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  1. The problem I have with Schiff (net worth $80mill) is that he makes a chunk of his money on selling you his fund and ofc creams a % from that. He is laughing if gold goes up or down. I have a foot gold and a big toe in Bitcoin, but now see them both as different suits for the emperor. Salute to all who make cash of either.
  2. I remember the Express being one of the biggest house price pumpers back in the day. So certainly a change in headline.
  3. Htb for second steppers with families 100% guaranteed.
  4. Nope, a mixture between being on a train and new to crypto. I hope this is ok with you..
  5. I’m thinking of a small gamble in etherium in he hope that 2.0 will make a great enough impact for investors. Do we need a separate etherium thread yet, like gold and silver😄?
  6. Yup. It’s quite clearly a managed printathon to the next monetary system. Most people are to busy with life to really notice or care. So it’s a case of trying your best to understand this point in time and try and fill your boots (by that I mean financially survive:) ).
  7. I remember being angry about them wasting £150 million on the millennium dome. How embarrassing 😳
  8. I had some family live there the last 30 years. I spent six months there. The security and fenced off electric fences is a norm. This clip below is the milkman’s average day at work:-
  9. I remember when living in Kingston/surbiton at 1996/7 and the landlord selling up saying it was a bubble. He was expecting around £240k. I think now it’s probably close to a million. I bit the bullet and purchased in 2016 due to age and sick of renting. Life goes by fast and I have lost count of the beds sit’s , crappy flats and landlords I’ve gone through. My pet hate is the conservatives (may as well call them new labour). I thought they were going to stop the madness, but instead gave me almost another 10 years of pain and my stuff in boxes. I wouldn’t mind a HPC at all - I just can’t see it any time soon.
  10. 😃 I was going to have a read until I realised he is a just a Bitcoin fist pumper (I’m still a crypto fan). At least its a bit different from schiff
  11. I’m more worried about taking food from the USA , mass production, hormone pumped, gm...ect.
  12. Not the best source, but could this be the next leg up in gold? Could Macron top the excellent strategy Of Gordon and signal to the world there is a fire sale on gold , before selling? https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/frances-macron-urges-g-7-sell-gold-reserves-fund-bailout-africa
  13. Oh yea, the few public sector workers I know are loving it. Government love it and award themselves bonuses on the back of it. Who really needs a private sector any more as we can just print the money. Magical.
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