rental period. Letting agent contacts me again today to say that the landlord wants possession sooner and issues another section 21 with a new date of 20th June - two months from today. If the landlord seeks a possession order based on the 20th June date, is that valid or will it be denied as it's not the end of a rental period?
  3. I like how the US circle is almost completely filled in with big fat arrows of debt. That doesn't even include China. And no relation to Santa sadly although I hear he's also concerned about rising fuel prices...
  4. Text below, but work clicking the link just for the BBC charts about which countries owe who. http://www.chrismartenson.com/blog/worse-2008/67136 Wednesday, December 21, 2011, 10:00 am, by cmartenson There are clear signs of a liquidity crunch in the asset markets right now, and the question I keep hearing is, Is this 2008 all over again? No, it’s worse. Much worse. In 2008 there was a lot more faith and optimism upon which to draw. But both have been squandered to significant degrees by feckless regulators and authorities who failed to properly address any of the root causes of the first
  5. I've tried to explain to my folks many times that me aspiring to buy my own home is on a similar level to them aspiring to buy a luxury yacht. There's little point stressing about something that is so far out of reach.
  6. http://www.oftwominds.com/blogaug10/Japan-lost-generations08-10.html Stumbled across this article earlier. Feels like we could be on our way to something similar here what with the prospects for our younger generations.
  7. So I handed in my notice last night. The good news is that the landlord was fine about it and all appears to be ok for us to move out on the 12th. In response to ro88, I have to agree with bug09, I'm obviously no expert either though. If your fixed term expired on the 15th June 2008, then your statutory periodic tenancy began on the 16th June 2008. So your tenancy period runs from the 16th of the month until the 15th of the following month. If you give notice today then my understanding is that you should say you are terminating your tenancy on 15th September. And you have to give at least
  8. Yes that was my understanding too. He might not be very impressed when we only serve one month's notice so I wanted to be absolutely sure on the dates to make sure it's valid. Off home soon and will serve him the notice tonight so fingers crossed it's all ok.
  9. Thanks mmm...beer. The exact wording in the tenancy agreement is - Commencement Date 13 August 2008 Rental Period Calendar Month Rent £XXX for each Rental Period payable in advance on or before the first day of each such Rental Period, the first day of each Rental Period being the 9th day of each calendar month. So we've been on a periodic tenancy for a while after the initial 6 month contract. We've spoken to the landlord about references for our new place so he knows we're on our way out. Only problem is he has stated several times that he thinks the notice period is 2 months from e
  10. I apologise for another thread on this, I'm just getting some conflicting information. We are on a statutory periodic tenancy and want to give notice. The commencement date in our tenancy agreement is listed as 13th December (the date we moved in), but the first day of the rental period is defined as being on the 9th day of each calendar month. I've just spoken to the Shelter helpline who advised me that the commencement date is the important one, so we can give notice today to move out on the 12th September. However, my understanding is that the rental period date is the key date. So now
  11. It's just for me and the girlfriend. It's only a 1 bed place in London. I've seen a few places including council tax in the rent which made a bit more sense, but throwing gas, water & elec in as well is pretty unusual. I will ask a few more questions tomorrow when we see it.
  12. Ha yes, I'll ask about the BT line and broadband tomorrow. I've got some friends in Australia I need to call. Just curious as to what's in it for the landlord.
  13. We are viewing a rental place tomorrow which is on the market at 1100pcm but it includes all bills. I asked the agent which bills exactly eg. council tax, water, gas, elec. He said it includes the lot. It sounded like a good deal but then I was wondering why you would do this. We could run up a huge gas & electric bill that eats into the landlord's income. What advantage is there for a landlord in offering a place inclusive of bills? The only reason I can think of is that they want to keep all the utilities and council tax under their name as they haven't told the mortgage company or som
  14. Thanks everyone for looking at this, the reply I got said he would be happy for me to stay, the key part is below - As you correctly note, the tenancy agreement will become a statutory periodic tenancy thereafter, requiring 2 months written notice from the next rental due date from either party to terminate. He's now taken a softer tone in his communication with me and so maybe it can work out. I've got a feeling this isn't the first time something like this has happened. I might try speaking to his other tenants in my building and see if their experience has been similar.
  15. Thanks Tim, that was my understanding too. Don't really want to move but will probably have to now things have deteriorated like this. Hopefully can make it on my terms though.
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