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  1. So where is the best places to sell. I’m currently looking at bullionbypost and their buying prices are pretty bad - for example you buy a 250g bar @ 10,403 and they buy back at £9,752. Wtf?
  2. I know , but the last time the media really started looking at gold the top was in. That’s one of my barometers
  3. Well ok, it’s down to the 10s of thousands then. However the last time I saw the migration statistics, it was stating the EU migration being down and a huge spike from the rest of the world (basically the common wealth).
  4. Im in Germany right now and workers rights are pretty good. I guess whatever the EU rights are , they will be better than the US or whatever is laid upon us from the UK Gov Lower EU migration = Higher Commonwealth migration
  5. yes thanks, cleared that up for me too. On the theme of a no deal brexit, then we would have the option of offering a 20% tax to companies setting up (like Irland after their crash). On that basis , id imagine the pound looking a lot more rosy - ofc the plebs would have crappy workers rights and zero hour contracts. EU is at least genarally pretty good at protecting workers rights. The problem with these big spikes down is that can force you to make a move and screw yourself.
  6. It might be that hyperinflation isnt on the cards, but stagflation. The governmants hunt for taxes forcing people to spend less in general, while food , for example, rockets up. Its going to get pretty nasty, no doubt. But i rememember the 2008 era and thinking that it was all about to colapse at any moment. Ive still got a few boxes of 40 year freeze dried food Now i just believe that the plebs lifes (myself included), will just become far worse off and the sky wont fall down. On this basis you can probably make more sticking your cash into a stocks and shares ISA and of course a small % into gold in the hope you will never need it. I cant see another gold standard comming - It just ends with a few holding all the gold and misery for most. Bitcoin or a more government controlled version would be more likely. The one thing i definitely wouldnt do it leave a lump sum in the bank. On a final note, i am smiling looking at the gold price tick up. I have a bunch and silver too. Im also working in Germany and liking the exchange rate. So really feeling like a winner right now.
  7. Well yea. You obvoiusly got in at the right time and genuine congratz on that. But from when i started buying around 800 average i made far more from equities/stocks on Hargreaves Landsdown and they payed dividends. In the end i think Martin Armstrongs view on Gold is best. As people lose more confidence in gov , the gold (and other asset prices) will go up. He thinks 5k$ per oz at peak, but that price might just equal a weeks wages by then.....so. Im hanging on to mine anyway. Gold had a strange effect on me in that it made me foam at the mouth. I was impartial about other investments ....up or down. I remember reading RK on here he gave some balance and i hated reading his posts. So my nuts comment is to new people reading the posts and thinking on betting their life savings on gold.
  8. Not sure where you are but my best offer was bullionbypost who buy back at á 2% of purchase price (i cant remember the exact tbh). But just for people reading...you ofc pay a premium above spot for your coins ect. The best i purchased were old sovereigns as they have more collectable value, but wayy above spot. However the main point being dont put your eggs in one basket. The 10% rule is probably best. Buy 10% gold and forget about it - the best case scenario , youll never need it and pass it on to your kids when your dead. If you start throwing everything at gold in the hope of a big win, your nuts. Just my opinion and i still like my shiny, its mine , all mine.
  9. Just to say that i got cought up in the last gold frenzy , i was buying at 700 to 800 pounds. Maybe about 30%+ of my savings and never sold. Probably would have liquidised if they were in and EFT , but dumping physical if a pain. On reflection i wish i had put it into stocks. DOW looks to be on a a good uptrend over time and i cant see that changing (certainly for the medium term). I was just praying for all the calls of 5000$ and to the moon calls. I just wanted a home at the time.
  10. Found this on my visit to Mr Armstrongs site. Would be nice to see this happen over here, but perish the thought:- https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/germany/merkel-to-regulate-real-estate-loans/
  11. For anyone interested https://stop-ttip.org
  12. As per title. I know some don't like armstrongs views, but I always think he is worth a read:- http://www.armstrongeconomics.com/archives/34743
  13. Everything i read about what our illustrious leaders are doing fills me with dread. Am i missing something? Is there any good in this? Petition to sign:https://stop-ttip.org Summmary:https://stop-ttip.org/what-is-the-problem-ttip-ceta/ Good 8 min video which discusses TTIP issues:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spBdTcaY3_Q#t=380
  14. Gay porn star He's already bummed everyone in the UK , so will have to find work abroad
  15. *sry i cocked the last post up with the quote and cant delete. I agree ,though not just the working class. Im seeing a large push in cheap labour in my sector - IT. One Hungarian collegue was laughing at an article stating that 300k workers had left his country (a total population of around 5 million) . Germany or Britain are the main destination hotspots. He said that the majority of Hungarian proffesional workers go for Britain. A proffessional wage over there is around 5k. I automatically pass all polititions off as scum, but for me Barrosso came across as particularly putrid. In my opinion we should have more of these EU Politiotions on the UK media and news, telling us how it is, it puts a clearer reality on the situation.
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