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  1. My old estate agent called today to ask if I was interested in selling (They have never called before. I purchased in 2016 , as I couldn’t wait any more. He basically gave a ball park figure of 100k more than I paid and said stuff was flying off the shelf. No good to me as I’d be side stepping somewhere else ...
  2. They won’t. I remember a colleague at work who was over the moon her new build flat had increased almost 40%. When it came to her and her partner looking to move up the ladder with their new born the penny didn’t drop. So I told her the scenario of how, for example, a 50% crash would benefit her plight. However the thought of her “loosing money” on her flat horrified her. I gave in there. Personally I spent the best parts of my life living in cheap rented accommodation or bedsits with most of my belongings still boxed up. My personal pet hate was Cameron and Osborne berating labour for
  3. Turkey banning Bitcoin:- https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/bitcoin-tumbles-turkey-bans-cryptocurrency-payments Not really sure if this is the reason for the tumble, though I imagine countries making Bitcoin illegal will be its eventual demise. Loads more welcome money laundering to be done, so I can’t see that happening anytime soon here in the uk.
  4. Yes it certainly is in the spotlight now. I sure wish I got on the crazy train at the right time, what a ride. The only thing is BC will have a sharp end when it’s made illegal. On the plus side I can’t see that happening for a while as it’s a great money laundering vehicle and the uk is always open for laundering money, but absolutely not ofc....
  5. Some of these are not to bad on the scale of the shite being built today (I don’t mean price wise). My favourite is a new build flat near me. It’s three stories and is the exact same height as a Georgian house next door, it looks ....odd....and shite. I think there will be a period of stagflation in housing. The good stuff with a garden, real walls and liveable areas will tick up in price , while the new builds drop.
  6. I saw the last 20 mins. Yea, I found that press officers bile particularly repulsive. im waiting for a report of the wagers and massive bonuses these cockroaches are on.
  7. I recently came back from working in Cologne for a year. It amazes me how countries in Europe have several great cities with airport, train and general infrastructure at a good level. It never hits home more than arriving back at Manchester airport and finding my way to the train station, then home. The north has some beauty, but it’s infrastructure is horrendous and really does look grim to boot. When the next financial crisis hits, it will be a nightmare here. I spent most my working life in the south of the uk and am looking at getting back there. Making comments about the north voti
  8. I purchased in 2016 as I’d spent 10 years waiting for a crash. I put everything into it , so no pension at age 45. I remember Osborne and the more spineless Dave C berating Labour for what they did to the housing market and then almost doubled them as soon as they got in. It’s a strong word to use “hate”, but my disgust for Cameron was that he didn’t need to be a career politician. He just wanted an easy ride and write his memoir. Boris Johnson is not different. Spineless weak glutton. No will to do the right thing and make painful decisions, as in the short term it would crucify him.
  9. Lol ...No surprises at all. It’s infrastructure is a joke from the moment you land. It looks like the 3rd world too. A lick of paint will not help.
  10. I normally make a lasting first impression when I arrive at an airport into a city. Manchester’s first impression, to me, are a depressing 5h1t hole and that continues as you make your way to the train and beyond. I’m from the north and would love it to be a success , northern powerhouse ect... It really needs billions spending on it, starting with infrastructure. These nubsacks have skipped that bit and jumped to the millionaires flats. It’s pure comedy. Why anyone in their right mind would want to spend a million there begs begs belief.
  11. His timings are sometimes out and I find his Socrates computer thing a load of crud. However his view and insights as to what is happening are on the money imo.
  12. Or they could be your average middle class family from Hong Kong looking for a better version of democracy than what is happening over there. So will be paying their taxes and own way here. In the end I can’t see the numbers being to high, I just think it would be better if it were.
  13. I’ll rebump this because this is the fact. We are having mass immigration because that’s the model due to decades of bad planning/governments . look at the immigration statistics for this last year which shows the drop in eu migrants Being replaced by more commonwealth. No a great scenario. You bring in 3rd world people on mass, you’ll get 3rd world problems. So it’s happening, the trend won’t change any time soon & in conclusion I welcome stuffing in as many as possible HK migrants. Generally educated, have money and they look so cute and happy.
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