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  1. Absolutely agree. Though I find it interesting that confidence falls in a paper currency and moves to paper gold 🙂 Also how fast the sentiment can change when holding ETFs, so is making me plan more on when I will be selling a majority of my gold. Still a fair wait yet I think.
  2. Interesting article. I would have thought the physical demand to be higher. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/global-gold-demand-posts-decline-in-first-half-of-2020-even-as-etf-inflows-hit-a-record-2020-07-30
  3. You gotta look at timelines warlord. I think I was 34 when I was listening to the same mantra. I’m 47 now and the pied piper is playing the same song. The only difference is that I have a better understanding how money works. I’m with you on the shiny, but I don’t see it playing because of a dollar collapse.
  4. There is too much demand for the dollar, unlike Zimbabwe. I initially got sucked in by Schiff, as it was in tune with what I wanted to believe. Selling that story is how he makes his money and he makes a LOT (net worth $70-80 mill) You can be assured his investments are spread.
  5. I know me to,😃 but I do remember the good old days when everyone was saying the same. It then shot up to $1000+ Joking apart I appreciate all members giving their views. It’s a strange investment, as it has the tenancy to give you the fuzzy dream sentiment of what could be. Luckily I ploughed into physical in the good old days , which stopped me offloading so fast. The dreams are now still alive...I’m definitely going to offload in trenches if it gets to £2k. However what state will our country be in at that point and how much will a loaf of bread be?! Failing that it all goes to my niece and nephew.
  6. I’m not sure his heart is even in the right place, though not saying he is a bad guy. There is a reason peter Schiff, net worth $70 milll, is good at what he does. If gold goes down he will still make money from his investors. I think agriculture stocks are a great one to get into , though no idea of timescales. Not that I am complaining with my gold. I might even post a moon rocket picture, if it closes the week at a high.
  7. Looking at the latest immigration statistics it seems that the deficit in EU numbers were replaced by people from the commonwealth. Looking forward they are going to need a LOT more debt mules from somewhere, to cover this huge borrowing. Its the only model they have. I just can’t see them flogging the housing market any more , it’s a dead horse..... unless it moves back to two families sharing a house or the Japanese model. I guess we all just drift into this quagmire of sh1te.
  8. I remember very clearly Cameron and Osborne berating Labour for letting house prices rocket pre 2010. You can still see the clips. Any party can say whatever they like to get in power, even a manifesto means nothing. Once in, they do what the fek they like. At this point all political parties are so bad it’s pointless even discussing sides, it’s all the same. It’s like someone asking if I’d like to eat cat sh1t or dog sh1t. My answer is “surprise me”.
  9. For me yes,. My worse part was the conservatives getting in and almost doubling prices in the SW, where my line of work was. Any political party Is the same crud - no affiliation. I’ve spent the best parts of my life living in small rented places or bedsits, with my belongings boxed up. So I’m now hurtling towards 50, I don’t think I want kids anymore. I’d say house prices was a large factor in a few relationship splits, though also myself. I eventually purchased a nice place (cash) oop north in 2016. It’s back near my parents, which is another bonus. I’d still enjoy watching house prices crash. Younger people deserve a chance of a nice life and I’d enjoy watching landlords loose everything.
  10. I’d certainly welcome that and how it would reflect on the £, though with the sheer amount being printed I doubt the run is over. However I certainly won’t be selling my gold for a while and except it to climb with the markets, over time. I was just reading an article on how we paid back our war debt to the USA in 2007. In today’s terms £56billion. We have just spunked £350billion in a month, so far... It just begs belief. It certainly feels like the whol thing is about to blow, but then new rabbits keep getting pulled out the bag. 👀
  11. My stocks and shares are back and beyond the pre corona highs. Is this another backseat for gold? If your all in , it’s going to be a painful wait as life flys by 😳
  12. Another fellow sometimes bad on timing is Martin Armstrong and seems a bit more impartial on gold. He doesn’t love or hate it. His brief view is that a gold peg caused its own problems. The political bonus of elastic money - theory being it expands in times of need and ofc control (which is why I dont believe in bitcoin as a safe haven). His logical view is that gold rises with the breakdown in government confidence. Which I guess we are now seeing and most likely will get worse. I remember seeing a great map/chart of the money flows and the amount flowing into USA from the eu (into dollar and stocks), is eye watering. Liquidity and the dollar make sense to rise with gold, as warping was saying. My guess is that what ever new monetary system we move into will have the same elasticity, just a different label and promises that is will be different this time. Anyway I’m certainly not complaining with my gold purchases. My only worry is what kind of place we will have to live in when it reaches £5k (for example). A big feature will be the hunt for taxes and how you liquidise it. I remember my grandfather telling me that at one point he was paying 98% tax in his day - post war. Still - 10-20% gold in a portfolio isn’t a bad idea.
  13. I was a reader since 2008 and was looking forward to a crash. Not to profiteer, just for a home to live in where the work was. Thanks to Osborne and Camerons lies the expected and needed crash never happened. I’ve since purchased (2016). I think this time the wheels are well and truly falling off and the general sentiment, even our mainstream media, is different to 2008. I’ll certainly look forward to reading lazy btl parasites whinging over the next few years.
  14. It’s not a proper gold thread without some frothy moon shots :) wooohoooo.
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